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The Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning

The Hanged Man Tarot meaning suggests that you are in an unpleasant situation. It may also represent that you’re caught up in an issue and undecided about your best course of action. Give yourself a break, stop attempting to take charge, and just let things happen. Can’t get enough? So, what else does the Hanged Man tarot card mean in the tarot card reading? Let's examine this card in more detail in this Hanged Man tarot guide.

The Hanged Man Key Facts

Here’s a quick overview of some key facts and important terms associated with the Hanged Man tarot card.

The Hanged Man Card Upright Meaning: Give up, sacrifice, let go, new perspective, wait, uncertainty, unsure, and lack of direction.

The Hanged Man Card Reversed Meaning: Stagnation, evasion of sacrifice, indecision, stalling, resistance, disinterest, stalling, delays, and apathy.

Yes or No Maybe
Element Water
Numerology 12
Planet Neptune
Zodiac Sign Pisces
the hanged man tarot card

The Hanged Man Tarot Card Description

The Hanged Man tarot card illustrates a young man being supported by a living tree that looks like a cross in the form of a T. Because of the calm and serenity on his face, he appeared to have chosen this dangling posture by his own choice. He is upside down and looks at the surroundings from a completely distinct angle. He has a halo around his head, which represents new consciousness, enlightenment, and awareness. 

His left leg, which is unbound, is bent at the knee and folded beneath the right leg. While the other foot is fastened to the tree's trunk. Additionally, he is holding his hands in the form of a triangle that is inverted behind his back. The guy wears red pants, which stand for desire, the body, and the mind. The blue vest stands for knowledge. The Hanged Man tarot card symbolizes martyrdom, total obedience, and being stuck with time.

The Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning (Upright)

The Hanged Man card serves as an indication that you occasionally need to put things on hold in order to proceed. Otherwise, fate will act quickly for you to observe the world from a fresh perspective and capture new prospects. It may have stayed hidden from your view until you used the breaks. The Hanged Man tarot card meaning encourages you to give up old concepts and behavioral patterns that just don't benefit you.

Your new tasks and endeavors may be abruptly terminated if the Hanged Man tarot card shows up in a reading. Don't keep going ahead in the hopes that more force will help you move in the direction you want to go. Embrace the chance to pause instead and utilize it as an opportunity to assess how you're doing on your journey. If you don't give the developing thing the room and time it requires to do so, you won't be able to notice it.

The Hanged Man tarot meaning reveals you need to spend some time apart from your daily routine to reconnect with a fresh perspective. It might be quite inconvenient for you to put off critical projects while you do this. But be assured that it will be worthwhile. 

the hanged man

The Universe is using this to open your eyes to new possibilities and prepare you for the next phase of your journey. Rather than rushing through hurdles by trying to force them to come to you. Allow the possibilities to come to you naturally and effortlessly.

The upright meaning of the Hanged Man card might occasionally represent how constrained or stuck you feel in life. So, what keeps you in this "stuck" situation? What is holding you back from progressing? The Hanged Man tarot card inspires you to relinquish and let go on some level. Accept your circumstances and permit yourself to move with life rather than investing in particular outcomes or restraining yourself in your present situation. 

You are being urged to alter your viewpoint and your energies on a deeper level. Whether it's taking a nature walk, going on a vacation, or relocating to a new nation. You could discover that removing yourself from your regular life is beneficial.

The Hanged Man Meaning For Love and Relationship (Upright)

The Hanged Man card represents letting go of something in order to gain something new and being patient while awaiting the ideal opportunity. The Hanged Man love predictions for single individuals advise them to stop taking hasty decisions. 

Regardless of how much time and effort you invest in your romantic affairs or your compatibility with your dates. It may not be up to you if one person is not ready. Instead of trying to force or push a partnership toward progress. Utilize this opportunity to notice how your viewpoint changes if you're alone. Time could be a problem regarding important discussions or strengthening your bond.

Talking about the meaning of the Hanged Man tarot card, it reveals that sacrifice might also be vital in your present and upcoming relationships. The Hanged Man meaning for love advises delaying judgments and taking a moment to think. You might want to reexamine your objectives for the connection and prioritize the beneficial characteristics over the negatives.

The Hanged Man For Career (Upright)

The Hanged Man tarot meaning is a metaphor for intolerance or uncertainty regarding what to do on the job. You might need to put your projects on hold so you can devote some time to them. Or you might feel impatient and unsure of your next move. 

The Hanged Man tarot card meaning for career reveals that when nothing is going according to plan. It is occasionally impossible to force a choice or alteration to occur. It could be a customer decision, an employer response, or a career decision, there are times when you must remain patient. The situations you have worked diligently for will arrive as they come.

The Hanged Man meaning, when it comes to a career, denotes uncertainty about your future or a stagnant career. The measures you must take to advance your professional life might be unclear to you. If you have trouble making a decision, be aware that you're not compelled to do so right away. Just unwind and watch what transpires. With time, everything will become obvious.

