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Pisces Moon Sign: Meen Rashi Symbol, Characteristics and Personality Traits

20 May, 2021 by Somya Shrimal

Pisces Moon Sign: Meen Rashi Symbol, Characteristics and Personality Traits

20 May, 2021 by Somya Shrimal

Pisces Moon Sign (Meen Rashi) Characteristics

  • Duality: Feminine
  • Element: Water
  • Quality: Mutable or Adaptable
  • Lord of Moon Sign: Jupiter/Guru
  • Part of the Body: The Feet
  • Symbol: Two Fishes
  • Exaltation: Venus
  • Debilitation: Mercury
  • Detriment: None
  • Birth Flower: Water Lily Flowers
  • Meen Rashi name letters- da, cha, tha, jha
  • Positive Traits of Pisces Moon Sign- Intuitive, Dreamy, Inspired, Compassionate, Receptive, Loving, Artistic.
  • Negative traits of Pisces Moon Sign- Delusional, Confused, Secretive, Procrastinating, Unconfident.

About Pisces Moon Sign (Meen Rashi)

Moon signs give a glimpse of instinctive and emotional energies of an individual. Meen Rashi, the last Moon sign of the zodiac is the sign of impracticality, strong idealism, spirituality and empathy. Meen Rashi in english is known as Pisces Moon sign. Those who were born in the period when the Moon was transitioning through the Pisces zodiac sign have Pisces Moon sign in their natal chart. Pisces Moon sign degree ranges from 330 degrees to 360 degrees. 

Pisces Moon sign natives are dreamy, romantic and extremely caring personalities. Water as their element makes them innately emotional, wavy and intuitive. They are the psychics of astrology. The polarity or symbol of expression associated with Meen Rashi is Mutable which explains their flexible, adaptable and changeable nature. Although Pisces are known to be the most inconsistent people, they do not resist small changes to accomodate with others if the situation demands it. All in all, this Water Mutable sign is emotional, adaptive and perceptive. 

Pisces is ruled by the twelfth house in astrology which governs soul growth, karma, spirituality, concealed motives, private strengths and crutches. The lucky color of Pisces, Sea Green is the color of fertility, renewal and trust. Turquoise is associated with heavenly healing and cosmic consciousness. Jupiter as its ruler symbolizes reach, possibility and bigger agendas.

Meen Rashi Symbolism

The Pisces Moon sign is symbolized by the Fish. In the Pisces Moon sign symbol, one can see two fishes swimming in opposite directions. It is indicative of the duality and depth of this zodiac sign. It further represents that thoughts of a Pisces zodiac personality remain often at variance. It does not mean that they have contradictory beliefs, it means they are capable of analyzing both sides of the coin. The Glyph of Pisces Moon sign depicts two adjoined fishes. Alternatively, two receptive crescents pointing on the outer side and joined by a line of matter can also be seen as Glyph of this zodiac sign.

Pisces Moon sign natives are intuitive, adaptable and emotional. Just like a fish they are full of fantasy and secrets.

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Pisces Moon Sign- How These Natives Are

You must have noticed that some people with the same zodiac signs may behave completely contradictory with respect to each other. It is because of the Moon sign. Moon signs in your natal chart are indicative of your inner traits. It can tell you what goes on below the surface of your tough exterior. 

Pisces Moon sign describes the sensitive, caring, romantic and compassionate nature of its natives. They live in their own fairy land, dreaming and imagining about different spheres of their life. Pisces Moon sign natives are extremely intuitive. They can sense the mood of the room just by looking at it once. They can read between the lines and sense the meaning of the most complicated situations.

Meen Rashi natives are extremely intelligent and in tune with the hidden energies of the Universe. However, they are also quite impressionable. They get easily distracted by the mood of others and start feeling overwhelmed. Pisces are the gem of the heart. Being available for their loved ones gives a feeling of joy and fulfillment to them. Due to this trait, they make the best connections ever. They are extremely empathetic and supportive of their friends. On the flip side, they lose control of their own emotions in the rush of supporting emotionally needy people. They need to establish boundaries while offering their support. 

Water in their element makes Pisces sensitive. They value and understand emotions but their emotions come in changeable waves. One interesting trait of their personality is their way of expressing emotions. They do not express their emotions by words. They use their music, painting, drama or poetry to express themselves which justifies the creative and imaginative nature of this zodiac sign. Pisces zodiac personality is an artist of zodiac. Their art and imagination makes them emotionally fulfilled and stable. 

Pisces Moon sign male and females are great lovers. Their affectionate personality combined with their imagination makes them a perfect romantic partner. Quite similar to their traits which are imagination and sensitivity, they need their partners to protect their creativity and individuality. For dealing with emotions, Pisceans need help from their partners and friends. So, they need their close ones to be trustworthy and understanding. Probably, the most mysterious personalities, Pisces need regular escapes from the real world. It gives them a sense of existence and manifestation.

