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Temperance Tarot Card Meaning

The Temperance Tarot card represents serenity, harmony, patience, and self-control. The Temperance tarot meaning says that you have found internal serenity and have a clear knowledge of the circumstances. Temperance also demonstrates that you're in tune with your true self, moral conscience, and values. It makes it easier to focus on your goals and set objectives for yourself. So what else does the reading's interpretation of the Temperance tarot card meaning suggest? Let's examine this card in more detail in this Temperance Tarot Guide.

The Temperance Key Facts

Here’s a quick overview of some key facts and important terms associated with the Temperance tarot card.

Temperance Card Upright Meaning: Serenity, Balance, moderation, calm, peace, harmony, patience, tranquillity.

Temperance Card Reversed Meaning: Discord, Imbalance, excess, extremes, recklessness, hastiness.

Yes or No Yes
Element Fire
Numerology 14
Planet Jupiter
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
temperance tarot card

Temperance Tarot Card Description

A huge, winged angel with both male and female characteristics is depicted on Temperance card. She puts on a sky-blue cloak that features a triangle enclosed in a square on its front to represent how Earth's laws connect people (square). In addition, the angel builds up a sense of balance by resting one of his feet on the stream to symbolize flow and another foot on rocks to symbolize stability. She then divides the water between the two cups in a gesture that symbolizes life's flow.

A twisting road leading to a range of mountains behind it represents life's journey. However, in order to take the greater path and stay true to one's life's meaning and purpose, there is a golden crown hovering above the mountains, covered in brilliant light.

Temperance Tarot Card Meaning (Upright)

The Temperance card can help you find harmony, patience, and balance in your life. The Temperance tarot meaning encourages you to maintain vitality and let life move through you, deprived of resistance or force. It is the right time to recuperate your rhythm and put peace and balance back into your life.

The Temperance Tarot meaning inspires you to keep calm in the face of difficulty or stress. Keep your feelings in check and keep a level head. You've perfected the art of remaining composed under stress. You have a seemingly unlimited amount of tolerance, so little things don't bother you. You will succeed in life and find fulfillment due to your regard for harmony and peace.

You're asked to take everyone's perspectives into account when practicing Temperance. It’s not acceptable at this time to be overly honest or confrontational. Instead, take on the position of goodwill ambassador by using a moderate, well-balanced approach that avoids intemperance. To promote peace and cooperation, including with others, and bring together various individuals. Working together may maximize our optimal set of skills, talents, and abilities.


The Temperance tarot card contains elements of alchemy. This Tarot card's topic is the idea of fusing, blending, and merging different components to build something entirely new and significantly more precious than the number of its elements. The word "blending" can be used to describe a wide array of things, such as a family that blends, an artist who employs a variety of techniques or mediums, a mixologist who crafts unusual and exciting drinks, or a chef who integrates different culinary traditions.

According to the Temperance card meaning, you've got a clear, long-term goal in sight. Therefore, you spend your opportunity making sure that you do the assignment to the highest possible standard rather than going rapidly. You understand that in order to accomplish your goals, a well-thought-out strategy is obligatory.

Moreover, the Temperance card stands for advanced study. Right now, you are learning a lot and enjoying what you're doing because everything is coming together well. So you patiently listen to and follow your inner voice as it leads you in the proper direction.

Temperance Meaning For Love and Relationship (Upright)

If you're in a relationship, the Temperance tarot card is among the best you may get in a Tarot love reading. Your relationship is blissful if you and your companion reach the optimum level of affection, trust, and respect. Moreover, it stands for soul partners. 

If you've been having relationship problems, the Temperance tarot love prediction indicates that you'll have the ability to resolve the issues that keep you two from progressing. If you're single, the Temperance tarot meaning advises that you'll figure out how to manage your other obligations so that you can make room in your life for a loving spouse. The right people will attract you if you do something like this.

The upright Temperance card, in the love and relationship context, represents tolerance, compassion, equilibrium, and choosing the middle ground. The Temperance tarot love meaning counsels us to make decisions cautiously, give them careful thought, and avoid acting recklessly. 

Spend some time considering your actions and any instances where your emotions, opinions, or principles may be out of proportion with regard to love. A little patience may also be required in your current and future relationships as you search for synchronization and mutual ground.

Temperance Meaning For Career (Upright)

The Temperance Tarot meaning suggests you should stay focused on your job immediately because you've got the fortitude and perseverance necessary to succeed. The Temperance card will emphasize your effort and endurance when it stands upright in Tarot reading. 

The Temperance card meaning also cautions you not to jump at the initial opportunity when there's a possibility for somewhat superior down the line. Especially if you anticipate a promotion or advancement at work. To aid you in accomplishing your career goals, you can use strategies like moderation and patience. 

