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Not everything in life is as complicated as we make it. For example, questions like whether or not you and the one in your life are a match made in heaven can be answered with a simple yes or no. Saving you from all the anxiety, expert tarot readers have the power to reveal what is written in your stars with a yes or no tarot card reading.

A yes or no reading goes a long way in helping you make correct decisions in situations where you need a definitive answer. Moreover, if you have recently taken a dip into the world of Tarot Reading, a yes or no tarot reading helps you gain an understanding of tarot cards as it is perfect for novices and easy to comprehend.

This article explores the depths of yes or no tarot reading and how to perform it, beginning with learning its meaning in detail.

Free Yes or No Tarot Card Reading: How to perform an Accurate Yes or No tarot reading

Yes or No is the simplest form of tarot reading, also known as One Card Tarot Reading, which consists of a specific question and a single card denoting a yes, no, or maybe response. Though this way of reading does not delve into many details about the situation, it helps you get clarity to make quick decisions.

However, as is the case with all forms of readings, a yes or no tarot reading needs high intuitive power to make an accurate reading. Hence, it is always advisable to consult an experienced Yes Or No Tarot Reader to get a reading done.

However, if you have clear knowledge about yes or no tarot spreads and their meanings, you can perform a free yes or no tarot card reading online.

Yes or No Tarot Reading Steps

Performing a yes or no tarot reading requires you to follow a few steps accurately. Here, let us discuss them in detail.

Step 1: Make the necessary preparations

Preparation and planning are essential before performing yes or no or even any other kind of tarot reading. If you or your environment is not well prepared, you may not be able to read the universe’s energies correctly, leading to inaccurate reading. Hence, here is how to prepare for the reading process.

Preparing the environment

No matter whether you are performing tarot reading to answer your questions or clear other’s confusion, the environment should be calm and peaceful. Serene surroundings help connect with the universe better. If your environment is pleasant, you can be more open and receptive to the voice of the divine and your soul.

Hence, the space where you are performing the tarot reading should be welcoming, relaxed, and comfortable.

Preparing yourself

You should be energetic and emotionally invested in tarot reading to get an accurate answer to your question. Your intention should be clear and pure to make perfect predictions and correct decisions.

Before performing the reading, you should use clear, concise, and positive language to state your intention to the universe. For example, if you are looking for advice on whether or not you should perform any action, you can say to the divine “I seek advice on…” Also, lighting a candle and praying can connect you to your intuition better.

Step 2: Frame your question

After making the necessary preparations, you should formulate your question correctly. The question should be concise and clear. Moreover, you should avoid asking open-ended questions, i.e., questions that cannot be answered with a simple yes or no, and ask only closed questions.

For example, you should ask “Will our relationship last” and not “What is the biggest obstacle in our relationship?” Furthermore, you should not ask emotional judgment-based questions to avoid interpretation biases.

Step 3: Deck selection and card spread

There are many kinds of tarot card decks. You should select one depending on your experience level. For beginners, it is better to choose the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, as it is a traditional, easily accessible, and easy-to-interpret tarot deck. After selecting your deck, you should spread the cards on a clean surface.

Step 4: Perform the tarot card reading

Once you have made all the preparations and spread the cards, you can proceed toward a yes or no tarot reading. Performing the tarot reading involves two steps, shuffling the cards and drawing three cards for a simple reading. Let us understand these steps in a bit more detail.

Shuffling the cards

First, you need to shuffle the cards. While there is no specific rule for card shuffling, you should lay your cards in a particular pattern each time you shuffle the tarot cards.

Drawing the tarot cards

After shuffling the cards, the next step is to pull a card from the shuffled deck. You can draw three cards from the deck. Here is how to do it.

  • Think of your question and pull a card from the shuffled cards. Place the pulled card on the left.
  • Now, think of the question again and pull another card.
  • Keeping your question in mind, pull the last card.

Step 5: Interpret the cards

The next step in a yes or no tarot reading is to interpret the cards you have drawn in the previous step. To interpret the cards, turn them over. Generally, an upright card denotes a yes. Whereas, a reversed card indicates a no.

However, whether the answer to your question is a yes, no, or maybe also depends upon the card you get. For example, a Tower Card in a reversed state usually indicates a yes.

Step 6: Determine your question’s answer

After interpreting the cards, you can determine the answer to your question. Two or more upright cards are a yes, two or more reversed cards are a no, and mixed cards are a maybe.

If you follow the above steps correctly, you can effortlessly read yes or no tarot for yourself and others. However, while performing a yes or no tarot reading, you should keep a few things in mind when performing it. Let us look at the same.

Things to Remember in a Yes or No Tarot Reading

Here is all you need to keep in mind when performing a yes or no reading.

  • The question should not be vague
  • You should be neutral when asking questions
  • Always trust your instincts
  • Ensure your deck has an equal number of upright and reversed cards
  • Do not ask questions to harm or cause any loss to others

Now that you have understood the procedure to perform yes or no tarot card reading. So, let’s dive into what a Yes or No tarot card tells you about your life situation.

Yes or No Tarot Cards in a Deck

Getting all of the tarot cards down to a straightforward "yes" or "no" interpretation can be challenging because many of the cards have much more complex meanings than just a positive or negative one, and many can be both positive and negative depending on the circumstance or question being posed. However, the yes or no cards depend on the reader's intuition. If the card radiates positive energy, it is a yes card. However, if the card gives a negative vibe, it is a no-card. Generally, the following cards are yes cards.

Yes Cards in a Yes or No Tarot Reading

Although the yes or no cards depend on the reader's intuition, there are few tarot cards in the deck that provide affirmative answers to most life situations in the yes or no tarot card reading. So, here is the yes or no tarot cards list in the deck that says "yes" as a response.

No cards in a Yes or No Tarot Reading

There are few tarot cards in the deck that give negative vibes to any particular situation you might be facing in your life. However, in the yes or no tarot card reading, it all depends on the reader's intuition. So, here is the list of the tarot cards in the deck that say "no" as a response.

Maybe Cards in a Yes or No Tarot Reading

There are times when, in a specific life situation, the answer is not yes or no. It responds to your question with a "maybe," but it really depends on the context. So, here is the list of the tarot cards in the deck that say "maybe" as a response.

That was all about what is a yes or no tarot reading and how to perform the same. You can now do a yes or no card reading effortlessly to choose the right course of action in any specific situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will get answers to almost every question you may have about yes or no tarot reading.

  • Can tarot give yes or no answers?chevron down

    If you need to make instant decisions in specific situations, you can get a yes or no answer from tarot. All you have to do is frame the question correctly.

  • Are yes or no tarot readings accurate?chevron down

    Yes or no card readings are generally highly accurate if you ask the question correctly with pure intention.

  • How do you tell yes or no on tarot?chevron down

    You can follow a simple 6-step process to get a yes or no answer through tarot. To know more about how to perform the yes or tarot card reading, you can read this article.

  • What are the benefits of yes or no tarot reading?chevron down

    Yes or no card reading has a lot of advantages. Here are a few of them.

    • It helps you understand yourself in a better way
    • You can use it to plan your next step
    • It helps you make better decisions
  • What are the disadvantages of yes or no tarot reading?chevron down

    Yes or no card readings have the following limitations.

    • Accuracy depends on the reader’s skills
    • All questions do not have a simple yes or no answer
    • It may not take into account the complexity of the situation