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Are you facing problems in your personal or professional life? Do you need guidance on important decisions or insights into your future? Wait no more, in this fast-paced world, get solutions to your problems also instantly. Our premium Astrologers are here to help you. With advancements in technology, it is possible to consult experienced Astrologers live and instantly get solutions for all your problems.

Astrology has always been a popular source of getting solutions to all your problems. Our expert Astrologers with years of experience are here to provide you with personalized guidance on various questions about love, career, finances, or health. Getting these solutions with the convenience of a click makes life much easier.

Attending a LIVE session with a certified Astrologer on Anytime Astro can be extremely beneficial for you, as the solutions can be tailored to your specific concerns or problems. You will get personalized advice from the best Astrologers based on your unique situation. You can eliminate any anxiety due to delaying any decision and have expert guidance anytime and anywhere. Moreover, you will not just get a solution on paper, you can ask questions in between sessions to clear all your doubts and even have a better understanding of the application of these solutions in practical life.

Live interaction with an Astrologer helps create a relationship of trust and understanding which makes it easier to discuss the problem and is beneficial in the long run too. Live sessions are undoubtedly a more fulfilling and meaningful experience as it is engaging and interactive and gives you the freedom to go for a personalized session if you are satisfied with the guidance and solution of the Astrologer. Lastly, live sessions have the benefit of instant feedback, you can apply the remedies for yourself instantly to test their effectiveness, you can tell them your satisfaction level, and clear all your doubts then and there.

Overall live sessions with an experienced Astrologer like those associated with our platform can prove to be beneficial for you in various ways. It is the ultimate tool to get instant solutions for all your problems. It provides a personalized, interactive, and engaging experience that can help you build a deeper understanding of the solutions provided. So, if you're looking for a quick and effective way to find solutions to your problems, consider consulting with a premium Astrologer via our Live Sessions.


A live Astrology session is an interactive session with an experienced Astrologer in real time where you can ask questions and receive guidance based on the information provided by you.
The duration of the live session can vary depending on the Astrologer and the time at which you join the session. Typically it can range from 30 minutes to an hour or more.
You can join the free live session on our website and check the availability of the Astrologers.
In a live session, you can expect to receive expert guidance from certified Astrologers about your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and potential threats according to your birth chart and planetary positions in it. You can also get advice on specific important areas of your life like health, career, and finances.
Yes, these live sessions are absolutely free. You can join them from our website and ask away all your doubts and concerns. However, if you go for a personalized consultation during the live session (audio or video call) to get answers for only your specific concern, then you will be charged on a per-minute basis depending upon the consultation price of the Astrologer.
Some Astrologers might ask you to provide some details about yourself like birth date, time of birth, place of birth, etc. to better understand your birth chart and planetary positions in transit. It is also helpful to have a bunch of questions ready before joining the live session so that you can make the most out of it.
As long as you don’t cross a line and be respectful you can ask any type of questions to the Astrologer in the live session. But of course, if the Astrologer has picked a particular concern to take a live session on that particular day then it is advised to restrict the questions to that particular domain only.