According to the Temperance tarot meaning, you'll probably find what you're seeking when it comes to your profession. Yet as you make the daily effort, it can come about silently and gradually. Your commitment and capability to keep your composure under work-related stress may allow you to be prominent to both friends and coworkers. 

When changing your career route, the Temperance card meaning may remind you to stay patient, stable, and committed. After all, patience is necessary for good things. The Temperance tarot card can also suggest that your career isn't your main goal or your only financial source, but that you are able to balance it with other areas of your life successfully.

Temperance Meaning For Health (Upright)

The Temperance Tarot meaning emphasizes that maintaining balance is essential for good health. When you experience health issues, consider the areas of your life or fitness where you've been acting excessively or insufficiently. If you bring balance to these areas, you might receive the therapeutic boost you require. 

Temperance Meaning For Finance (Upright)

Instead of taking financial risks or making risky investments, the time is now to protect the balance and steadily increase your savings. Be careful to practice restraint in your monetary transactions. The Temperance tarot meaning can remind you to manage your finances rationally and reasonably. This can be a sign that you've been diligent about saving and that you occasionally treat yourself to what's within your limits. Your resources may increase over time if you consistently and carefully save.

The Temperance tarot card meaning may also indicate the outlook for forming a romantic relationship with a colleague in a tarot reading. Whenever you combine work and pleasure, be sure you are aware of the risks and equipped to manage them. You must decide on the ethical significance of your activities because long-term decisions will yield better results. 

You have to make the appropriate choices to keep up your working relationships with your coworkers and business partners. Likewise, maintain inner tranquility. The Temperance tarot meaning also portends a short period of hardship for you if you don't do the same.

Temperance Meaning For Spirituality (Upright)

The Temperance card meaning advises you to follow your inner counsel and suggests that your divine mentors are all close to you in a spiritual context. Temperance can also mean that your mind, heart, and soul are in balance with one another. Finally, keep in mind to be patient as you travel on your spiritual journey and trust that everything unfolds just the way it ought to. 

Temperance Tarot Card Meaning (Reversed)

Temperance Reversed tarot card is an invitation (or your cautionary signal) to quickly regenerate stability and moderation if you've lately experienced a period of excess. For instance, you might have been overeating, drinking frequently, purchasing items you can't afford, quarreling with your family, or harboring negative thoughts. These acts are causing you to drift away from your true identity and what you've come to do. It is, therefore, time to stop. 

As they say, everything is in moderation. You could realize that complete abstinence is necessary to break this negative cycle and bring balance back into your life. Temperance Reversed card might also indicate that something in your life is "off," which can lead to tension and stress. "Hold on a minute!" should be your first response if life isn't going as well as you were hoping it would or if you are concerned by an inner voice. 

After that, you can ignore it and carry on with your regular activities. Yet the Temperance tarot card warned that if you remained this way for a very long time, this voice would get louder until you actually listened. Alternatively, you may hear it straightaway and modify it to get back in the flow. By maintaining your focus on them, try to connect your daily acts to your enduring objective and higher purpose.

temperance reversed

Temperance Reversed tarot card may signify a time of self-examination through which you're able to review your life's priorities. Your regular activities might not coincide with the current situation, even though you may feel internally driven in a particular way. See this as a chance to bring your internal and external vibrations into line. 

You might need to adjust your life circumstances, personal relationships, job, and everyday routine to accomplish more stability and significance in line with your new priorities. It's common to feel tension or difficulty as you integrate your internal and external worlds in order to level yourself up and bring about a positive adjustment.

The Temperance Reversed card can also signal the need for profound self-healing. Such healing can occur by introducing more equilibrium and moderation into your life. The Temperance tarot card meaning in a reversed position, reveals that you are acting independently of others and in your best interests. You are aware that you have everything you need to cure yourself and improve the "flow" of your life.

Temperance Meaning For Love and Relationship (Reversed)

In a love reading, the reversed Temperance tarot card meaning may indicate conflict and disagreement brought about by insecurity in the love relationship. For example, your perception that you are more concerned about others or that your spouse doesn't reciprocate your affection and admiration may be the cause. 

Because of this, there is conflict in the love relationship. You can discover that you're arguing while failing to pay attention to each other. In addition, you may observe that you’re actively hostile to each other rather than collaborating to discover solutions to your problems.

The Temperance Tarot meaning in a love context, encourages you to let yourself be more open to finding solutions, try settling the circumstances, and maintain your inner balance to cope with situations better. Being single, for instance, can indicate that you're giving potential partners too much of yourself too quickly. This could be a symptom of promiscuity or coming across as utterly desperate, or it could just be that you're trying hard or look too excited! 

