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10 Key Secrets To A Happy Married Life

29 Nov, 2022 by Parita

10 Key Secrets To A Happy Married Life

29 Nov, 2022 by Parita

Marriage is like another birth of an individual. Two people possessing diverse values vow to stay together for life. However, this comes along with a lot of other aspects. Understanding and bonding between the two take time to establish. There are moments of love, but clashes as well. There are ups but downs too. So, how to tackle them all? 

Let's look through the below-mentioned tips for successful marriage life:

Tips for Happy Married Life

Time Spent Together is Precious

To get through the hectic schedule at work and the endless household chores, the time that we should spend with our partners often gets compromised. Remember, the tips for good married life suggest it is important for couples to spend time with each other as it helps in making their bond stronger. Hence, take out time everyday to engage in any activity that you both are comfortable doing such as going on a walk, playing a sport, learning any activity, or just talking while relaxing with each other.

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Act, Don't React

The progressive generation is showing less endurance toward patience. They get a lesser of 'Seek First to Understand and then to be Understood' and react to the situation in a way that spoils the matters. This impacts marriages, too, as at times, couples fail to understand what their partner is willing to say and react in a way not required. Therefore, listening and understanding your partner is another secret of happy married life.

Win Each Other

It is said that couples who trust more, need to explain less and vice versa. Initially, when you get married, you will have problems adjusting and understanding each other. One of the successful married life tips is ensuring you talk about each of the issues and make your partner understand your perspective towards it. When you share even the smallest details with your partner, it allows you both to know each other’s perspective well and makes your bond stronger day by day.

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Love is Not Law & Order 

A married couple should not keep on asking their partner to prove things. Remember, love isn't law and order, and hence, doesn't need proof of everything. But if one does so, your relationship is bound to get spoiled. Hence, both partners should follow such tips for successful marriage life.

Secret to Women’s Intimacy 

Good intimacy is the secret of happy married life. However, everyone perceives it to be limited to lovemaking. Of course, good sex life is the core, but rapport and understanding between you both are a few things that hold equal importance. Your partner should feel understood, heard, and respected. The emotions of the partner are something that men should ideally be able to handle competently. 

Secret to Men’s Intimacy

Men explore the world more than women and in this process, hears things that might hurt them at times. The tips for a good married life state that women should ensure that their husband feels respected, loved and appreciated at home. They should praise and, whenever needed, push their husband to his maximum limits; so he gives the best of him. Your motivation can make him feel you support him.

secret of happy marriage life

Set Couple Goals for Welfare

Be it going on a family vacation every year or purchasing a house after five or ten years, couples set goals for their entire life. You and your partner can have different objectives too to fulfill. However, having these goals are not enough for a successful marriage. Another secret of happy marriage life is that couples should have goals more than just satisfying personal desires. A relationship gets nutrified when you add value to society. The love and faith get intensified when both of you work together for the welfare of the masses.

Stop Being Possessive

A possessive partner makes the other partner feel suffocated. Such a suffocated partner might want to run away from his/her partner. Hence, do not control, possess, or 'allow' your partner for anything. The tips for happy married life say that, if you don't agree or like something, talk with your partner. 

Be ‘Available’, Not ‘Demanding’

It is rightly referred to that married couples are 'two bodies, one soul'. Couples should consider themselves an indispensable part of each other, just like their body parts. Hence, for everything that your partner desires, you should make it your own. Marriage is not about what a partner can do for the other. But, it is about being there for each other, come what may. Success or failure, happiness or sadness, the secret of happy marriage life is that a couple should consume each aspect of their lives. 

‘Expectations’ Hurt

As a new couple, they can fake to impress each other, but gradually the 'original' us begins to appear. This is when the quarrels among couples start. One of the most important tips for happy married life is that couples should be 'natural' in front of each other in their married life. Honesty is appreciated and is essential too to avoid quarrels. Couples should not set wrong expectations in any manner and support each other in every walk of life. 


Hope the above-mentioned tips for happy married life help you with the desired outcomes. If you still want solutions to any of your marital life problems, talk to the marriage astrologers now at Anytime Astro.

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