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Chitra Nakshatra - Astrological Significance and Traits

29 Apr, 2021 by Swati

Chitra Nakshatra - Astrological Significance and Traits

29 Apr, 2021 by Swati

  • Zodiac Sign or Chitra Nakshatra Rashi- Virgo and Libra
  • Chitra Nakshatra Ruling Planet- Mars
  • Chitra Nakshatra Lord or God-  Vishwakarma
  • Chitra Nakshatra Symbol- A bright shining jewel or Pearl
  • Chitra Nakshatra Degree Range- 23°20’ Virgo- 6°40’ Libra
  • Chitra Nakshatra Mode of Functioning- Active
  • Chitra Nakshatra Quality- Demon
  • Chara Rashi/ Navamsa- Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio
  • Chitra Nakshatra Lucky Number- 9
  • Chitra Nakshatra Yoni- Vyagrah or Tiger
  • Chitra Nakshatra Dosha- Pitta
  • Type of Nakshatra- Soft, mild and Tender
  • Chitra Nakshatra Dasha- 7 yrs
  • Chitra Nakshatra Numerical Potency- 14
  • Chitra Nakshatra Gender- Female
  • Chitra Nakshatra Guna- Tamasic
  • Chitra Nakshatra Gana- Rakshas
  • Chitra Nakshatra Element or Tattwa- Fire
  • Chitra Nakshatra Mobility- Fixed
  • Chitra Nakshatra Caste- Servant or Farmer
  • Chitra Nakshatra Animal- Female Tiger
  • Chitra Nakshatra Names Starting Letters- Pe, Po, Raa, Ree
  • Chitra Nakshatra Bird- Woodpecker
  • Chitra Nakshatra Lucky Stone- Coral
  • Chitra Nakshatra Lucky Color- Black
  • Chitra Nakshatra Tree- Bilva
  • Chitra Nakshatra Traits- Mystical, passionate, fond of beauty, intelligent, creative, orderly, arrogant, egoistic, argumentative, lack of integrity, intuitive and thoughtful.

About Chitra Nakshatra

Chitra Nakshatra is the fourteenth and brightest Nakshatra of the zodiac that can be seen naked from the eyes in the sky. This is one of the few stars that are depicted by a single star. Referred to as the “Star of opportunity”, the Chitra star lies in the lower portion of the Virgo constellation. It was seen as the residence of “Tvashtar” or Vishwakarma by the ancient Vedic seers. 

As per Etymology, the word Chitra in English means “Glittering”, “Brilliant”, “Bright”, “Beautiful” “Visually Exciting” and “Illusory”. It speaks of craftsmanship and the primary objective of surmounting illusion and Maya. In Vedic texts, Chitra Nakshatra is referred to as the Nakshatra of prosperity and abundance. 

The main symbol of Chitra Nakshatra is a “big, bright and shining jewel”. It indicates that like the gemstones are formed after passing them through the intense and extreme heat and pressure, likewise, the Universe needs to progress from the initial Big Bang. The alternative symbol of Chitra Nakshatra is “the Pearl''. It signifies the irritation and depression that occurs during the creation of something artistic. In its higher aspect, the Chitra denotes the vision to see beyond illusion, helping to attain the pearl of knowledge.

Lord Vishwakarma is the presiding deity of Chitra Nakshatra. He is the divine architect who is also referred to as Tvastar in Vedic texts. According to scriptures, Vishwakarma creates, mutates and shapes new forms with his knowledge of Maya. His works are mysterious and seem to be magical. He creates magnificent things and is friendly to all the other Gods. 

He creates worlds for all the races (demonic, godly, human, serpent etc.) and possesses duality in his characteristics. These traits are significant in Chitra Nakshatra and hence it's difficult to classify Chitra Star in the category of good, evil, crooked or saint. 

Chitra is the architect of the Universe and hence associated with Lord Brahma, the creator God among Trinity. It connects Virgo and Libra and thus creates a bridge between compassion and harmony. In Numerology, the number 14 of Chitra Nakshatra speaks of Temperance whereas in the Universal scheme of things, it associates with “Punya Chayani Shakti”. It denotes the power to gather merit and symbolizes truth below and law above. It means that children born in Chitra Nakshatra gain respect and merit through hard work, following the laws of the Universe.

Chitra Nakshatra in English is referred to as Chitra. Chitra Nakshatra in Tamil is referred to as Chittirai Natchathiram (சித்திரை நட்சத்திரம்). The name of Chitra Nakshatra in Malayalam is Chithira Nakshatra (ചിത്തിര നക്ഷത്ര) and the name of Chitra constellation in Telugu is Chitta (చిత్).

