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Two of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The Two of Wands meaning signifies making choices and decisions or selecting between two paths. It portrays pursuing new adventures and aligning your actions with your ultimate goal. So, though you may have to make difficult choices, the appearance of the 2 of Wands tarot card indicates you will ultimately overcome your struggles to discover the best for you. 

The Two of Wands Key Facts

Here’s a quick overview of some key facts and important terms associated with the Two of Wands tarot card.

Upright Two of Wands Meaning- Choices, decisions, two paths, two options, anticipation, discovery, travel, wanderlust, progress.

Reversed Two of Wands Meaning- indecisiveness, restlessness, confusion, dilemmas, restriction, no planning, fear of unknown, inner alignment, contemplating risks. 

Yes or No Maybe
Element Fire
Numerology 2
Planet Mars
Zodiac Sign Aries
two of wands tarot card

Two of Wands Tarot Card Description

The card belongs to the Minor Arcana deck of cards. It is indicative of having to select between two things. If the cards show up, the Two of Wands meaning tells you that you want to pursue something near and dear to your heart. You want to discover new avenues and take up new opportunities. However, they might feel too adventurous and risky. 

Coming to the illustration, the 2 of Wands portrays a man wearing a hat and a red robe. The world appears to be in his hands because he is carrying a globe in one hand. The position represents the enormous potential that lies before him only if he can expand his horizons.

As he stands within the walls of his castle, he is still in the planning stage, suggesting that even though he is pondering significant prospects, he has not yet stepped outside of his comfort zone to pursue them. His other hand is resting on an upright wand with another wand affixed to the castle wall, showing that he is still not ready to depart. The fertile but rocky country at a distance in the Two of Wands tarot card suggests that the man can succeed, provided he can overcome the difficulties that lie ahead.

Two of Wands Meaning (Upright)

Like the Ace of Wands, the Wands of this card also represent desire, initiative, and planning. However, being the Two of Wands, it is a step further and emphasizes taking action after planning. In this sense, it is a progression of the Ace of Wands.

By deducing the Two of Wands meaning when it appears, you can assume that the card is persuading you to turn your action plan into a reality. Once you set things in motion, your planning will become fruitful and result in the success you always wished to achieve. 

As discovery is another key meaning of 2 of Wands, the card tells you to step out of your comfort zone and explore the adventures of the world. It wants you to gain new experiences, although it might be quite challenging initially. The appearance of this tarot card may serve as an encouragement or push for you to take a leap of faith and strive for progress.

The Two of Wands tarot card is also directed towards you, realizing your long-term goals and final aim. You know it took a lot of hard work to reach where you are. But, it may also signify harnessing your potential to achieve this long-term goal and working hard. However, despite all the odds, you’re ready to make it!

two of wands

In a nutshell, the meaning of Two of Wands is largely about decision-making. Either you are satisfied with your current position and do not want to alter it, or you want to pursue adventurous goals and new experiences, even if there are risks. 

Two of Wands Meaning For Love and Relationship (Upright)

Do you want to make changes in your love life? The appearance of this tarot card conveys you wish to make a few changes or are in the process of planning. It’s so because something’s off, and you want the spark back. Though the 2 of Wands's meaning suggests insecurity and dissatisfaction, it also indicates that this is the right time to make these alterations with your partner.

For instance, the tarot card is promising if you want to take your relationship to the next level or want to commit. Remember, your adjustments can become a reality only if you are certain about them and ready to work hard. Share everything with your partner and envision your future together. Working together with love will enable both of you to relish an uncomplicated and romantic relationship.

Two of Wands Meaning For Career (Upright)

The appearance of the tarot cards signals that you are still considering your career-related choices. You are puzzled about what you wish to do and what you want to become. The 2 of Wands for career interprets that you are still planning your future goals and seeking ways to reach them. 

For instance, if you are a student, you’re still contemplating your major’s subject. On the other hand, if you're a working professional, you might be confused between companies to work with or want to launch your startup, but you’re still unsure about it. Whatever it might be, this is a crucial time for you when you take the first step toward shaping an amazing future. 

