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As a Tarot Reader, I specialize in providing guidance and insights for various aspects of life. From making crucial decisions regarding your career to navigating the twists and turns of your relationships, I can provide the Tarot guidance you need. Understanding finances, evaluating job prospects or making decisive business choices doesn't have to be daunting. With my Tarot readings, we can demystify the unknown and illuminate the right path forward. Beyond traditional Tarot card reading, I also offer Chakra reading and Chakra healing services. If it's a case of energy blockages or unbalanced chakras affecting your emotional well-being or physical health, my skills with Chakra readings could prove useful. Together, we can work toward achieving a balanced energy flow within you via my Chakra healing sessions.

Experience & Qualification

I have been practicing as a professional Tarot Reader for the past several years. In addition to thousands of satisfied clients worldwide, I also hold several recognitions in the mystical arts circle owing to the accuracy and depth of my readings. Each day, I am privileged to help people navigate through their lives with comfort and assurance from receiving profound clarity through my readings. As a well-versed Tarot reader passionate about helping others decipher life’s mysteries, I am dedicated to continuing this journey with you. Allow me to guide you towards light, positivity, and personal growth using my expertise in Tarot Reading and Chakra Healing.

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Lavanya Gandhi

Thanks ma'am, for being my guide.


Isha Chandra

You are amazing, ma'am.


Disha Kakar

She helped me to get past a difficult time in my love life.


Srija Kumar

I am following my passion just because of your guidance, ma'am.


Devansh Prabhu

I have consulted so many astrologers before. But she is the best.


Tushar Soman

She is truly the most skilled and accurate reader.


Roshan Banerjee

So glad that I consulted her for the problems of my love life.


Sidharth Ghai

I was so clueless about my career but her readings and guidance really helped me.


Anusha Ganesan

I am highly thankful for her readings.


Anisha Deep

She is literally the best tarot reader.