Home Trending Why Is Gautam Buddha Jayanti Celebrated? Know When Is Buddha Purnima 2024

Why Is Gautam Buddha Jayanti Celebrated? Know When Is Buddha Purnima 2024

22 Jan, 2024 by Parita Soni

Why Is Gautam Buddha Jayanti Celebrated? Know When Is Buddha Purnima 2024

22 Jan, 2024 by Parita Soni

Buddhism is followed by many worldwide. The importance of Buddha Purnima celebration is immense for its followers as this day marks the birth, enlightenment as well as death of the founder of Buddhism, Gautama Buddha. This festival is celebrated uniquely in different regions. On this day, the followers participate in charity and other acts of kindness in memory of Gautam Buddha.

Let us learn about Buddha Purnima in detail - 

Buddha Purnima Date 2024

Every year, as per the Buddha Purnima history, this day falls on the first Purnima or the full moon day of Vaishakha (April-May), according to the Hindu Calendar. This year, the Buddha Purnima date is May 23, 2024, and the celebration shall commence at 11:44 pm. It shall continue for 23 hours up to 11:03 pm on May 24, 2024.

Lord Buddha Teachings

The teachings of Lord Buddha impacted the lives of many. Let us recall his teachings mentioned below on the day of Gautam Buddha Purnima -

  • Your entire day can be impacted by a single moment, while one day holds the power to change your entire life, one life is enough to alter the whole world.
  • Focus on the present to attain true happiness. Do not get occupied either with the past or the future at that moment.
  • The root cause of suffering is craving, as per Lord Buddha. To liberate yourself from the cycle of birth, death as well as sorrow, overcoming craving is important. 
  • Practice meditation regularly to attain enlightenment. Lord Buddha encouraged people to follow the Ashtanga Marg, which means adhering to Samyak vision principles to be freed from the cycle of life and death.
  • Lord Buddha opposed the sacrifice of animals and believed in non-violence. He preached that every being has the right to live.
  • The tongue is a weapon that causes the most harm, even without shedding blood. Hence, speak kindly and be truthful.
  • Truth is never acknowledged by a fool, even when around intellectual people. Try to win over yourself, which is more vital than winning countless battles. This achievement cannot be taken away by any deity or even demon. 

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Buddha Purnima Significance 

An important festival of Buddhists, the Buddha Purnima meaning largely refers to paying tribute to peace, harmony, and non-violence. Gautama Buddha - the spiritual guide, philosopher, meditator, and religious leader, taught the liberation path from cycle of birth & rebirth.

On the day of Buddha Purnima, the worshippers wish each other 'Happy Buddha Purnima', visit temples and partake in the celebrations, pour water into the roots of the Bodhi tree, and also help the poor. Individuals water the Bodhi tree, along with offering flowers, incense, etc., as this tree is known for Lord Buddha achieved enlightenment under it. Lighting candles, offering prayers, and chanting the scriptures of Buddhism are conducted every year in monasteries and temples worldwide. 

All these acts help amplify the spiritual affinity with the Gautam Buddha as well as his teachings in the way of meditation or puja. Gautam Buddha Purnima is also celebrated by individuals, apart from the Buddhists, who appreciate the preachings of Lord Gautam Buddha. 

Significance of Praying on Gautam Buddha Purnima 

The meaning of Buddha Purnima holds much significance, hence the benefits of praying to Lord Buddha on this day are many - 

  • Chant mantras to calm yourself and gain inner peace. An individual, who does this regularly, can reduce the ill effects of the planetary movements.
  • Knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment are what Lord Buddha is related to, hence chanting the mantra can help individuals enrich their intellect as well as consciousness.
  • Worshiping the Lord Buddha soothes the mind and body yet enables relaxation and eases stress levels. A focused mind is thus formed, improving the overall well-being of an individual. 
  • Communication skills take a positive turn when individuals worship Lord Buddha. They will be more expressive.

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Celebrating Buddha Purnima 2024

You can speak to an expert astrologer for the details of conducting the Buddha Purnima celebration in any special manner and also adhere to the following ways - 

  • Visit Buddhist shrines, and preach about the life of Lord Buddha, his teachings, and principles. 
  • Adorn the Lord Buddha statue with fresh flowers (washed with water).
  • Chant rhymes related to the Buddha Purnima celebration.
  • Visit the temples such as the Mahabodhi Temple (Bodh Gaya), Sarnath Temple (Varanasi), Dhaulagiri (Orissa), etc. 
  • Follow the rules of Buddhism, such as kindness and non-violence. Wear white clothes, do not eat meat, and show kindness to the less worthy.
  • Donate clothes, food, and money to poor people. 
  • Releasing caged birds is also a tradition in many parts of China and South-East Asia. 
  • Prepare sweet dishes such as milk porridge, and kheer and give them to the needy.
  • Pray and meditate to connect with spirituality as per the teachings of Lord Buddha. 

Wrapping Up

As mentioned, the importance of Buddha Purnima is much, hence all the devotees must recall the teachings of Lord Buddha and pray to him on this day. Save the date of Buddha Purnima 2024 and make sure to celebrate it with full devotion.

Wish you all a very Happy Buddha Purnima!

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