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Strengths That Make Pisces Moon Unique

Some of the most extraordinary strengths of Pisces Moon sign natives are:-

  • The best trait a Pisces Moon sign native is born with is their empathy. They understand and value the emotions of others. On top of that, they never forget to assure their friends that they are aware of what they are struggling with. 
  • Though they might look lost, they remain available for their loved ones. 
  • Their charming personality and loving nature can steal anyone’s heart. 
  • Meen Rashi natives are blessed with Vivid imagination which makes them different from the rest. 
  • They are unmatchable in artistic endeavours. Being creative and imaginative makes them great Artists. 
  • They are sympathetic and forgiving. 
  • Their romantic personality makes them great partners.

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Darker Aspects of Pisces Moon 

Some of the most darker aspects of Pisces Moon sign personality are:-

  • Influence- Pisces Moon sign natives get influenced by others very easily. They struggle to survive in bad atmospheres as separating themselves from needy people is an arduous task for them.
  • Lost in dreams:- Often, Pisces get lost in their own world. They spend too much time thinking about what could be rather than accepting what they have. Accepting reality can be quite a task for Pisces Moon sign natives.
  • Messy and Unorganized:- Just like most artists, Pisces can be very messy at times. Surprisingly, being unorganized boosts their creativity.
  • Lazy:- Pisces struggle very hard to be proactive. They like to move at their own pace.
  • Escapism and Alcoholism:- Pisces often feel the urge to escape to cool their mind. They take the support of alcohol/ drugs or other bad distractions to manifest it. It restores their mind and releases emotional burden.

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Challenges Pisces Moon Face

The water in the element position of Pisces Moon sign makes it emotional and sensitive which is a good thing. But, due to this trait they might face some challenges. The biggest challenge Pisces Moon sign faces is coming out of any unhealthy situation. Their helping nature attracts emotionally needy people which later start taking a toll on Pisces zodiac personality’s mind. Although their unexceptional intuitive abilities can easily sense that they are being used, their generous nature restricts them from cutting ties and hurting anyone emotionally.

The other challenge they face is dealing with consequences. They opt for an easy way out rather than facing the consequences of their deeds.

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What Brings Luck to Pisces Moon Sign/ Makar Rashi?

  • Meen Rashi Lucky Color- Sea Green and Turquoise
  • Meen Rashi Lucky Gemstone- Yellow Sapphire
  • Lucky day for Pisces Moon Sign- Thursday
  • Meen Rashi Lucky Number- 7
  • Lucky Plant for Pisces Sign- Mango, Neem and Mahua
  • Meen Rashi Lucky Flower- Orchid, Iris, Poppy, violet
  • Lucky God to Worship- Lord Vishnu
  • Lucky Direction for Meen Rashi- North East
  • Lucky Metal For Meen Rashi- Platinum and Tin

Best Career Options for Pisces Moon Sign

Pisces Moon sign natives are creative, artistic, passionate and imaginative. Thus the the best career options for the people born in Meen Rashi are:-

  • Social Workers and Philanthropists as Pisces zodiac personalities are generous, kind and selfless.
  • Teaching related jobs as they are blessed with great patience and understanding.
  • Passionate careers which do not require working with deadlines.
  • Counselors, Astrologers, Psychics and Mystics as they are very intuitive, empathetic and generous.
  • Physical therapists as Pisces zodiac personalities are very compassionate.
  • Pisces Moon sign natives are creative and artistic.Thus, they can be great Poets, Musicians and Writers.
  • Secret services like Detectives, Investigators, Secret societies handlers suit them well.
  • Person guards and Wardens.
  • All jobs in Museums, Hospitals and Libraries.
  • All jobs related to sea such as Oil workers, Distillers. 
  • They can be good Monks and Nuns.

Pisces are sensitive and emotional. They are visionary, flexible and adjustable. Their ability to think out of the box makes them talented artists. They like solitude and they try to stay away from the harsh truth of life. 

They should avoid jobs which require physically or mentally gruelling routine and strictness such as military and defence services. Money does not drive Pisces. Thus, they should also avoid materialistic jobs like Bankers, Stock brokers and other harsh businesses.

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Signs That Are Most Compatible With Pisces Moon Sign

Pisces Moon sign natives can be the most unpredictable partners. One day they will pamper their lovers with cake and flowers and the next day they may start playing mind games with them. Despite all that, they remain loyal and committed towards their partners. They follow an easy going approach in their relationships which proves to be a boon for their connections. Pisces craves for a partner who protects them and remains available for them. Love with Pisces zodiac personality is likely to be dreamy, magical and full of fantasies. 

As per vedic astrology, The most compatible partners for Pisces men and women are Cancer & Pisces.

The least compatible partners for Pisces men and women are Aries, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius & Aquarius. 

Pisces Moon sign natives also get along with Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn & Pisces very well. 

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