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I am Acharya Renu. From early childhood, I had an inclination towards spirituality and since then I have started learning this divine practice. After all these years I have gained expertise in Vedic Astrology and I solve the concerns related to career, job, education, marriage, relationships, family, and other aspects of life. It has been more than 10 years since I have been practicing this. I aim to provide the solutions for the problems along with the deep insights that help people make the most crucial decisions of their lives with utmost ease. I only ask for the birth details to provide the most meaningful readings. I always try to tell you the truth without sugar-coating any facts so that you can make the best decisions for yourself.

Experience & Qualification

I am a master’s degree holder in Sanskrit and Hindi and completed my Vedic Astrology course from Astro Pathshala. I am an expert in Gayatri Sadhana and Meditation and practice it daily during the Brahma Muhurta. It makes me feel at peace and makes me even more effective in providing the best solutions and insights.


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Anonymous User

She gives answer in short but they are accurate and helpful. You can feel her aura


Thank you madam 🙏

Megha Bhatia


Mahavira Bajwa

My marriage was going through problems and this was the time when I seeked help. She helped me with remedies and suggested me right way to approach the situation. Thanks to her, my marriage issues got sorted successfully.

Rama Ghosh

I was in doubt to change my job or stay in the same company. I had a session with an expert Renu ji and I am really grateful for her insights regarding me!

Deepak Anand

I don’t know where I would be now without Renu ji's advice! My life is full of joy again, my future seems bright, and it is all thanks to ma'am!

Veda Banerjee

Wanted to try horary astrology just for fun but was really impressed how it worked out! It is just wow.

Youvathi Mehta

My business faced a big loss, I was so lost and depressed about it until I had a chance to talk to ma'am. From her I got an inspiration not to give up and some more advice about handling my business and to achieve success. It really worked for me!

Pragya Deol

I am very blessed that I have contacted Renu Ma'am. Her amazing remedies helped me with my Kundali Dosha and effectively reduced the malefic effects of planets. I am now happy and content. All thanks to ma'am.

Neela Agarwal

Very thankful to Renu ji and her amazing predictions. She guided me very well and helped me to know more about my life's aspects and the upcoming challenges in the profession.