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The Devil Tarot Card Meaning

The Devil Tarot card represents sadness or addiction in a generic sense. It might also indicate that you're feeling constrained or trapped. When the Devil card appears in your Tarot deck, you can feel as though you are being restrained by external forces or circumstances that are out of your control, rendering you helpless and a victim. The Devil Tarot meaning also represents materialism and may indicate that you have developed an unhealthy obsession with possessions, power, or status. So what else does the reading's interpretation of the Devil tarot card meaning suggest? Let's examine this card in more detail in this Devil Tarot Guide.

The Devil Key Facts

Here’s a quick overview of some key facts and important terms associated with the Devil tarot card.

Devil Card Upright Meaning: Dependency, obsession, adultery, mental sickness, secrecy, restriction.

Devil Card Reversed Meaning: Independence, detachment, revelation, quitting the habit, regaining control.

Yes or No No
Element Earth
Numerology 15
Planet Saturn
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
the devil tarot card

The Devil Tarot Card Description

The half-goat, half-man creature called Baphomet is illustrated on the Devil card, also known as the Mendes Horned Goat. Originally, Baphomet stood for the harmony of evil and good, female and male, and human and animal. But, in more recent times, this character has been associated with the occult and has come to stand in for all that is deemed to be "bad."

The vampire bat's wings are on the Devil, which represents what occurs when you surrender to your most primal impulses. This monster feeds on its prey's lifeblood. He attracts and entrances people with his captivating gaze, subduing them and putting them under his control. An inverted pentagram is seen above him, symbolizing the perverse side of magic and occultism. He extends his right arm in the Vulcan Salute, a Jewish benediction that the Star Trek television series subsequently popularized. He has a bright torch in his left hand.

A man and a lady are standing at the Devil's feet; they are both naked and bound to the platform where the Devil is seated. If you notice carefully, you are able to observe that even though they look as if they are being held captive against their will, the chains covering their necks are loose and can be removed easily. 

They have small horns on their skulls that imitate the Devil's, giving away the fact that the longer they spend time here, the closer they will resemble him. Both have tails, another representation of their animalistic inclinations and primal instincts, as well as the flames and grapes on each of their tails, stand for passion and pleasure, respectively.

The Devil Tarot Card Meaning (Upright)

The Devil card stands for your darker side, as well as the restrictions and factors that prevent you from becoming your best self. Negative behaviors, dependencies, relationships, cognitive patterns, and addictions can impact you. The temporary pleasure you experience and the suffering you endure in the long run have imprisoned you. The Devil card meaning talks of duality and choice, much like the Lovers card, but with the Devil tarot card, you pick the route of short-term gain, even if it means sacrificing your long-term well-being.

Consider the appearance of the Devil card in a Tarot reading as a chance to bring these destructive forces into your awareness so you may take steps to break free from their grip. The bad habits that have been impeding you for so long will eventually lose their hold on you if you shed light on them. You probably won't be free from your dependencies and addictions overnight, especially because the Devil is a Major Arcana card. That may be a reoccurring trend for you, and it's going to require considerable effort and strength to remove yourself from their control. But, according to the Devil card meaning, be aware that you have the authority to achieve this because it is indeed feasible.


On the brighter side, the Devil tarot meaning can also depict a strong bond between two individuals, such as that between a mother and her infant or a fresh relationship that is still in the "honeymoon phase." Nevertheless, with the Devil tarot card, be cautious since this good attachment could turn co-dependent and toxic if you lose touch with your inner self or fail to uphold your limits.

The Devil tarot card meaning may also represent your wild side and sensuality. You can investigate fetishes, bondage, and your darkest dreams. That can be an incredibly enlightening experience if you are able to accomplish it in a sacred, safe environment. Set clear limits, pick your partners carefully, and be prepared with your "safe word" because it has the possibility of transforming into something that could ultimately be unsafe or harmful to your well-being.

The Devil Meaning For Love and Relationship (Upright)

The Devil tarot card stands for temptation and lust in a love reading. When the Devil card appears, there might be an indulgent feeling and a purely self-interested quest for fulfillment. However, The Devil Tarot meaning encourages you to enjoy life's physical pleasures with less serious situations. Regarding love and relationships, the Devil tarot love interpretation can also denote addiction and codependency.

