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The Moon Tarot Card Meaning

The Moon tarot card is a card of intuition. It alerts you that a certain aspect of a situation or somebody in your life may not be what it first appears to be. To see through this illusion, you must trust your instincts. In addition, the Moon card meaning signifies shady, dubious, or unlawful activities. It also predicts that if you are waiting for a resolution about something, it will either be postponed or so ambiguous that it will just make things more confusing rather than clear them up. So what else does the interpretation of the Moon tarot card meaning suggest? Let's look at this card in detail in this Moon tarot guide.

The Moon Key Facts

Here’s a quick overview of some key facts and important terms associated with the Moon tarot card.

The Moon Card Upright Meaning: Insecurity, deception, hidden things, difficult period, fear, confusion.

The Moon Card Card Reversed Meaning: Unhappiness, insomnia, the release of fear, mysteries unveiled, unusual dreams.

Yes or No No
Element Water
Numerology 18
Planet Neptune
Zodiac Sign Pisces
the moon tarot card

The Moon Tarot Card Description

On the Moon card, the moon at its fullest is depicted between two enormous buildings in the pitch-black sky. The Moon stands for intuition, dreams, and the unconscious. The path leading to a higher consciousness that swirls between the two buildings is only softly illuminated by its light, which is sadly weak in comparison to the sun. 

In the distance, a little pool defends the watery, unconscious mind. The origins of consciousness are symbolized by a small crayfish poking its head out of the water. On the grassy ground, a dog and a wolf are roaring at the moon, representing the wild and domesticated sides of our brains.

The Moon Tarot Card Meaning (Upright)

When you project dread into your future as well as the present according to prior experiences, the Moon tarot card frequently appears. The Moon tarot meaning symbolizes your worries and paranoia. For instance, you might experience emotional misery due to an awful memory, but you push it deeper into your subconscious rather than deal with the emotion. 

You may find yourself impacted by these emotions on an unconscious or conscious level since they are now returning. For example, if you had an accident when you were younger and couldn't cope with your feelings, you might feel sad or anxious whenever you're in the car's rear seat. To let go of any worries or worries that are stopping you from moving forward, make a connection with your subconscious mind.

The Moon card meaning might signify a period of doubt and delusion during which there is no truth to what appears. Whenever the Moon tarot card appears, be cautious while making decisions because you can later realize you weren't fully informed. You must take note of and believe in your intuition if you want to see beyond what is in front of you. Consider feeling what is happening rather than dissecting the situation. 


The Moon tarot card meaning encourages you to get rid of any mental conscious blocks or self-critical thoughts to allow your intuition to guide you. Your intuitions, dreams, and psychic abilities point you toward deeper levels of awareness when you concentrate on them and use your judgment to understand the directions of the subconscious.

It's crucial to pay close attention to lunar cycles and tune into the divine power of the Moon through ritual, fantasy, or tarot spread when the Moon tarot card appears in your reading. Finally, on the full moon, acknowledge your success and think about what has to go in order to allow for fresh perspectives on who you are.

The Moon Meaning For Love and Relationship (Upright) 

In a love and relationship tarot reading, the Moon card may represent how uneasy or uncomfortable you feel in your relationship. Although others may think your relationship is going well, the Moon may suggest otherwise. The couple can have trouble communicating. The Moon tarot love prediction tells us that there could be a lot of conflicts, insecurities, or unresolved issues. 

If you see the Moon card, avoid jumping to conclusions because it could also symbolize dishonesty. Instead, keep your cool and wait until further information about the situation is clear. The Moon tarot meaning in love context may signify that a person is trying to mislead you or that untruths are being spread about you if you are single.

If you’re dating someone, remember they might not be acting with the finest motives and that you may not be fully informed about them. The Moon card meaning for love implies that information might not yet be known. The meaning of the Moon card in the love and relationship context denotes that your current feelings are probably conflicted.

There can be a lot of myths out there, and not all of them are what they're made out to be. It's possible that you'll have to make an effort to comprehend both the motives of other people as well as your own sentiments, objectives, and desires in order to understand what is happening. Out-of-date beliefs, attitudes, or conceptions may hamper your judgment.

The Moon Meaning For Career (Upright) 

If the Moon Card shows up in a situation pertaining to your working life, you may feel uncertain or perhaps concerned regarding your career path. For instance, you might miscommunicate with your coworkers or workplace managers, which could cause issues or miscommunication. On the other hand, you might not have every bit of information you need to make a decision due to someone withholding it from you. 

The Moon tarot card meaning reveals that your present profession may also be a cause of uncertainty. For instance, you are likely unsure of your goals or the best course of action. Alternately, there can be a negative environment at work right now due to inconsistencies and ambiguity about project goals or what each worker ought to be doing.

The Moon tarot meaning also asks you to be sure to explain things clearly; at this time, when miscommunication is frequent, it could be beneficial to repeat oneself. On the contrary, you may find that you don't have enough knowledge to make informed decisions about your work. 

