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Libra Moon Sign: Tula Rashi Symbol, Characteristics and Personality Traits

17 May, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Libra Moon Sign: Tula Rashi Symbol, Characteristics and Personality Traits

17 May, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Libra Moon Sign (Tula Rashi) Characteristics

  • Duality: Masculine
  • Element: Air
  • Quality: Cardinal
  • Lord of Moon Sign: Venus
  • Symbol: The Scales
  • Part of the Body: Back and Kidneys
  • Exaltation: Saturn
  • Debilitation: Sun
  • Detriment: Mars
  • Birth Flower: Bluebells and large Rose flowers
  • Tula Rashi name letters- Ra, Ta
  • Positive Traits of LibraMoon Sign- Listener, fair, idealist, peacemaker, diplomatic, easy-going, social, generous, helpful, graceful, adaptive and understanding
  • Negative traits of LibraMoon Sign- Lazy, indecisive, gullible, flirtatious, unreliable, superficial, manipulative, reckless, and aloof. 

About Libra Moon Sign (Tula Rashi)

Tula Rashi is the fifth Moon sign of the zodiac. Tula Rashi in English is called Libra Moon Sign. If the Moon was transiting through the Libra Zodiac sign at the time of your birth, then your Moon sign is said to be Libra. According to Vedic Astrology, the Lord of Libra Moon sign is Venus, the planet of love, beauty and romance. It is associated with the Air element that governs the communication, exchange of ideas and protocols. Tula Rashi relates to the cardinal sign that highlights the need to act and restore the balance. It exhibits the masculine energy that offers Libra Moon sign men and women desire to be independent. The energy emphasizes the need to be with people to feel better and content. Tula Rashi rules the sixth house of the astrology chart which governs relationships, marriage, partnerships, commitment, sexual fantasies, passion, possessiveness, law, treaties, divorce, conflicts etc.

Tula Rashi Symbolism

Libra Moon sign is symbolized by the scales of balance. It is the only symbol in the zodiac that is not represented by any animal or a person. The Libra symbol signifies the balance and equilibrium in life. It speaks of acting and making changes that are needed to balance surroundings. The symbol also speaks of justice and fairness. It emphasizes to focus on balancing the give and take attributes so that you may lead a harmonious life.

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Libra Moon Sign- How These Natives Are

Moon in astrology represents emotions and inner self. The Moon in Libra signifies balance, harmony and fairness. It endows the attributes such as intelligence, humor, charisma, good communication and composure. The mantra for the Libra Moon sign is “I balance''. It signifies the need of Libra Moon signs to act and restore balance. It signifies an innate need to connect to people and bond with them. 

The Moon in Libra zodiac sign offers sympathetic and creative abilities to its natives. They possess courteous and socially agreeable countenance through which they attract people and fulfill their need for emotional self-assurance. However, if they feel that the people are not interested and enthusiastic, they let go of them. They don’t want to be emotionally compromised and romantically involved in something that is meaningless. 

The Moon in Libra enhances the perception and ability to strike balance among its natives. They start new things with enthusiasm and continue to work in harmony. They weigh pros and cons and rationally evaluate all the actions before making verdicts. Tula Rashi natives are always in search of something new and exciting. They are adaptable to every situation and try to figure out the best option for everything in their lives. 

The main goal of Libra Moon sign natives is to compromise for finding win-wins. They seek harmony and justice and usually hate to see someone treated unfairly. In difficult situations and times of conflict, you may see them waving the “White flag of Peace”. They are excellent at solving problems and paying attention to small details. These natives have a good ability to plan and make future strategies. However, when it comes to personal matters, they tend to behave indecisive and impractical. 

Ruled by Venus, the Tula Rashi natives are greatly inclined towards beauty, art and architecture. They desire finer things in life and strive hard to achieve them. Libra men and women are diplomatic and consider the viewpoints of everyone. They exhibit good negotiating skills and have gentle and refined ways to deal with people and situations. 

The Moon in Libra restricts its natives from ignoring the flaws in their surroundings. They want to fix everything that seems a bit out of order. They hardly lose their temper and find strength and motivation in and through others. They feel complete when they are in partnerships. That is why most Libra Moon signs can be seen marrying and having relationships at an early age in life. 

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Strengths That Make Libra Moon Unique

People having Libra as their Moon sign thrive in peaceful, harmonious and ordered surroundings. They are social butterflies and prefer to live a light-hearted life. They are great communicators and can easily initiate conversations with people. They come up as great friends on whom you can rely for every need. The need for emotional satisfaction makes Libra Moon sign men and women strive for a strong and harmonious bond. 

They know how to adapt to situations and charm people. Their friendly and fair-minded approach helps them to gain respect and popularity in society. These people are good with reasoning and negotiation. They are good compromisers and conciliators. They have an intrinsic urge to balance and strike harmony. Thus, they always try to find a common ground when there is an argument or fight. These people are good team workers. They are excellent at motivating people and bringing out the best from them.