If you're in a healthy relationship, the Devil card meaning for love can represent a sense of entrapment on your behalf or your partner's. It could signify losing one's freedom as a result of becoming overly engrossed in a loving relationship. Take a few steps back and try to reignite some hobbies irrelevant to your love relationship. 

The Devil tarot love interpretation could also imply that you or your spouse have issues in your relationship because of mental health issues. If that's so, find a qualified therapist to assist you both during this tough situation. Ultimately, the Devil Tarot meaning for love can symbolize a range of unpleasant feelings, including dominance, abuse, betrayal, and envy.

The Devil Meaning For Career (Upright)

You may manage multiple duties at once if the devil card appears in a job tarot reading. It's probably more hectic than usual right now, and either something was tossed at you last minute that wasn't meant to be your responsibility, or you're taking it to elevate your standing. The Devil Tarot meaning reveals that you should watch out so that you don't take on more tasks than you're able to manage. Or that your supervisors and coworkers don't start giving you all the tasks that no one really wants to do.

If this persists, make sure you are compensated fairly. The Devil card meaning occasionally, advises balance between your professional and personal objectives. Risk is a component of everything valuable; you cannot escape it in life. Before deciding whether it is beneficial, all you have to do is minimize the risk by any means you can.

The Devil Meaning For Health (Upright)

The Devil tarot meaning advises balancing your desires for general well-being with your commitments to family, friends, and work. Also, remember to schedule time for healthy food and exercise. While starting a new, nutritious diet and fitness program, it is advisable not to overdo things too quickly. Instead, it is suggested that you begin these exercises gradually.

The Devil card meaning also advises people to remember that not everything is important enough to stress over. Make sure to play it safe and keep good track of your well-being if you want to make things right. Natives receiving Devil cards upright must be cautious when driving. You could experience difficulties and develop an accident-prone disposition. Moreover, being close to sharp objects can hurt you. Also, the card can point out some distractions if you're a fitness freak. Thus, try to keep everything under control.

The Devil Meaning For Finance (Upright)

The Devil card represents your painstaking efforts to make sure that every one of your debts is paid. You might require the assistance of a balancing act right now because things may seem somewhat tight. The Devil Tarot meaning may occasionally suggest that you must make important financial decisions. 

You're undoubtedly in a precarious situation because everything seems so erratic. You can hesitate to choose that course of action because everything appears to change abruptly. Yet if you maintain your flexibility, you'll be capable of handling this situation just fine.

When the Devil tarot card appears in your Tarot deck, you might be diverting funds to pay the bills, and you ought to typically keep an eye on what's coming into and going away from your account. The Devil card meaning can also indicate that you're worried or stressed out about making important financial decisions. Despite how daunting the situation may appear right now, you are smart, and if you continue to adapt to your environment, you will succeed. The Devil is a typically uplifting tarot card that indicates that any financial stress will pass quickly if you keep your cool and use common sense.

The Devil Meaning For Spirituality (Upright)

The meaning of the Devil tarot might represent your overindulgence in material things in a spiritual setting. Refocus on the non-materialistic pleasures of life, like sharing time with those who bring you joy or exploring your spiritual side. That might also be a sign that you resist the light since you don't have any hope. 

As opposites attract, The Devil Tarot meaning encourages you to always make an effort to spread love and light to the world. Because you will draw those things to yourself, even in your toughest times. Never let the darkness take over. If you've had overwhelming bouts of sadness or stress, encircle yourself with a caring and encouraging group of friends. Cut off ties with anyone who is excessively judgmental or negative toward you. Consider any form of energy healing to help you get rid of whatever bad vibes you have been hanging onto.

The Devil Tarot Card Meaning (Reversed)

The Devil Reversed card frequently appears just as you are about to make a breakthrough or level up. You must first give up any unhealthy connections or restrictive ideas that might prevent you from reaching your full potential. In order to fully embody this upgraded form of yourself when you are drawn to something "greater," you frequently need to deal with your shadows. It could be an obsession, unhealthy relationships, or a boring job.