The Hanged Man Meaning For Health(Upright)

If you are dealing with medical conditions, the Hanged Man's advice is to look into every option for treatment. It does not suggest that you forego the suggested therapy program. It does suggest that you reevaluate your health problems and attempt to approach them from several perspectives. 

It could also mean that, no matter what the problem is, you must allow yourself some recuperation time. Rather than getting upset since your health condition is not getting better as fast as you'd like. The Hanged Man tarot card represents health problems. It's been linked with problems during pregnancy and the consequences of chronic illnesses, such as blood pressure or diabetes. 

The Hanged Man is a cautionary card that’ll enable you to strive for medical care if you begin to notice symptoms of a health condition. Regardless of whether it's "positive news" in a conventional sense, this card is a symbol of physical illness. Regarding one's health, the Hanged Man tarot card can serve as a warning sign. It advises you to see a doctor as soon as any signs of illness appear.

The Hanged Man For Finance (Upright)

The Hanged Man tarot meaning for finance, could suggest that it's time to alter your viewpoint. For instance, if you are having financial problems, taking a break now might help you see things from a different angle. When you are too preoccupied with your finances, you cannot be aware of positive developments that are taking place for you in different areas. Alternatively, your anxiety about money might be the reason for these developments. 

The Hanged Man tarot card meaning concerning finance also signifies a business's gradual growth when it is anticipated to accelerate. Whether it takes longer than anticipated for things to start making money. Or if your financial sustainability appears to be in jeopardy, don't lose heart. If you keep making a constant effort, things will get better.

The Hanged Man Meaning For Spirituality(Upright)

In a spiritual context, the Hanged Man tarot card warns you to be mindful of your attitude toward yourself. Stop thinking negatively if you have been doing so, because it could impact your results and how you think about your life. 

Keep oneself from becoming spiritually stagnant. You will discover that completely new spiritual worlds start opening to you. It allows you to reconnect to your consciousness if you remove outdated ideas or unwanted thoughts that don't work for you anymore

The Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning (Reversed)

The upright Hanged Man tarot card inspires you to take a minute to relax and think through things from an alternate point of view. The Hanged Man Reversed card could suggest that, despite being aware that you must pause, you continue to resist. Instead, in order to redirect your focus to something else, you get involved in initiatives and activities. 

Your soul and body tell you to calm down, but your head won't listen. So, before it's over, stop what you're doing and take time out. If you pay no attention to it, destiny will turn up the level, and you might crash. Hence, once you receive the call, create time in your schedule to check in and pay attention.

The Hanged Man tarot meaning reveals that you can have already reached a position in which everything is being put on the back burner, which leads to frustration. The Hanged Man reversed can represent a moment when you're experiencing restrictions, blockages, or delays. This occurs because of the actions of other individuals or external factors. 

You have to give up your commitment to the way things should work out, even though it might be challenging. Be in the flow with it and allow yourself to relax when your life doesn't proceed the way you had planned.

the hanged man reversed

The Hanged Man Reversed could symbolize your ability to go ahead with a fresh point of view and renewed energy if you've been on hold. Events might flow more effortlessly and line up for you, and you might feel ready to start over. A step forward or startling realization about how to consider things in a different way may have occurred. You are all set to make the necessary changes and proceed with an entirely different mindset.

The Hanged Man Reversed may also represent delaying a choice or course of action. You might believe you're holding off until you're completely prepared, but guess what? Most likely, you will never be fully prepared. So what are you still waiting for? Make a move! Make that choice now! 

The Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning For Love and Relationship (Reversed)

When reversed, the reversed Hanged Man love prediction implies that your wait is finally over. You may have been forced to look at various perspectives regarding love. As a result of the current slowdown in your romantic life. You must have returned to the relationship with an understanding of what you seek in relationships. Maybe it's time to give up deeply rooted, cherished beliefs right now. 

This fresh perspective makes you more motivated to take action or change your relationship. The reversed Hanged Man love meaning may also serve as a cautionary tale against making pointless sacrifices for someone you love.

If you're single, the reversed Hanged Man love prediction may symbolize your habit of reiterating unsuccessful dating strategies without modifying them. After that, you might rush into bad relationships and refuse to accept the responsibility that comes with these decisions. 

Take your time, think about the reason this pattern keeps happening, and then make the internal choices required to alter it. The Hanged Man reversed could suggest that things aren't working out. But you both may be hanging on out of worry about being abandoned or being forced to begin again.

The Hanged Man Tarot Card For Career(Reversed)

The appearance of the reversed Hanged Man card implies that it's possible that your professional sacrifices weren't worthwhile. Things might not go as planned if you have recently changed your profession. Take some time off after retraining, or spend family time on work chores. 

The reversed Hanged Man card can occasionally stand in for a delay. You can feel helpless or stuck. After all, you put off deciding on something that will help you go forward. You were uncertain about your next move and chose to wait for the appropriate time instead.

