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The Planet Mars in Astrology: Its Effects in Various Houses & Remedies

07 Oct, 2023 by Parita Soni

The Planet Mars in Astrology: Its Effects in Various Houses & Remedies

07 Oct, 2023 by Parita Soni

The planet Mars, in Astrology, is considered one of the most influential planets as its placement in the janam kundali significantly impacts personality, behavior, career and other life aspects of individuals. Moreover, the position of planet Mars in different houses delivers different outcomes. In this blog, we shall learn about the planet Mars, its characteristics, impact on the personality, career, and love life of the natives. Also, we shall learn about the remedies you can adhere to for malefic Mars in your horoscope. 

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Planet Mars in Astrology

Of the nine planets in astrology, Mars is a passionate and vibrant planet that holds immense significance. Its placement can reveal a lot about an individual's actions, motivations, and personality. The planet Mars governs the zodiac signs Scorpio and Aries, and the natives born under the said sign have powerful Martian qualities. 

This passionate, assertive, and aggressive planet influences differently when in different houses. It further governs athleticism, physical energy, and sexual desire. The presence of Mars depicts how an individual looks forward to confrontations, competition, and pursuance of their goals. Thus, planet Mars in astrology denotes the force that pushes us forward, making it a key player that helps us understand our motivations, desires, and ways to navigate through life's challenges. 

Planet Mars in Astrology: Characteristics

The characteristics of Planet Mars include vibrancy, action, energy, and assertiveness. Thus, it represents the physical energy, courage, ambition, and drive of individuals toward their goals. Another aspect about planet Mars is that its placement can indicate the manner in which one expresses their desires, pursue goals, and handle conflicts.

Planet Mars in Astrology: Personality

With the effects of Mars planet in astrology, competitiveness, assertiveness, and ability to take initiative by an individual can be depicted. Moreover, the sign and placement of the house of Mars can reveal how one conveys their individuality and acts in diverse aspects of life. Further, the element of water, air, and fire also impacts the overall personality of an individual, along with nature and behavior. 

Planet Mars in Astrology: Career

In career, the significance of Mars in Vedic astrology is that it drives you towards achieving success. Its placement in your birth chart can indicate the type of career you get drawn to and how you shall pursue your professional goals. If Mars is placed well in your birth chart, you shall have an assertive and well-aspected approach in career development, whereas a challenging Mars denotes one should manage their impatience or anger, especially in their workplace.

Planet Mars in Astrology: Love

In Vedic astrology, Mars significance in love and relationship is also immense. The aspects of Mars in the birth chart depict the manner in which an individual romances and the elements that an individual finds attractive in their partner. In astrology, Mars planet effects in relationships can bring challenges too, apart from desire and passion, if not well-aspected or placed in malefic houses or signs.

Remedies of Malefic Mars 

The Planet Mars in Astrology can give positive as well as negative results. So, what should be done in the latter situation? Well, you can adhere to the following remedies that can help in balancing the energies, thus reducing their malefic impact - 

  • Seek guidance from an expert astrologer and then wear the gemstone associated with Mars, like the red coral (Moonga), or tourmaline (pink or red) that helps enhance the positive qualities of Mars and negate its ill impacts.
  • Chant the mantras related to the planet Mars in astrology. You can regularly recite the 'Mangal Mantra' or 'Om Kreem Kreem Kreem Sah Bhaumaya Namah' to pacify the planet's energy.
  • The geometric diagrams, or Yantras, related to Mars can also be placed at a location suggested by expert astrologers to harmonize the energy of Mars.
  • On Tuesdays, do charity with red-colored items to appease the planet. Individuals should contribute to causes related to Mars's importance, such as soldiers or the military.
  • Fasting on Tuesdays is yet another way to please the planet Mars in astrology. 
  • A fire ritual, or, say, Mars-related yagya, which can be performed under the guidance of an expert astrologer, also helps to negate the ill impacts of the planet and provoke positive energy. 
  • Practice meditation or perform yoga poses meant to activate root chakra and help channelize the positive energy of Mars.
  • Wearing red on Tuesdays is also a way to align with the energies of Mars and reduce its negative impact.
  • Partake in the acts of bravery and help others as much as you can to balance the energies of Mars.

planet mars in astrology

Impact of Mars in Various Houses According to Vedic Astrology

Mars in House


Mars in the 1st House

These natives have a strong, dynamic personality and are assertive, ambitious, energetic and active. They hold natural leadership qualities and might be competitive.

