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Telepathy Meaning - Definitions of All Types of Telepathy Powers

24 Sep, 2021 by Somya Shrimal

Telepathy Meaning - Definitions of All Types of Telepathy Powers

24 Sep, 2021 by Somya Shrimal

Wouldn’t it be great if you can read or plant a thought in any individual’s mind? Well, telepathy can make it possible.

For most of you, there may be only two forms of communication: verbal and written. However, the Universe has something else in mind. Apparently, apart from speaking and writing, you can also share your thoughts with another person with the power of the mind. 

And, mind it. I am not talking about any sort of imaginary thing here. This form of communication can be developed by anyone and is as natural as other forms.

The main motive of writing this article is to make people aware of this lesser-known form of communication and help them to develop or strengthen their telepathy powers. Let us start by getting to know the telepathy power meaning.

Telepathy Meaning And Definition

Telepathy Definition

Before all, get to know what telepathy word means.

The word telepathy has been derived from two Greek words: tele which means distant and pathos or patheia which means perception. Telepathy in a sentence is a type of psychic power that lets you communicate with the help of the mind. Using telepathy power, one can be aware of the thoughts or feelings of the opposite person. Not only this, but psychic telepathy can also help an individual to receive information, messages, or images. 

Are Telepathy Superpowers Real? 

This type of psychic ability cannot be seen or measured and that is why many people consider it as the imaginary form of communication. But believers know that telepathy is real just like energy or force of gravitation.

The phenomenon of telepathy mind to mind communication has not just landed on the Earth. It is here for ages and you will be surprised to know that deep within we all have telepathy ability. 

A telepathic connection with someone who is far away is made without using physical senses. Using telepathic techniques, One can do several activities like:-

  • Reading: Mind telepathy lets an individual hear or sense the thoughts of another person’s intellect. 
  • Communication: Communicate with others without actions or words.
  • Impression: Psychic telepathy power can plant an image, thought, or message in the opposite individual’s intellect. 
  • Control: Telepathic communication can influence or guide another person’s actions or thoughts.

Moreover, it will be partial to consider telepathy as merely a spiritual phenomenon. In reality, telepathy development has a major scientific and psychological connection. 

Telepathy in Psychology

Psycho telepathy basically works as energy transmission. If you are a science fanatic, you must be aware of the frequencies and energy present in our environment. Similarly, our human body also has the ability to share a number of frequencies. When these frequencies align with the vibration range of another person, telepathic communication can be made. Psychic powers and abilities let an individual connect themselves with the divine powers. Telepathy, although considered pseudoscience, is an aspect of Extrasensory perception(ESP) that is shared through psychic mechanisms. 

By now, I hope I have managed to change your perception regarding mental telepathy. Now, let’s move further and know all about different types of telepathy and their definition. 

Types Of Telepathic Powers

Types Of Telepathic Powers

 In the psychic space, telepathy has mainly six forms:-

  1. Latent Telepathy:- Previously called deferred telepathy, it is the power to receive information but with a time lag. In this type of telepathy, there lies a slight time difference between information sent and received.
  2. Retrocognitive Telepathy:- Using this telepathic power, one can seek information about an individual’s past. This is very useful for psychics who want to understand the reason for present happenings in a person’s life. 
  3. Precognitive Telepathy:- This type of telepathic power lets a person receive information about the future.
  4. Instinctual Telepathy:- Using the mode of gut feeling, one can receive information about the current instances.
  5. Emotive Telepathy:- Above mentioned telepathic powers are all about information or words. But this telepathic power deals with feelings. This type of telepathic power lets psychics influence or control through emotions. 
  6. Superconscious Telepathy:- Using the power of the subconscious, one can gain great revelations, even those which do not reside in an individual’s mind.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Telepathy

What is Twin Telepathy?

Twin telepathy or twin flame telepathy is the ability of twins to send a telepathic message to each other. Psychics believe that twins find it rather easy to communicate with each other on a telepathic level. Apparently, the reason is, the energy of twins already vibrates at the same frequency.

What is The Connection Between Telepathy and Dreams?

When human bodies are at rest, that is when their subconscious mind is most active. When we sleep, our bodies reach a frequency that is suitable for receiving telepathic information. Even many scientists have backed up the phenomenon of dream telepathy.

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Can You Learn Telepathy?

Yes, absolutely. Like I said earlier, everyone has psychic abilities, one just needs to brush them up to use them effectively. One can develop telepathy powers by Meditation and figuring out whether they are a receiver or sender. Psychics will agree that meditation is the best way to not only tap into your telepathic powers but also enhance other psychic abilities.

What are Some of The Telepathy Examples?

Here are some of the most interesting examples of telepathy:-

  • Hellen Keller, a deaf and mute girl had allegedly made a telepathic connection with her teacher, Sullivan, and managed to earn a bachelor’s degree.
  • Tracy Granger driving on a chilly evening suddenly hit an icy patch and fell down the side of the hill. She sent telepathic messages to her husband and survived herself after a brutal car accident.

Final Thoughts 

Here is all you need to know about spiritual telepathy and the types of telepathic powers. Want to know whether you have telepathic or any other psychic power? Expert Astrologers at Anytime Astro can offer you online or email psychic readings to clear all your doubts. They can also show you the way ahead to lead a fulfilling life. Chat now!

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