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3 Card Tarot Spread: Complete Guide


Are you eager to use the power of the tarot to find your inner knowledge and change your life? The three-card reading is a great starting point for anyone interested in exploring the enigmatic world of tarot card reading.

Tarot Reading is an age-old divination method that has been used for centuries to help people navigate the ups and downs of life. The three card Tarot card spread reading, in particular, is a well-liked and simple technique that many seekers use to get immediate clarity and answers.

Understanding the meaning and process of the three card tarot reading can improve your experience and strengthen your bond with the cards, whether you are a novice or an Experienced Reader. This guide will go over everything you need to know, from the three tarot card spread reading meaning to how they work and how to choose the right deck. So, get ready for this exciting trip to learn more about yourself, your connections, and how to grow as a person.

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What is A Three-Card Tarot Reading?

The Tarot Three Card Spreads provides answers to questions concerning your past, present, and future. As you choose your three cards, consider the issues or questions you would like to have resolved. Once your Tarot cards have been drawn, go back and check that your original question has been adequately addressed.

Think about how the meanings on each three card Tarot spread relate to the question you posed or your present circumstances as you read them.

The 1st Card (The Past):

This card stands for your current circumstances and the reasons behind them. It frequently represents a person or connection in your life that has impacted your question.

The 2nd Card (The Present):

This card often serves as a direct representation of the current problem in the situation. This card might be trying to tell you something you have previously missed, so pay close attention to it.

The 3rd Card (The Future):

This final card can be used in the 3 card tarot spread for guidance on how to confront and conquer your problem. It might offer choices, people, or resources you had not thought of.

For your spiritual development and relationship with yourself, the three card spread tarot reading can be immensely helpful.

How To Read 3 Tarot Cards Spreads?

A straightforward method for gaining insight into many areas of your life, the uncomplicated three card spread reading is both easy to learn and very effective. Because of how simple it is to understand and use, it is well-liked by readers of all skill levels.

A three card spread tarot card reading may provide you with a bird's-eye view of your present position by highlighting these three major areas of your life, which in turn can help you understand your feelings, ideas, and behaviors better. Three card spread card reading may help you face life's obstacles with precision and understanding; all it takes is a little practice.

Intuitive and symbolic thinking are keys to tarot reading. There are a lot of different methods to read tarot cards, but the three-card spread is quite straightforward and accurate. To help you comprehend this well-liked approach, we have included a detailed guide:

  1. Preparation: It is crucial to establish a serene and concentrated atmosphere before delving into the reading. If you want to use your intuition more successfully, you need to relax and clear your thoughts. The Daily Tarot Girl made the point that to listen to the gentle voice of your intuition, you must be at ease.
  2. Clearing the Deck: The energy of the reader or the person handling the tarot cards may be transmitted to the cards. If you want an accurate reading, you need to clean your deck. To achieve this, just imagine a white light bathing the cards as you shuffle them.
  3. Formulating Your Question: While keeping your hands on your deck, quietly utter your inquiry or request direction for the here and now. Questioning such as, "What information is necessary at this very moment?" instead of asking, "What do the cards say about my day?"
  4. Drawing the Cards: After cutting and shuffling the deck, draw three cards. The cards here stand for what has been, what is, and what will be.
  5. Interpreting the Spread:
    • Past Card: This card indicates how things from the past have an impact on the here and now.
    • Present Card: It shows the current events or difficulties.
    • Future Card: This explains possible future outcomes in light of the present course.
  6. Using Intuition and Symbolism: There are conventional interpretations for each card, but ultimately, you must listen to your gut. For a deeper reading, the Golden Thread Tarot shows how to combine conventional card interpretation with your intuition.
  7. Closing the Reading: After you've thought about the cards and gotten some insight, it's time to thank the cards and rearrange them for another reading.

How To Choose 3 Card Spread?

If you want to improve your reading accuracy by deciphering the symbols and images on the tarot cards, it's crucial to choose the right deck for your three card tarot reading. For those just starting, here are a few great options:

  • The Rider-Waite tarot deck is known for its abundance of symbolism and imagery.
  • The Morgan-Greer tarot deck is widely recognized for its colorful and empathetic artwork.
  • The Wild Unknown is a tarot card deck with original, modern artwork.