Two of Wands Meaning For Health (Upright)

The appearance of upright Two of Wands during a health card reading also indicates choosing from two options. These two options could be about choosing from two types of treatment or two health regimens. It could also mean you’re not entirely satisfied with the first health advice and want a second opinion. For instance, you may not be satisfied with the advice to follow intermittent fasting from one dietician and want to talk to another dietician about this matter.

You can always go for a second opinion on matters related to health. Take suggestions from the best in business but also do your own research. The upright 2 of Wands meaning for health, is about making sound and well-informed health decisions.

Two of Wands Meaning For Finance (Upright)

Financially, it is a positive signal if this Minor Arcana tarot card appears in your reading. You will be well-equipped for money and face no issues in this area. However, it does not mean you will experience an overflow of money. Instead, the card is indicative of financial stability. Meaning you will not overspend or make unnecessary purchases. Thus, you will not feel broke and uncomfortable with your financial condition. 

2 of wands meaning in terms of finance, is also about conscious choices. If it shows up, it is a good time for you to start your financial planning. Moreover, you may also go for lucrative and well-planned investments if you have a surplus. 

Two of Wands Meaning For Spirituality (Upright)

Having this Minor Arcana card for spirituality during your tarot reading signifies that you have more than one spiritual inclination. You might find a new interest in reading about some other religion. The card tells that you are curious to learn about a different religion. 

Again, the 2 of Wands brings you to choose between two paths: to learn about a new religion or not. However, there is no harm in learning or exploring different spiritual or religious experiences. You can fearlessly pursue your spiritual callings and gather additional wisdom. 

Two of Wands Meaning (Reversed)

If you do not think about yourself, nobody else will. This is the crux of the reversed Two of Wands meaning. If the card shows up in your tarot reading, understand that it’s time when you focus on yourself and your personal growth. Start contemplating the things that matter the most to you. You’ve likely taken the path where you’re no longer satisfied or happy. The current situation may not be in alignment with your goals and values. This card comes to you as a sign to reconnect with your inner self and align your actions with your thoughts. You must prepare yourself for a new path where you may have to make certain choices. 

Sometimes when the card appears, you may feel you’re in the right direction. If that’s the case, then your strategy might be wrong. As a result, you may make inefficient and wrong choices, turning your dreams into a nightmare. The reversed 2 of Wands meaning in this situation tells you to take a U-turn and realize your final goal. Let it guide you, and start over with new enthusiasm and energy. 

If you have double thoughts while making a decision, ask yourself, what do you want? What are the obstacles in your pathway? At times, you may have to make a difficult choice by choosing a challenging path. However, this inconvenience during the journey will help you reach your ultimate goal successfully. 

two of wands reversed

The reversed Two of Wands might ask you to make the tougher decision. It may ask you to come out of your comfort zone or choose something that presently has no potential. However, in the end, when you realign your actions with your inner calling, the choice will be worthwhile. 

Two of Wands Meaning For Love and Relationship (Reversed)

It may not be the best sign for your relationship when the reversed Two of Wands shows up. However, there are several interpretations of these cards. The first one denotes a dull relationship where you and your partner lack interest in each other. You may feel bored or irritated with each other. There is no excitement and hint of romance left. It is likely that these feelings are mutual. As fearing the unknown is a key meaning of 2 of Wands, your being in such a relationship may indicate your fear of being alone without a partner. 

As travel is also a Two of Wands meaning, it might be possible your partner is going far physically. This might even lead to the end of your relationship. But the good news is, if your partner is even slightly interested in making things right despite being in a boring relationship, things could get better for you. They might start making efforts to be more involved and embrace your relationship.

If you are single, this Minor Arcana tarot card indicates that you may have to choose between staying single or returning to your ex. You may feel you have fewer choices, but stay strong and know that you deserve the best. In case you have to make a decision between two potential matches, like the upright Two of Wands, the reverse also suggests that you land up with the right partner. 

