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Will I Study Abroad? Best Foreign Education Yog in Astrology

18 Dec, 2020 by Swati

Will I Study Abroad? Best Foreign Education Yog in Astrology

18 Dec, 2020 by Swati

Will I study abroad for higher education? In which country will I go for studies? When will I get an opportunity to get foreign education? All these questions often arise in the mind of students who want to go abroad and get a foreign education. Nowadays, studying abroad is a dream of many people.

Going out to study in a foreign country brings various opportunities to the students. They can receive a world-class education and encounter a lot of new experiences. Also, getting a foreign education opens all your career prospects and offers a strong and impressive career profile. However, the chance to travel abroad for education not comes as easy as it seems. Various questions hover in the mind and you feel stressed and worried about your dream of studying in a foreign country.

If you also dream of studying abroad and desire to work in a foreign country, you should check your chances of studying and working abroad according to astrology. There are various astrological aspects for overseas studies that indicates possible chances to go abroad and study on shores.

When Will You Go Abroad?

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Role of Vedic Astrology in Studying Abroad

Vedic astrology is an ancient predictive method that calculates the planetary positions at the time of your birth and offer predictions for various life aspects. Your horoscope or Janam Kundali is the significant document through which you may understand these planetary aspects and get astrological readings for foreign education. 

As per foreign settlement astrology, foreign education Yog in Kundali is determined by the position of 12the Lord or the 5th Lord. Astrologers refer to your Birth chart and analyze the planetary combinations through the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 8th and 12th houses for international education. In order to check the astrological aspects for settling abroad or travel, 3rd, 4th, 7th, 9th or 12th house are analyzed.

Abroad Travel, Foreign Education, Subjects, and Astrology 

The main houses that are responsible for foreign education are 2nd, 4th, 5th, 8th and 12th house. As per Vedic Foreign education astrology, each house in the horoscope represents foreign education subjects. The 2nd house signifies primary education, 4th house represents secondary education, 5th house indicates college education, 9th house is for higher education and home, 8th house symbolizes research and 12th house denotes foreign land house. 

Moreover, in astrology chart, 4th house is regarded as the Karak of Education, 5th house as the house of intellect, 2nd house as the house of speech or house for education. Analyzing these houses can help in finding the core knowledge of the native’s education. The 9th and 10th house of horoscope are considered important houses in foreign education astrology to analyze the significant educational achievements and success in higher studies. 

According to Foreign settlement astrology, 3rd, 4th, 7th, 9th and 12th house indicates foreign travel or settlement. In astrology chart or horoscope, 3rd house represents short travellling, 4th house signifies birthplace or home, 7th house indicates journey and foreign settlement, 9th house speaks of long journey and destiny and 12th house reveals foreign land house.

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Timing or Period of Foreign Education in Astrology 

The connection between the prominent houses also helps to find your chances of travel abroad for education. For instance, if the lord of the 12th house (Foreign house) has a significant connection with the lord of 4th house (Secondary education and home) and lord of the 5th house, then it can be said that there is a strong chance of studying and working abroad. It also indicates chances of setting abroad permanently in astrology chart. The connection of 5th, 9th and 12th house with each other also is an indication of higher education abroad from astrology charts. Also, if the main period or sub period of planets ruling or positioned in the 5th, 9th and 12th house or there is an astrological connection of the Lord of Dashas with the signficator house (above discussed house), then one may have foreign travel chances for educational pupose in astrology chart. Dasha or Antardasha of Rahu also signifies optimistic period for foreign travel.

Significance of Planets for International Education

Planets influence your lives and also lay deep impact on the various aspects of your career and education. Thus, astrologers observe the position of planets to understand foreign education in astrology charts. Here is the list indicating which planets are responsible for studies in abroad. 

  • Mercury- The planet of communication, Mercury has great significance in determining foreign education Yog in horoscope. It indicates that the native will be good in medical studies, Mathematics and Financial management. 
  • Mars- Planet Mars represents the strong will power of the native to stand against injustice. 
  • Venus- Strong position of Venus signifies inclination of native towards Music. It indicates the trait of the native to interpret adequately.
  • Jupiter- Jupiter is considered a planet of wisdom and knowledge. It is the main Karaka of Philosophy, Vedas & Astrology. 
  • Rahu and Saturn- Transits of Saturn and Jupiter are considered chief Karakas of foreign education in astrology.

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Significant Astrological Aspects for Overseas Studies In Kundali

There are various significant astrological combination that points towards higher educationin abroad from astrology chart. 

  • The asrological combination of 2nd Lord with the house of foreign settlement or the planet indicates chances of the studying and working abroad. 
  • If the 12th Lord posses any astrological combination with 5th house Lord, it means that the person will travel abroad for higher education. 
  • As per abroad settlement astrology, If there is any connection between the native and 10th Lord then there is strong probability to study abroad.
  • Placement of Lord of the 9th house in the 12th astrology house is an indication of studies in the overseas country. 
  • As per Prashan Kundali, the 9th and 4th cuspal sub Lord signifies higher education in abroad. Prashna Kundali or horoscope is an astrology chart through which one may quickly find answers to their queries such as Will I settle abroad by date of birth? Will I get admission in good University abroad? Will my Visa get approved for the education? and so on.
  • If Rahu and Ketu axis lies in the 12th astrology house from both of the birth ascendant and Moon sign ascendant. 
  • Foreign education in Kundali or horoscope is indicated if the Lord of the 4th house is connected to Rahu and Ketu and 4th house from both of the ascendants. 
  • As per the principle of Bhavat Bhavam, the seventh house has signficant place in foreign education astrology predictions. 7th house represents west direction and is the house opposite to Lagna or East.
  • Transit of planets life Jupiter, Rahu and Saturn over signficator houses shows chances of overseas education in astrology. 
  • The Moon and Movable sign is placed in Kendra (quadrant). It often indicates travel abroad for education or work.
  • Position of the Moon in Kendra, Pisces or Cancer sign or placed in 12th or 8th or 9th house in own sign or exalted sign indicates strong probability of abroad education in astrology chart. 
  • If the Lord of the 4th house is positioned in the 12th house of your horoscope, it means sure chances of going abroad for education purpose or work. 
  • Double transit of Saturn and Jupiter in the 5th, 9th or 12th house of the horoscope also brings opportunities to travel abroad for higher studies.

You may check your possibilities of foreign travel or foreign education in the future with the help of foreign education calculator or Ask an Astrologer all your queries about foreign education and foreign settlement.

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