Libra Moon sign men and women are quite smart, thoughtful, and optimistic. They always look at the bright side of life and see the best in people and situations. Their intentions are good and they make sure that everyone gets heard. The learning abilities of Libra Moon natives are quite exemplary. They have active imaginations and are quick in action and execution. 

Tula Rashi natives care and show sympathy to the people who are meek and needy. They want everything beautiful around and thus strive to lead a good life. They are tactful, diplomatic and problem solvers. Intelligence, sense of cooperation and deep understanding of aesthetics are the other positive Libra Moon traits that make them unique.

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Darker Aspects of Libra Moon Sign

The most negative aspect of the Libra moon sign is their inability to make quick decisions. Due to their love for balance and harmony, they spend most of their time weighing pros and cons and take help from others even for their smallest decisions. Moreover, due to the diplomatic nature, most of the time these natives face problems to make a verdict. 

Another downfall for Libra Moon sign men and women is their self-pitying nature. When they face setbacks or get unexpected outcomes, they end up getting depressed and think as though the world is ending. They face hardships in visualizing the bigger picture and get absorbed into themselves. The Moon in Libra often makes them focus on their emotional needs and thus they depend on others and lack the sense of personal direction. 

Libra Moon sign people keep their relationships above everything. They compromise their own needs and desires to satisfy others. When they feel they don’t have any significant person in their life, they feel emotionally disturbed. Whereas if they feel their special someone is not interested and deceiving, they can easily detach and cut all ties with them.

Laziness is another weakness of Libra moon sign people. The natives born in this Moon sign are prone to do easy tasks and have an escape from doing hard work. They prefer comfort and rest rather than indulging in work and taking responsibilities. These people cannot be trusted due to the flighty nature. They can keep you waiting and forget about the most important things stating the excuse of being busy. 

Libra Moon sign natives can be manipulative and superficial. They learn others’ weaknesses and use the same to gain benefits from them. They tend to force others and make them do things without putting in much effort. For these natives, beauty comes as an obsession. They avoid things that are not beautiful and often judge people on the basis of their looks and dressing sense.

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Challenges Libra Moon Face

Tula Rashi natives are intelligent, clever and righteous. They deal with every situation fairly and are known to be very helpful and compromising. However, Libra Moon sign natives face setbacks and could not make full use of their potential. Here are the challenges that come before them and make them stumble from achieving the success they deserve. 

  • Expect Too Much: Libra natives expect too much. They are too optimistic, too romantic and too good for others. They believe in fairly handling things and expect others to do the same. Such expectations often result in disappointment and hence it is advisable to Libra natives to not have an unfair set of expectations. 
  • Indecisive: For attaining success, it is important to make quick and good decisions. Due to the habit of weighing all the possibilities, Libra Moon sign natives could not make effective decisions on time. These natives should learn to make decisions by considering both time and possibilities. 
  • Superficiality: Tula Rashi people don’t think deeply about the situations. They take action before giving a reality check. This behavior often hinders the growth of the Tula Rashi people and makes them lose the opportunity they may have.

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What Brings Luck to LibraMoon Sign/ Tula Rashi?

  • Tula Rashi Lucky Color- Pale Blue and Lavender
  • Tula Rashi Lucky Gemstone- Sapphire and Opal
  • Lucky day for Libra Moon Sign- Friday and Wednesday
  • Tula Rashi Lucky Number- 6
  • Lucky Plant for Libra Sign- Reetha, Bel and Arjun
  • Tula Rashi Lucky Flower- White Rose, violet daisies
  • Lucky God to Worship- Goddess Durga
  • Lucky Direction for Tula Rashi- West
  • Lucky Metal For Tula Rashi- Copper

Best Career Options for Libra Moon Sign

Here are the best career options for the people born in Tula Rashi:

  • All the occupations associated with Venus and seventh house such as marriage counselor, relationship expert, beauty expert, business partnership etc. 
  • Jobs involving mental abilities, detail orientation and repetition such as clerical and teaching jobs.
  • Libra Rashi can choose a career as customer service executives, mediators, negotiators and travel agents. 
  • Storekeeper, retail grocer, chemist, medicine seller profession.
  • Women's Apparel Manufacturers and Dealers
  • Furniture Manufacturers and Dealers
  • Social Secretaries, Judges, Lawyers, & Diplomats.
  • Acting and entertainment industry related jobs. 
  • Art Museum Curators, engravers and illustrators.
  • Lower-rung jobs where Tula Rashi can have a good company and little responsibility.
  • Architectural and artistic professions are the best Libra Moon Sign careers.

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Signs That Are Most Compatible With Libra Moon Sign

Tula Rashi people desire a relationship where there is a mutual exchange of responsibilities between partners. They are romantic, playful and need a partner who can bring harmony, balance and emotional contentment to their life. Thus, the most compatible partners for Libra Moon men and women can be Gemini and Aquarius. They may have average compatibility with the natives of Moon signs- Aries, Sagittarius, Leo and Libra. The least compatible Moon signs for Tula Rashi natives are Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces. Relationships with less compatible partners can result in unhappiness and hardships in Libra’s married life. 

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