Two of Wands Meaning For Career (Reversed) 

When reversed, the Two of Wands could signify one of two things. You might find that your job ambitions are not working out as anticipated. Additionally, you may have missed certain details and encountered difficulties you weren't expecting. You could be having trouble with these issues right now.

Alternatively, you might have made the most detailed plans imaginable, perhaps outlining many situations and taking every potential obstacle into account. However, you could be reluctant to begin walking out of concern for failure. Acting would be preferable to painstakingly considering each and every detail. The Two of Wands indicates that you must have patience and faith, come what may.

Two of Wands Meaning For Health (Reversed)

The appearance of reversed 2 of Wands means you may have to take a second opinion to make the best choice between two potential options. You may have to consider both choices diligently to decide between the two given treatments or pieces of health advice. You may even discover some unknown information regarding the ailment or health condition.

The Two of Wands does not indicate disregarding your healthcare provider’s advice. It simply encourages you to take a second opinion to understand the underlying cause of your health issue fully. The second opinion will prove prudent only if you do not affect your recovery process. 

Two of Wands Meaning For Finance (Reversed)

The card signals a caution for your financial condition. Be prepared for an unstable money situation shortly. However, nothing too drastic will occur. Do not take this cue as a warning for a big loss, winning a jackpot, or some other mess in your bank account. You may have planned everything, but things may turn differently or unexpectedly if the Two of Wands appear.

The wise thing to do during this time is to control your expenses and avoid investments. You may have to make a little extra effort to manage your budget. Evaluate your numbers and stick to the most reliable long-term financial plan.

Two of Wands Meaning For Spirituality (Reversed)

Reversed Two of Wands is completely opposite to the upright Two of Wands. While the latter pushes you to explore other religions, the former indicates you wish to stick to your religion alone. As fear of the unknown is a Two of Wands meaning, the card shows your reluctance to learn about a new or different religion. However, you only need little confidence to unfold a new spiritual journey. Thus, be brave and shed the fear of learning new religion, as the new path may lead you to a much brighter horizon of spirituality. 

Two of Wands: Yes or No?

One card draw is for direct and straight answers. When someone attempts a card pull, they want a direct Yes or No. So, one card pull benefits someone in a dilemma or facing confusion and indecisiveness. All you have to do is shuffle the deck and then pick a card. A one-card pull may offer you the solution to your problem. 

Upright- The answer you get after pulling an upright 2 of Wands in your tarot reading is a "Yes".However, the outcome you desire won’t come easily. You will have to work hard and make the necessary efforts.

Reversed- The answer you get after pulling an upright Two of Wands in your tarot reading is still a "Yes".However, you must be transparent regarding what you desire and come to a decision that is acceptable to all those involved.

Two of Wands Meaning In Numerology

As the tarot card represents the number, it is worth noting that the number two confidentially complements the Zodiac circle. So, it is understandable that you must keep a bird-eye view regarding your goal. 

If you look at it from the perspective of conventional numerology, the Two of Wands is indicative of the great potential derived through the moon. In addition, the Wands represent the strong and fierce energy that supports you in reaching your goal. 

Two of Wands Meaning For Timing

It is a good sign if you pull this card in your tarot reading. Your wish may come true it could occur two months later, on the 7th, 15th, or 25th of the forthcoming month. So, irrespective of the date, what you want will come your way sooner or later. 

If you receive the time in terms of season, for instance, autumn, the implication isn’t that your aspiration will come true in the coming autumn if you have your readings in summer. It simply means that the event can occur anytime in the coming month post your reading.

Keep an eye out for the number of the card. In this case, the Two of Wands represents the number 2. So, whatever you wish for may come to you in 2 months, 2 weeks, or 2 days. But remember that you cannot rely on tarot cards for long-term predictions as the future constantly alters according to actions and events that take place in life.

So, this was all about the Two of Wands meaning. The tarot card will hopefully make sense to your current situation if you pull it during your reading. You can contact our adept tarot experts anytime if you need more exclusive help and guidance for a specific situation or problem.