Vrat and Upvaas

Vrat and Upvaas

Significance Of Vrat In Hindu Culture

According to Hindu Mythology, observing Vrat and Upvaas is a practice of austerity which helps an individual to fulfill their wishes and desires. The word Upvas bifurcates to Upa and Vaas in Sanskrit and it means moving close to God. By observing fast or Vrat, an individual often tries to pray to the Lord devotedly for accomplishing any of their wishes or desires. Contrary to popular belief, Vrat does not only involve controlling hunger. A person who observes fast is also bound to follow other aspects of it like praying, charity, staying away from anything that promotes negativity like Alcohol, etc.

As per Astrology, Vrat and Upvas are those spiritual mediums that can help a person to overcome the malicious effects of planets in their Horoscope and attract prosperity in every aspect of life. When a person observes fast, they separate themselves from the materialistic aspects of the world and devote their energy to the Almighty for a day. It not only purifies their mind and body but also brings deep relaxation to the inner soul of an individual.

Check out the list of popular Hindu Vrat and Upvaas which can help bring peace, happiness, success & prosperity in your lives :


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