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Top 10 Tarot Cards For Career | Best Career Tarot Cards

20 Sep, 2023 by Aditi Gupta

Top 10 Tarot Cards For Career | Best Career Tarot Cards

20 Sep, 2023 by Aditi Gupta

Tarot cards are believed to be one of the amazing divine tools to gain deep insights into several aspects of an individual’s life. People seek guidance through these mystic cards in order to illuminate their life path. Tarot cards can effectively guide people through their current situation and several walks of life. Additionally, they can help choose the best course of action to take during any problem by offering a glimpse of future consequences.

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If you are struggling in your career or feeling clueless then these cards can be your lifesaver. Read the blog to know the top 10 best Tarot Cards for Career predictions. 

Best Career Tarot Cards

Earlier the practice of Tarot card reading was quite popular in the West. However, this divine tool has now gained much popularity in India as well. Have a look at the top 10 best Tarot cards for your career. 

The Chariot

The Chariot Tarot card portrays a warrior marching with confidence. Thus, the occurrence of this career Tarot card in an individual’s reading indicates that it is now time to move forward in their career but with strong determination. By showing some sense of responsibility and getting a hold of situations at the workplace, an individual can be promoted to a higher position. 

The Magician 

The Magician Tarot card depicts a man with a sword, a pentacle, a wand, and a cup. This picture portrays that the man has access to all the necessary tools. Furthermore, the Magician card is all about taking charge of your life. In the same way, this powerful card also tells an individual to take control of his/her career.

Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles Tarot card in career readings indicates money by virtue of new opportunities. Therefore, if this card occurs in an individual’s career readings, then they can expect a promotion or a salary hike. Moreover, it is also the right time to look for a job change. Financial rewards are indicated with the appearance of this card. 

Ten Of Pentacles

Ten Of Pentacles Tarot card represents great success and accomplishments. If this card occurs in your career reading then it can mean that you have reached the peak of your career and success. Moreover, career stability is also assured with this card. 

Two of Wands

With Two of Wands Tarot card in your reading, it asks you to take control of your future aspects, especially in the context of your career. It’s now the time to get a bird-eye view and analyze every important horizon of your life. This card is all about being deliberate and planning all future endeavors. 

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Six Of Wands

There is more to the Six of Wands Tarot card than being successful. It is about being noticed by others as well. In the context of Career reading, this card indicates success & victory. With this card in your reading, you can look forward to a steady promotion and career opportunities. 

Eight Of Wands

In Major Arcana, the Eight of Wands Tarot card corresponds to The Chariot. It's about getting ahead and taking action. If you've been planning something for quite some time and have finally reached the point of starting your project, you'll often see this card. This card usually indicates new opportunities are approaching you swiftly. 

The Emperor

As a result of your rise to authority, the Emperor Tarot card suggests that your colleagues will highly respect you and you will establish your own authority. Additionally, your success also depends on adhering to rules and following discipline.

Two of Cups

An appearance of Two of Cups Tarot card in a career reading indicates signing a contract or business deal that will be exciting and mutually beneficial for both parties. If you are in collaboration with someone then you will be having a good time closing any deal together. 

The Emperor

According to the Emperor Tarot card, you will rise to be a powerful person and be highly respected among your colleagues. In addition, it suggests that you need to keep to rules and discipline in order to be successful.

Final Thoughts

This blog was all about the best Tarot cards for the career. The above-mentioned cards are the top 10 best cards for the career. The occurrence of these cards is most likely to lead an individual on the path to success in their career. Moreover, if you want to know in depth about these cards then you can always consult an expert Astrologer. They can guide you more precisely and in the right direction.

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