The Reversed Devil tarot card meaning encourages you to face your inner anxieties and fears in order to break the bonds that tie you to your confining ideas and harmful attachments. Remove the things you are aware are bad for your inner self. It might involve eating healthier, watching less television, giving up smoking, devoting more time to those you love, or putting more effort into achieving your goals.

When you enter your darkest, most inward spaces, regardless of whether you are prepared, the Devil Tarot meaning when appearing in a reversal. When you choose this route knowingly, you do so with fortitude, self-assurance, and bravery. However, in order to either let go of them or more effectively incorporate them into your life, you want to comprehend your deepest darkness. 

devil reversed

It can be really upsetting if you're doing it unintentionally or against the opposition, because you could start to understand how drastically different you are from who you had previously believed yourself to be. The Reversed Devil tarot meaning You can go through a time of worry, sadness, or disturbing dark thoughts. If this resonates, please find a qualified therapist who can assist you in getting through this phase.

The Reversed Devil card meaning reveals that you are holding a secret or hiding your darkest, most insidious side from others. Since you feel humiliated or ashamed, you can have thoughts, addictions, fantasies, or behaviors you don't want people to know about. Yet, there are occasions when keeping secrets can lead to an increase in guilt. You could experience some comfort if you can open up to at least one reliable friend about your darker side. Also, you must accept and pardon yourself again for your feelings and emotions. Finally, if you think you might hurt yourself or someone else, please get help immediately.

The Devil Meaning For Love and Relationship (Reversed)

It can be hard to keep your balance when the Devil reversed card appears in a love tarot reading. The conflicts and expectations you have may cause your partner to feel neglected. Even if you aren't even aware of it. If you're single, the Devil Tarot meaning can suggest that you have to decide between two potential lovers or that you're now too stressed out and busy to prioritize romance in your life. Pause for a moment, and then return when you're ready to make room in your busy schedule for love.

The meaning of the Devil tarot card can indicate that you are attempting to manage too much stuff and aren't finding time for your relationship when the Devil card appears reversed in a love tarot reading. Due to issues with work, finances, family, etc., your attention may be taken away from your relationship. This tension may be threatening to bring down your relationship, leading to arguments and hostility. It could also imply having to pick between two love interests. Having an affair, in other terms.

The Devil Meaning For Career (Reversed)

In a Tarot career spread, the reversed Devil card meaning can indicate that you've taken on too much and overextended yourself. Failure is guaranteed when you attempt to deal with too many tasks at once, so establish priorities and, if you can, offload part of your workload. You simply have to look for opportunities to organize or lighten your workload. 

On the contrary hand, you might already notice the negative consequences of taking too much of something. The Devil Tarot meaning reveals that you accept that there is nothing you can do to change the past if that is the case; instead, use what you've learned to go forward.

The Devil Tarot card meaning can suggest you take a break, regroup, and then start over a little more methodically and sensibly. It can be under constant pressure with deadlines approaching. Because of your job, you might be under a lot of stress right now. 

Now is the time to stand up for yourself, ask for help, renegotiate deadlines, and organize your workload. Things could go between the gaps and cause various issues if you're not vigilant. It will be preferable for everyone if your boss or coworkers recognize your compassion as soon as possible.

The Devil Meaning For Health (Reversed)

In a health context, the reversed Devil tarot card meaning suggests that you might be forcing yourself too hard in other areas of your life, which might harm your health. For instance, having too much on your plate can result in physical illness or damage, as well as extreme stress and anxiety. If so, you'll need time to unwind and restart. But keep in mind that it's essential to pay attention to your health because if you run yourself into the ground, no one will benefit.

This could happen if your career receives too much attention if you accumulate wealth, or if you try to do it all. The Devil tarot meaning reveals that you might have stretched yourself too far. You must set aside time to achieve the balance between your heart, mind, and spirit. Moreover, watch out for things getting worse. Start exercising right away if you don't already. Don't react to situations too quickly. With the correct work and mindset, everything will be wonderful. Finally, don't be distracted by anything or everyone that crosses your path.

