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As an Astrology Expert, I provide guidance and insights using Astrology, Tarot Cards, and intuition. I assist clients in understanding their life paths, relationships, career choices, and personal development. Through Astrology, I analyze Birth Charts to uncover personality traits, strengths, and challenges. Using Tarot Cards, I offer intuitive guidance on specific questions or concerns. My aim is to empower individuals by shedding light on potential opportunities and challenges ahead. I focus on providing clarity and practical advice that clients can use to navigate their lives more confidently. My approach involves creating a supportive and open space where clients can freely discuss their concerns and goals. I strive to tailor each session to the individual's needs, ensuring a holistic understanding of their unique circumstances.

Experience & Qualification

I have been practicing Astrology professionally for the past several years, honing my skills through continuous study and application. I hold a certification in Astrology and have undergone extensive training in Tarot Reading and intuitive counseling. My experience spans working with diverse clients, offering consultations both in-person and online. I have assisted individuals from various backgrounds, helping them make informed decisions and gain deeper insights into their lives. My dedication to ongoing learning ensures that I stay updated with the latest techniques and insights in Astrology and Tarot Reading, enhancing the quality of guidance I provide to my clients.

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Priyanka diii ke live me ek family jaisa filings aata hai


Neha Narang



scarlet monteiro

She is an amazing person… her energy is a calm to your soul… she has well guided me and helped me with good solutions… she is amazing at what she does… she has been accurate and very kind and helpful


anu gupta



anu gupta

Thank you. Always feels great talking to you


Monika Kumari

khana ji apki har wish pure kre


Shruti Shukla

thank you so much good experience ❤️


Aditya Vaidya

Priyanka Ji has been giving accurate guidance and its very comfortable to open up issues in front of her and she gives accurate solutions for the same. Thank you so much.


anu gupta




Thanks 🙏