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Divorce Prediction By Date of Birth - Divorce Prediction Astrology

05 Jan, 2024 by Swati

Divorce Prediction By Date of Birth - Divorce Prediction Astrology

05 Jan, 2024 by Swati

Is there Divorce in my Kundali? What are the signs of Divorce in Kundli? Can astrology predict Divorce in the future? These questions are often asked when people go for Kundali matching or their marriage hits the rock bottom. In this post, we have discussed all these questions and shared everything you need to know about the Vedic astrology divorce prediction.

Is Divorce in your Kundli?

Going through marriage separation or divorce? Is there any possibility of marital separation? Are you thinking of separating from spouse? Consult marriage astrologer and explore what is stone in you for you in marriage and relationship.

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Can Astrology Predict Divorce?

Yes, astrology can predict separation or divorce signs using the astrology chart of the native. The astrology chart includes all the Planets, houses and Nakshatra through which one may get accurate Divorce predictions by date of birth

As per Divorce astrology, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house play a very significant role in gaining insights into your marital life. To predict Divorce or marriage problems, Marriage Astrologers check these astrology houses, planetary positions, Upapada Lagna and the second house from the Upapada Lagna. Moreover, they check 7th house, Ascendant or Lagna, 6th house and 8th house of Navamsa Chart to offer accurate predictions for Divorce or other marriage related problems.

Read on to know more about the planets and house responsible for Divorce in Kundli and how can astrology predict Divorce through them.

Planets Responsible for Divorce in Astrology

Mars, Rahu, Saturn and Sun are the main houses that induce marital issues or divorce problems in Kundli. Apart from this, the position of planets such as Venus and Jupiter also impact the marriage and divorce possibilities. In the Birth Chart of the boy, the malefic or weak or afflicted position of Venus indicates disharmony in marital life while in the Kundli of the girl, the afflicted or weak position of Jupiter shows despair due to the husband.

Houses Responsible Indicating Divorce Signs in Astrology

As per Vedic Astrology Divorce Prediction, each astrology houses in the horoscope govern a specific area of your life. By understanding and observing the positions of planets and Nakshatras in the houses, one can predict various possibilities that may come in the future. Especially for marriage and divorce predictions in astrology, Kundli houses offer detailed insights into your marital life. Here are the houses that offer Divorce predictions in astrology

4th House

4th house represents the family. It indicates the happiness you receive from your family. As per Divorce prediction astrology, The weak or debilitated 4th house or Lord of the 4th house indicates a lack of happiness in the family. 

7th House

7th house is the house of marriage. It indicates all sorts of relationships that you may have in your life. The afflicted 7th house shows an unhappy marital life and divorce signs in astrology. 

8th House

8th house is the house of pleasure. Astrologers analyze this house to check your love compatibility and sexual compatibility with your partner. It shows all the struggles, obstacles and secret things in marital life. 8th house is checked to give extra marital predictions in astrology. Also, a weak or afflicted 8th house or relation of 8th house with the 7th house Lord or house is analyzed to find the adverse possibilities in the marriage of the native. 

12th House

12th house is the house of sexual pleasure. The weak or afflicted 12th house can signify poor or bad sexual life. If a person has afflicted 12th house, then there are chances that native lack the interest in sexual life.

How to Predict Divorce in Astrology?

There are certain Planetary combinations or Yogas that indicate divorce signs in the astrology chart. During Kundali matching and Birth chart analysis, astrologers evaluate these Yogas and study them rigorously to give accurate divorce prediction by date of birth. You may know about the possibilities of Divorce in your Kundli by checking the divorce Yog Calculator. This Divorce prediction calculator by date of birth can help you to check the Divorce Yogas in your Kundli without requiring any expert knowledge about astrology. 

Divorce Signs in Astrology - What are The Possibilities of Separation in Married Life

Formation of following Yogas in Kundli can predict divorce or separation the way before you see rifts in your marriage. So, stop thinking “Is there any divorce Yog in Kundli?” and read on further to check Divorce in Kundli for getting the answer. 

  1. If the 7th house is afflicted, associated, conjoined or aspected by any malefic planet, then there are high chances of divorce in your Kundli. 
  2. If the Lord of the 7th house is positioned in 6th, 8th or 12th house of the Birth chart, then it is a divorce sign in astrology. 
  3. The weak or debilitated Venus in the 7th, 8th or 12th house of Kundli helps astrologers to give divorce predictions in astrology. 
  4. The presence of 7th house in Kundli causes ego clashes and disturbances. This Divorce Yog in Kundli leads to separation among couples. 
  5. If Ketu is placed in the 7th house, then this is a divorce sign in astrology.
  6. If the 7th house is occupied by Jupiter, then it is predicted to have a divorce situation or separation in married life
  7. When the Dashas of 6th, 8th and 12th house provides divorce predictions in astrology chart.

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When Will I Get Divorced Astrology?

Sometimes married life becomes so painful that one of the partners in the marriage seeks divorce to end the relationship. In such duration, that person waits for the separation and continuously think of the time When he/she will get a divorce. Astrology can help in predicting the timing of the divorce. It can also share the time of the marriage problem and tell the exact timing of separation in the astrology chart. Here is how to predict divorce time in astrology. 

  • If the Lord of the 7th house is related to 6th or 8th house, then the native may get a Divorce when the Dasha of the 7th Lord is running. 
  • Divorce in astrology is indicated in the time period of planets that afflicts the 4th house, especially when these planets also own 6th, 8th or 12 houses. 
  • If Rahu, Mars and Saturn are associated with 4th, 7th or 12 th house and make any Divorce Yog in Kundali, then you may predict divorce in Kundli during the time period of these planets. 

Want to check Divorce Yog on Kundl? Check the Divorce horoscope calculator that creates your horoscope and analyzes all the planetary positions. You may also find astrological remedies to improve your married life or get solutions for Divorce in astrology chart by consulting our top Vedic astrologers for marriage.

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