Your foundation for success may seem weak if you don't pay enough focus to your education or profession. Although you fantasize about achieving your goals, you might not be motivated to put in the effort. This can occasionally be brought on by having irrational success expectations. We frequently just notice the finished product rather than the strenuous effort put into it.

The Moon Meaning For Health (Upright) 

A health reading can indicate mental health problems when the Moon card is upright. For example, it can signify anxiety and sadness. The Moon card meaning may also tell you to rely on your senses regarding your health. Schedule a medical checkup and make sure you get all the testing you need to figure out the root cause of the symptoms when you anticipate an existing health problem. 

The Moon tarot card meaning may also suggest a hormonal disorder or a health ailment connected to the menstrual cycle in a woman's horoscope. The Moon tarot meaning may represent a lack of sincerity in your attempts to lead a healthier lifestyle. If that's the case, you need to stop waiting right away! 

You can also be engaging in an excessively challenging or incorrect fitness program. Instead, establish manageable, modest goals for yourself and then move forward. Additionally, it might indicate bad health or problems with the pregnancy. Additionally, it might be a strong warning against irresponsible drug or alcohol use.

The Moon Meaning For Finance (Upright) 

The Moon tarot meaning cautions you against investing or taking any substantial risks concerning money because you might lack the complete data you require to make a sensible decision. The Moon card meaning might also signify that someone is attempting to scam you out of money. Use your instinct if something looks too good to be true; just be careful not to become overly skeptical. 

The Moon card suggests that you don't know everything there is to know. In light of this, it might not be the best time to make any important financial decisions. If you are thinking about making a financial decision, don't be afraid to investigate and inquire. You'll come to the best decision as a result of this. Uncertainty and misunderstanding in the financial world can be a problem right now.

On occasion, the Moon tarot card meaning might allude to handling money carelessly. Although it could be unsettling, it's crucial to understand what is flowing through and out of your savings accounts. Spend money carefully and try not to waste it. Savings for unexpected costs could be beneficial. Furthermore, this card forewarns you of the possibility of encountering someone who will try to defraud you financially. Look at the bigger picture about your money preoccupation if this speaks to you.

The Moon Meaning For Spirituality (Upright): 

The Moon is an outstanding tarot card to pull because intuition is crucial in a spiritual sense. The Moon card in your Tarot reading indicates that everything will come to you really easily if you're open to receiving guidance from the spiritual realm. 

The Moon tarot meaning asks you to listen to any gut feelings, visions, or thoughts you may have, as well as your dreams. Your spiritual guidance might be attempting to teach you something really important. Here, some quiet time and contemplation might have been helpful.

The Moon Tarot Card Meaning (Reversed)

The Moon Reversed card implies that you have been coping with delusion, fears, and stress and that the unpleasant effects of these energies are finally beginning to vanish. You are learning to overcome your worries and anxieties and their negative impacts on your life. It has truly been a liberating and transformational experience.

You can attempt to hide these emotions even further inside your thoughts in an effort to avoid your gloomy shadows. However, you may not be ready to face your emotions head-on, so you might ignore them and carry on as usual. This strategy might work in the short term, but you will eventually deal with these emotions again.

The Reversed Moon card meaning may also suggest that you have trouble deciphering its meaning while receiving intuitive and psychic signals. The message might not be clear to you, or you might interpret it differently than others. The Moon is in reverse, and you're being urged to hear your inner self instead of another person's speech. 

Consider yourself already possessing the answers you seek. Pay close attention to your dreams and keep a dream journal because a lot of your subconscious guidance will come through them. If you continue to have issues, write down the messages you receive and respond to them as soon as possible.

moon reversed

The Moon Meaning For Love and Relationship (Reversed)

If you're in a romantic relationship, the Moon reversed love prediction may indicate that betrayal or dishonesty will come to light. This could be the beginning of an affair. It can also mean that the truth about your relationship is starting to come to light. It's likely that you've been telling yourself lies regarding the way the relationship is going or that you haven't been paying attention to all of your spouse's quirks. 

If that's so, the Moon Reversed love meaning portends that you will learn the reality of your relationship or your partner's character. The reversed Moon tarot card could indicate that, if you are single, you start recovering your composure and self-assurance after a trying moment. On the contrary, the Moon reversed love prediction could also signify that you're ignoring signals or your instincts about a potential partner.

For example, think about when you get warning signs that the person you see is involved in or interested in something, but you choose to disregard them since you are unwilling to accept them. According to the Moon tarot card prophecies, the future may portend misunderstanding and deception. The Moon tarot meaning signifies that you must rely on your gut feelings to lead you to the truth because you might not have all the necessary knowledge. Sometimes deception is done with good intentions; other times, it's done to save someone else's feelings. Hiding the truth is never a good decision, though.

The Moon Meaning For Career (Reversed)

The reversed Moon card meaning may indicate a creative block, like writer's block, in your career if you are employed in a creative or innovative industry. On the other side, it can mean that the ambiguity or unpredictability you've been dealing with in your field of profession will become more definite. The Moon tarot meaning can also represent that everything will become apparent. You'll be more comfortable about your course if you have been hesitant about your career path. 