Mars in the 2nd House

These natives hold intense desires for wealth and possessions. They are assertive but blunt in communication and are financially ambitious. They might have conflicts related to money.

Mars in the 3rd House

They hold an energetic communication style and are assertive with siblings and neighbors. These natives have a strong urge for learning and education and excel in debates and writing.

Mars in the 4th House

They are active in matters related to family and home, as they hold strong emotions and attachments towards them but also might have occasional conflicts. They may indulge in real estate investments. 

Mars in the 5th House

These natives are highly creative, passionate, and enthusiastic about their hobbies and romance, as well as children. For them, competition in love matters. These natives might get involved in speculative ventures.

Mars in the 6th House

These natives are energetic and hold a strong immune system. However, they might face health issues or conflicts with co-workers. They thrive in service-oriented professions.

Mars in the 7th House

These natives are socially active and assertive in partnerships as well as marriage and can become competitive in relationships. However, a poorly-aspected Mars can create possibilities in conflicts with partners.

Mars in the 8th House

These natives hold strong sexual energy and have intense desires for intimacy and transformation. They shall face challenges related to inheritance or shared resources. 

Mars in the 9th House

These natives are passionate about attaining higher knowledge, philosophy, and spirituality. They might be adventurous travelers and hold strong moral and intellectual beliefs.

Mars in the 10th House

These natives are ambitious and assertive in their careers and possess a strong urge for recognition. They hold leadership qualities in the workplace and may face power struggles with people in authority.

Mars in the 11th House

These natives are quite active socially and have influential friends. They are ambitious and energetically participate in social causes.

Mars in the 12th House

These natives hold hidden desires and energies. However, they might face challenges in secret, seclusion, or confinement. They have robust spiritual and psychic tendencies and carry a need for introspection

Impact of Mars in Various Zodiac Signs According to Vedic Astrology

Mars in Zodiac Signs


Mars in Aries 

This placement of Mars makes the natives strong, enthusiastic, bold, brave and competitive. They are natural leaders but impulsive and impatient.

Mars in Taurus 

Taurus natives become practical, determined, stubborn, sensual and persistent with the placement of Mars. They are possessive and materialistic, too.

Mars in Gemini 

This position of Mars makes the natives quick-thinkers, flexible, communicative and curious. They are good at vocal skills and debates but might lack focus and be restless.

Mars in Cancer 

These natives are nurturing, emotional, shielding and sensitive. They hold strong family ties, and can be passive-aggressive and moody.

Mars in Leo 

This placement of Mars makes the natives confident, charismatic, ambitious, and generous. They are natural leaders who have a strong urge for recognition and admiration. However, ego can be challenging.

Mars in Virgo 

The placement of Mars makes these natives practical, analytical, detail-oriented and service-oriented. They focus on fitness and hygiene. You shall find these natives critical and prone to worry.

Mars in Libra 

This placement makes the natives social, diplomatic, magnetic and fair-minded. They look for symmetry in relationships but struggle with assertiveness and decision-making.

Mars in Scorpio 

You shall find these natives to be determined, passionate and secretive. They hold robust emotional and sexual desires. They might be jealous and hold grudges.

Mars in Sagittarius 

Mars placement makes these natives optimistic, adventurous, intellectual and self-reliant. They love traveling, learning, and exploration. They might be blunt at times.

Mars in Capricorn

This placement of Mars makes the natives disciplined, ambitious, reliable, and practical. They hold a strong work ethic and passion for success. It might be challenging for them to express themselves openly.

Mars in Aquarius 

These natives are creative, humanitarian, self-reliant and open-minded. They look for social change and untraditional thinking. You might find them emotionally detached.

Mars in Pisces

The natives of Pisces with Mars are empathetic, innovative and sensitive. They possess strong intuitions and artistic tendencies and might struggle with truth and boundaries.


As seen above, Mars delivers ultimate results when placed well, whereas impacts the natives negatively if placed unfavorably. Remedies, however, can help to negate the ill impacts of the planet. Natives should be mindful that they adhere to them with an optimistic approach and complete dedication.

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