You may deepen your connection with the cards and improve your tarot practice by selecting a deck that speaks to you. After settling on a tarot deck, the next step is to investigate the fascinating world of tarot reading. To begin learning how to do three-card tarot readings, there is no shortage of materials, including tutorials, online courses, and books. You may become an accomplished Tarot reader who can decipher its secrets with time and effort put into learning the art.

Three Card Spread Tarot Reading For Love

If another person is in your thoughts, a three-card tarot spread can be a good choice. You, your partner, and your present or future together are symbolized by the first, second, and third cards, respectively, in a classic 3 card tarot spread for love. While reading the third card, some readers arrange the prior two cards around it. Consider the following three possible outcomes if you were to draw them in sequence:

  • The Hierophant
  • The High Priestess
  • The Temperance

You seem to have everything under control, says the Temperance Tarot card. Now is an excellent moment to embrace healthy love if you are single. This card suggests that being in a committed relationship might open doors to hidden aspects of your personality.

The High Priestess, the other figure in your reading, probably places a premium on creativity and spirituality, particularly when it comes to romantic relationships. Hierophant, the card of unity, is the connecting card. His presence might be a sign of a public declaration of marriage or an indication of a long-lasting, well-known bond.

Three Card Spread Tarot Reading For Career

While tarot readings often center on matters of the heart and relationships, many individuals also seek guidance on career advancement and job fulfillment. With an emphasis on one's professional life, these three-card tarot decks reveal:

  • Career Possibility: When doing a career path reading, the first three cards are the most helpful. To choose a job that fits you, the first two cards show you how to combine your ideals and aspirations with your practical abilities.
  • Goals: When you've settled on a professional path, the next logical question is likely to be how to get there. Learn how to make the most of the resources at your disposal with the aid of this spread.
  • Obstacles and Opportunities: Use this spread to talk about the difficulties you're having at work or when looking for a job. Is there a major challenge? How do you feel about it? What chance for advancement have you failed to take advantage of?

Benefits Of A Three-Card Tarot Reading

Numerous advantages beyond simple fortune telling are offered by tarot reading, particularly the three-card spread. A free three card tarot reading has several significant benefits, some of which are highlighted below:

  1. Self-Care to Soul Care: In its purest form, tarot reading is an act of spiritual communion with the divine. Famous author and tarot reader Cindi Sansone-Braff says that readings may help people grow spiritually and get insight into who they are. By providing access to one's own and others' collective unconscious minds, it serves as a link between physical and spiritual self-care.
  2. Complementary to Therapy: An integrative strategy for mental wellness may benefit from tarot readings. It can't take the place of proper treatment, but it may supplement it by shedding light on things from other angles. People may benefit from tarot readings by engaging in thought-provoking discussions with therapists, which can lead to the discovery of answers and significance in their lives.
  3. Opening Dialogues: For those who have trouble putting their emotions or ideas into words, tarot might serve as a discussion starter. Discussions regarding the meaning of the cards drawn might lead to more in-depth self-reflection and comprehension. The 'Death' card, for example, may spark discussions on major life shifts, new beginnings, and transitions.
  4. Inclusivity and Representation: Many people feel that traditional tarot cards perpetuate harmful gender and economic prejudices. But contemporary artists are challenging these ideas with their cards, broadening Tarot's appeal. Because of this openness, more people may use Tarot to understand themselves and their mental health issues.
  5. Enhancing Intuition: Tarot reading may help one's intuition, which is a major advantage. Tarot, as pointed out by Ebonie Hyland, may help one get in touch with their intuition and have a better knowledge of themselves and the world around them.
  6. Guidance and Clarity: In times of uncertainty, a tarot reading may help provide clarity and direction. The three-card spread provides a snapshot of one's life trajectory, highlighting the past, present, and future, which may assist people in making well-informed judgments.
  7. Spiritual Engagement: For people who don't identify with any one faith, tarot might provide a spiritual pathway. In times of difficulty, it may be a source of spiritual strength, direction, and engagement.

If you want to get the most out of a tarot reading, you should go into it with an open heart and mind. To get the most out of them, use them properly in conjunction with other self-care practices and expert advice; they are instruments for reflection, direction, and spiritual connection.


We've looked into the interesting world of tarot 3-card spreads in this guide. We've talked about how to understand the idea, pick the right deck, get ready for a reading, and figure out what the cards mean. By looking at common tarot spreads for love, work, personal growth, and other parts of life, you can learn useful things that will help you deal with problems that come up. Accept that tarot can change your life and help you find your inner knowledge.