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Chitra Nakshatra Physical Characteristics

Children born in Chitra Nakshatra are blessed with attractive and charming personalities. They exhibit well-proportioned hairless bodies with bright and impressive eyes. These natives have the ability to dazzle naturally and hence they attract the opposite sex easily. They are hyperactive and indefatigable. 

Chitra Nakshatra Behavioral Characteristics

Ruled by Lord Vishwakarma, the Chitra Nakshatra Lord, the natives possess exemplary ability to create, build and beautify. They are good creators and fascinated by the forms of beauty and structure. They use their positive characteristics to create attention and admiration. The Chitra Nakshatra males and females are extremely intelligent, intuitive, skillful, and superficially orderly. They are born with leadership qualities and have the psyche to visualize future events. They work hard towards their goals and do not miss any chance to gain personal benefit. These natives stay ahead of people with their urge to gain knowledge and create new things. 

Children born in Chitra Nakshatra are calm, considerate and profound. They leave the mark of their behavioral characteristics by displaying dignified and good mannerism. These natives know their limitations and are extremely self-conscious. They crave to build their own identity and want to gain fame and recognition in the society. You can never get bored in the company of a Chitra native. They are good conversationalists and storytellers. 

Chitra star born natives are dynamic, energetic and passionate. They have an amazing ability to attract the opposite gender and can fake passions if required. These natives are obsessed with their appearance. They are complex individuals with architectural and aesthetic points of view. They desire glamour and outer beauty and are always projecting a front of some kind. 

The Virgo part of Chitra makes its natives understand the inner workings of the Universe whereas the Libra part of Chitra tends to keep them in an illusion. They possess selfishness, conflicts, unrest, frustration within. Ego, arrogance, argumentative, peevish and judgemental nature are some negative characteristics that prevent Chitra star men and women from achieving success. 

Chitra born natives face hardships in stripping illusions and disappointments. They always exhibit doubts and uncertainty due to the weakness of the Sun in Chitra Nakshatra. The most redeeming feature of people born in Chitra Nakshatra is that they get help from unexpected places without much effort.

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Career Options for Chitra Nakshatra Natives

The professions that are favorable for Chitra Nakshatra born people are:

  • All professions related to arts and crafts such as sculptors, painters, architects etc. 
  • Fashion and Modeling Industry jobs.
  • Jobs as graphic artists, photographers, musicians, composers, orators, and broadcasters.
  • All the professions associated with special abilities and versatility. 
  • Business experts
  • Jobs related to Interior designing and Vastu/Feng Shui.
  • All professions involving the production and invention of all kinds of machinery. 
  • Professions related to product and set designing. 
  • Screenplay writing and novel writing jobs. 
  • Radio and Television commentator or News reading jobs. 
  • Stage performers, Stage managers, theatre-related jobs.
  • Herbalists.
  • Surgeons and plastic surgeons.
  • Professions in Cosmetic Industry
  • Music and Advertising Industry jobs.

Favorable Activities For Chitra Nakshatra

Chitra Nakshatra is a very auspicious Nakshatra for all the activities related to Arts and Crafts. As per Vedic Astrology, this Nakshatra is very good for all types of mechanical activities, decorative activities, herb collection and medicine preparation. You may buy new clothes and wear them during this Nakshatra period. Practicing spiritual activities proves very beneficial in Chitra Nakshatra. One can also fix up and design one’s house when the Chitra star is in the sky. As per Vedic Astrology, all the concerns related to the opposite gender can be resolved in this constellation. If you want to improve your health and employ some health and body improvement measures, then you should seek Chitra Nakshatra. For putting the gemstones and jewelry for the first time, Chitra Nakshatra is said to be very fruitful. This Nakshatra is also good for activities that require charisma, elegance and talent. 

Unfavorable Activities For Chitra Nakshatra

Chitra Nakshatra is not favorable for marriage. In Chitra Nakshatra, illusions become strong, thus, one should refrain from direct confrontation and investigation in this Nakshatra.

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Chitra Nakshatra Remedies

People suffering from afflictions of Chitra Nakshatra should worship Goddess Durga and the feminine deities who ride Tiger. As per Vedic Scriptures, worshipping these deities helps in eliminating the illusions of Maya. It enlightens the consciousness and brings solace and happiness into the lives. Ruled by Mars, these natives are advised to worship Kumara, the deity of Mars. It neutralizes the ill effects of Mars and allows the natives to fulfill their desires. 

As per Vedic Astrology, the natives should recite the root Mantra- “Om Tam” and “Om Tham”. Chanting this Chitra Nakshatra Mantra 108 times during the lunar transition and in the corresponding month of Chitra Nakshatra alleviates afflictions and bestows happiness. 

Natives can increase the good effects of Chitra Nakshatra by wearing bright and glittering colors. All the Chitra Nakshatra males and females should undertake all the important actions corresponding to the position of Chitra star for the most auspicious results. 

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