The Devil Meaning For Finance (Reversed)

Your financial resources can be constrained; regardless of what you do, it might seem like you can't figure out how to pay all of your bills. Rent, purchases, utilities—all of a sudden, poof, it appears that money is going out as quickly as it is coming in. Sadly, this circumstance is not unusual. To see where you can cut costs, carefully review your budget or create one if you do not really currently have one. 

The reversed Devil tarot card meaning suggests that you find a side business to work on or request a raise to earn more money. The Devil card meaning cautions you to be aware of your earnings and outgoing expenditures since overspending could become a significant issue, especially if you feel you're being pulled in many different directions. 

Since it predicts financial losses and irresponsible decisions, the Devil reversed card is not a great sign in a financial Tarot reading. All you need to do is start making better decisions by learning from your mistakes. If you have financial debt, create a plan to get out of it and seek advice from an expert.

The Devil Meaning For Spirituality (Reversed)

The Devil reversed Tarot card meaning might represent that you could avoid an unpleasant or dangerous circumstance. In a Tarot spiritual spread, the Devil tarot meaning indicates that the universe has so far been gracious enough to let you take note of what happened without experiencing any serious consequences. This lesson must be internalized immediately, or it will eventually catch up with you.

Reversing the Devil card can also mean you are going away from the dark and towards the light. This can indicate that you are moving away from a time when you were depressed, sorrowful, or felt spiritually lost in order to progress towards light and love and re-establish contact with your higher awareness. It might also mean that you're gaining the ability to deflect the negative energy of those around you, making it less likely to have an impact on you.

The Devil Tarot Card: Yes or No

You only draw one card when you want concise, direct answers. When you require clear, Yes-or-No answers, this method is used. Consequently, getting a one-card pull is typically advantageous if you are in a difficult situation or a jam. You can choose one from the deck of cards once it has been shuffled. Then, based on your inquiry, you will receive a response. One pull of the Devil tarot card results in the following outcomes:

Upright: It is suggested that you interpret the Devil card as a "maybe" instead of a definitive "yes" or "no" when it answers your question. The Devil card perfectly represents the need for moderation and careful assessment of all viable options. You will finally witness a conclusive response.

Reversed: The Devil card is most successfully interpreted as a categorical "no" to your question when it is in the reversed position. There is currently a sense of overload due to the excessive amount of activity. The easiest way to change your perspective to one that is more hopeful is to get rid of things that no longer benefit you.

Temperance Tarot Card Meaning in Numerology

The number 15 on the Devil card represents 1 + 5, or 6. The Tarot card "The Lovers" also features the number 6, associated with balance and harmony. As a result, there is a striking resemblance between the Devil and the Lovers Tarot cards in appearance. Also, placing the man and woman in the same position on both cards was deliberate. The Devil Tarot card doesn't feature any form of an angel. Instead, there is a hideous devil in the form of Baphomet, a symbol of many esoteric and mystical traditions.

The zodiac sign of Capricorn is associated with the Devil. As a result, it has another intriguing connection to the Gemini-related Lovers Tarot card, referred to as "Lovers." Gemini has a day that is the same duration as Capricorn's night in the Northern Hemisphere. One may therefore claim that Capricorn is the dark reflection of Gemini, just as the Devil is the dark mirror of the Lovers.

The Devil Card Meaning for Timing

The Devil Tarot meaning portends implementing an important concept of determination to succeed. This incident might occur in the next few days or years. When the Devil card is drawn in response to an inquiry concerning an event's timing, it means that your wants or inquiries will be granted even though it will take some time because the Earth element is associated with growth—albeit gradual and steady growth.

It would be challenging to predict when it is because it can be fall or a season for Virgo, Taurus, or Capricorn zodiac signs. It can also be measured in months or on the month's second, twentieth, or ninth day. The Devil tarot card meaning suggests that you understand that what you are asking about is moving slowly, but you should interpret this to establish the time. When employing the Pentacles Suit, it is best to always make an assumption about two to three months in the future.

That's all for the Devil tarot card meaning! If you have pulled the upright or reversed Devil card in your spread, did the meaning make sense to your situation in life? We hope you find this Devil tarot guide helpful. However, contact our knowledgeable tarot experts if you require more specialist advice and support for a particular circumstance or concern.