The Hanged Man reversed card suggests that even though there might be issues at work. You are either not in charge or want to make things right. You can place responsibility on other people or feel powerless to change your circumstances. Take back the reins of your profession right away. Don't let your life pass you by, especially if it leads you incorrectly. Set objectives for yourself and work towards them.

The Hanged Man Meaning For Health(Reversed)

The Hanged Man meaning in reverse position, serves as a timely reminder to think differently about health problems. Keep in mind that issues in other aspects of your everyday life may be causing or aggravating your medical conditions. 

Supplementing your current medical treatment with holistic and alternative therapies may speed up your recovery. It helps you address any concerns that might worsen your medical problems. The reversed Hanged Man tarot meaning for health reveals that you could currently be dealing with a troublingly confusing scenario. The Hanged Man tarot card is reversed, which signifies that you might encounter limitations, hold-ups, or stuckness due to additional people or circumstances. 

The Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning For Finance(Reversed)

Your uncertainty and lack of clarity could keep you from moving forward if you've recently considered investing your money or making a large investment. The reversed Hanged Man meaning may also represent the fact that your purchases—which don't necessarily need to be made in conventional banks—aren't producing any profits. Maybe you took out a loan to support a relative's schooling, only to witness their failure. 

The reversed Hanged Man tarot card meaning concerning finance may reflect your crippling concern over money problems. If you have issues with your finances, you should get professional advice. This indicates that you might have given a friend and perhaps other close friends a loan of money. But they could not return it in a timely manner, increasing your cost of living. 

The Hanged Man Meaning For Spirituality(Reversed)

The reversed Hanged Man tarot card meaning concerning your spirituality in a reversed position, suggests you might have wandered off the spiritual path. As a result, you might opt for quick fixes rather than getting in touch with your higher self. The Hanged Man meaning in reverse position, is a greater sign that your old beliefs no longer serve you. You should consider taking on new spiritual endeavors right now. Choosing a new route could help you escape a spiritual rut and reestablish your relationship with your higher self.

The Hanged Man Tarot Card: Yes or No

When you require an immediate response to any circumstance, you should use the "One Card Pull" method. This pull is helpful when you're in a binding situation and need a quick Yes-or-No answer. All you need to do is shuffle the deck and pick one card to obtain a response to your question. It depends greatly on whether you receive an upright or reversed Hanged Man tarot card in your reading. One card pull reading of the Hanged Man tarot card results in the following outcomes:

Upright: If you have drawn the Hanged Man tarot card into an upright position, the answer is "Yes".

Reversed: If you have drawn the Hanged Man tarot card in reverse position, the answer is "No".

The Hanged Man As Feelings

The Hanged Man Tarot card suggests that your partner or prospective partner is unclear about their desires and feelings for you. They question whether being in the relationship is something they truly want to do. You can sense their fear. You want to know where you and your partner are. You have no idea what the future holds for your relationship and can not "read" your partner. Overall, The Hanged Man conveys the idea that you are at a turning point in your life and that moving on requires letting go of the past. You truly want to get there, but getting there will undoubtedly involve some sacrifice.

The Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning in Numerology

The Hanged Man denotes the number 12, which can be broken down into the number 3 (1+2) using numerology. Consequently, the number 3 determines the Hanged Man's numerology. The third position represents originality and self-expression. This might seem strange compared to cheerful and inspiring cards such as the 3 of Pentacles or the 3 of Cups.

The Hanged Man tarot card meaning is about sacrifice and giving up one thing to obtain another. The connection and significance become more obvious. Occasionally, you must destroy or give up some of what you already have to create something new. 

You have to get rid of the old in order to make room for the new. Death comes next. Major Arcana's The Hanged Man tarot card is the circle of life, which is perpetually renewed and promotes advancement, including death.

The Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning for Timing

The Hanged Man card encourages surrender to delusions of control. Acknowledge that your own actions have tricked and defeated you. End your struggle and relax. You'll finally be set free, a little smarter yet not horribly injured. 

With time, you'll understand how you contribute to the issue. Yet once you've hung up once more, the issues that were bothering you before have passed. You can now start new projects. Ultimately, you'll feel renewed and satisfied that you took a diversion.

The Hanged Man tarot meaning also signifies that it's crucial to be mindful that each individual understands the tarot differently. Which can result in differences in interpretation. Your choices may involve some inventiveness because Pisces and Neptune are both connected to the Hanged Man card. Since the Hanged Man tarot card is the 12th card, the time it takes for you to move on from this point in your path could range from twelve weeks to twelve months to twelve days.

That's all about the Hanged Man tarot card meaning! Did the meaning make sense for your current situation if you pulled the Hanged Man tarot card in your spread? We hope you find this Hanged Man tarot guide helpful. However, if you require more specialist advice for a particular circumstance, get in touch with our knowledgeable tarot experts.