On the one hand, reversing the Moon tarot card may signal that the ambiguity and confusion dominating your workplace or profession are beginning to dissipate. Now that the situation may be crystal clear, you might be more informed about the most appropriate response. On the other hand, the reversed Moon card meaning can also indicate a worsening of the situation, in which misinterpretations and poor communication may lead to deceit, lying, and sabotage. 

Your anxieties and suspicions about your employment or colleagues may turn out to be true. Since everybody is going to grow suspicious, guarded, and cautious as a result. Strive for harmony if this represents you. When performing tasks, try to avoid moving too quickly or making fast decisions because doing so could make your work less effective. Two work colleagues may endure if one worker does not perform a good proportion of the labor. The Moon tarot card meaning occasionally represents a romantic relationship that started at work, but it can also indicate difficulties for you if it is turned over.

The Moon Meaning For Health (Reversed)

The reversed Moon may be a favorable card when it refers to health-related issues. It may signify a decrease in psychological disorders such as depression or anxiety. Bad ancillary cards can also point to difficulty with being unable to tell the difference between fiction and reality or the worsening of a disorder, such as delusions or paranoia. 

The Moon reversed card frequently denotes your general health regaining stability. Whether you have been awaiting medical reports or have struggled to wait for a medical evaluation, you'll quickly comprehend what is triggering your health issues. By harmonizing these regions, you might receive the revitalizing boost you need.

He guarantees you'll feel more secure there if you've been worried about receiving quality medical care. The Moon tarot meaning also suggests that you unexpectedly acquire an ability for something bigger after years of concentrating on the materialistic or superficial areas of your life. 

The Moon Meaning For Finance (Reversed)

If you've been unsure about how to handle your financial situation, it might finally start to make sense. The Moon card in a reversed aspect may be a sign that fraud is being or will soon be exposed, so if your instincts are telling you not to spend on something or commit to something financially, pay attention to them and give yourself some time for the information you lack to become evident. 

In ideal circumstances, the inverted Moon card meaning may signify learning more about your financial state and your financial goals. Finally, you have all the information you need to feel secure about committing to an important decision or action in the future. 

The reversed Moon tarot meaning could, at worst, suggest that you are deluding yourself about your financial situation. It also symbolizes taking steps to safeguard your financial future. Whether you've considered purchasing a home or are holding off to see whether a home-based business method will be approved, things need to go well for you. 

There will be some good news for your financial investments soon. If you attempt to plan something for your future, the reversed Moon tarot card meaning predicts positive outcomes. If you do your research and stick to your budget, you'll notice that your efforts will have a significant impact on your financial status. 

The Moon Meaning For Spirituality (Reversed)

The Moon in reverse can indicate that you are suppressing, ignoring, or misinterpreting any spiritual teachings that are being sent to you by the spirit. It can mean that your intuition is clouded or that you are out of contact with your spiritual abilities. When this card appears, you must use your psychic or intuitive powers. 

The Moon Tarot Card: Yes or No

When you require an immediate response to any circumstance, you should use the "One Card Pull" method. This pull is helpful when you're in a binding situation and need a quick Yes-or-No answer. All you need to do is shuffle the deck and pick one card to obtain a response to your question. Then, based on your inquiry, you will receive a response. One pull of the Moon tarot card results in the following outcomes:

Upright: If you have drawn the Moon tarot card into an upright position, the answer is "No".

Reversed: If you have drawn the Moon tarot card in the reversed position, the answer is "Yes".

The Moon Tarot Card Meaning in Numerology

The numerology of the Moon Tarot card is 18. This is 1+8 = 9, according to numerology. The Hermit card was the first Tarot card with a 9-number. Nine is the number for "completion." The Moon tarot card follows the second set of Major Arcana, just as the Hermit did following the first set. Beginning with The Wheel of Fortune, the second set then included challenging and intense cards like Death, The Tower, and The Devil.

Even if someone navigates the scenarios depicted on these cards successfully, they will still experience emotions, worries, and traumas. The Moon card urges us to pause, reflect, and heal after this challenging voyage. The Moon is associated with Pisces, the final sign of the zodiac. The opposite of Pisces is the sign of Virgo, the Hermit. 

The Moon Card Meaning for Timing

If you're unsure of when anything will happen, the Moon assures you that it will eventually happen, no matter what you want or are concerned about. Additionally, it would be calculated using months, or roughly on the 6th, 11th, and 18th of a month. The Moon card's interpretation hints that you'll get anything you ask for quickly and that it'll turn into a steady stream of benefits. 

The Moon indicates that you will put your feelings and insights into action, enabling you to fulfill your dreams. This incident might occur within the next few days or weeks. Regardless of the specific day, the Moon tarot card meaning predicts that anything you wish for will materialize very soon. The Moon card represents a number of things coming together ultimately for the sake of all. The fantastic news could arrive in the spring or in the next week. 

That's all for the Moon tarot card meaning! Did the meaning make sense for your situation in life if you had picked an upright or reversed Moon card in your spread? We hope you find this Moon tarot guide helpful. However, contact our knowledgeable tarot experts if you require more specialist advice and support for a particular circumstance or concern.