If love is what you're after, try to maintain your composure. The Temperance card meaning for love encourages you to patiently wait and refrain from forming bonds before getting to know someone well. Simply relax, strive for inner tranquility, and allow any potential new romantic interest to develop spontaneously.

Temperance Meaning For Career (Reversed)

Once you get the Temperance Reversed tarot card in a professional or career context, it could specify a difficulty or imbalance within the workplace. You might be working too much, too little, battling with coworkers, or some combination of these. The Temperance tarot meaning could also imply that you're ignoring or dismissing constructive criticism. 

Whatever the problem, you need to look deep within and reset your strength to get this situation under control. Anything that disturbs your work-life equilibrium at the moment is possible. While the past may have helped your achievements, it can eventually work against you. If this defines you, try to come to an agreement. 

Avoid rushing through tasks or making snap decisions when finishing them because doing so could decrease the effectiveness of your work. Not doing their fair share of the task could harm both of their coworkers. The Temperance Tarot meaning sometimes signifies a love affair that started while working, but if it's reversed, it could be problematic for you. You'll probably see unexpected results if you carry on in this way.

Temperance Meaning For Health (Reversed)

When Temperance card is reversed in a context related to health, it's pretty obvious that other parts of what you do aren't in balance and may adversely affect your health. In a Tarot deck, the reversed Temperance Tarot meaning can also signify foolish or risky extremes, so be careful what you put into your body. 

In order to reestablish your stability, you must engage in how you're feeling, recognize any problems that might be causing you to use unhealthy coping techniques, and resolve those problems. Although your mind is equipped with unbelievable feats, there are moments when it also needs downtime to rest and heal.

Temperance Meaning For Finance (Reversed)

With the Temperance reversed card, consider your financial goals and keep your well-being in mind. There needs to be a perfect balance between your present and future well-being. If you are having financial difficulties, you must act right now. A word of caution: Avoid reckless spending when looking for immediate satisfaction to distract you from the uncertainty. You should take some alone time and reconnect with your true self if you want to find peace.

Spending excessively will only result in debt rather than inner peace. Your financial struggles may make you feel somewhat more vulnerable in your personal life. Avoid individuals who ask about your wealth because they could negatively impact some of your opinions and judgments. To protect your failing financial situation at this point, you can make unwise financial decisions.

Temperance Meaning For Spirituality (Reversed)

Temperance reversed card indicates that you're spiritually out of harmony. You can feel as though you are no longer in touch with your spiritual healers or inner counselors. It is a sign of mental, physical, and spiritual inequity. You can think about doing energy work and meditation to rebalance yourself. In addition, if you feel that self-assessment is not successful for you. Consider getting professional assistance if you can.

​Temperance Tarot Card: Yes or No

When you require an immediate response to any circumstance, you should use the "One Card Pull" method. This pull is helpful when you're in a binding situation and need a quick Yes-or-No answer. All you need to do is shuffle the deck and pick one card to obtain a response to your question. Then, based on your query, you'll get an answer. One pull of the Temperance tarot card results in the following outcomes:

Upright: If you have drawn the Temperance tarot card into an upright position, the answer is "No".

Reversed: If you have drawn the Temperance tarot card in the reversed position, the answer is "Yes".

Temperance Tarot Card Meaning in Numerology

Due to their numerical composition, tarot cards are related to numerology. The Temperance Card, for instance, has the number 14, which is 1+4 or 5. In the physical world, 5 represents happiness and creativity, which we saw in the Hierophant Tarot Card.

Among the three cardinal qualities depicted in the Tarot deck is Temperance. Strength and Justice are the other two. Prudence, the 4th cardinal virtue, was previously included in earlier decks. However, it is now known as The Hanged Man. 

Temperance Card Meaning for Timing

When does the resolution of your problem take place? When asked about the time of an occurrence, the Temperance card will envisage that it'll take place during the month of Aries. Furthermore, during the season of Aries, the chances of the exact identical event occurring are doubled. But a question is never asked consistently. So just remember that your event will take place very soon. Reading this first thing out of bed can help you better comprehend whatever you have in store for the day.

The Temperance Tarot card meaning states that a fortunate event will leave you feeling appreciated, cherished, welcomed, and at your peak. In addition, as this card signifies love, whatever you are doing regarding love relationships will be finished soon. The Temperance Tarot meaning also indicates potential connections. Therefore, the time it takes for both incidents to happen will appear to be a defect. Thus, think of it as a decent card if you're inquiring about time.

That's all for the Temperance tarot card meaning! If you have pulled the Temperance card in your spread, did the meaning make sense to your situation in life? We hope you find this Temperance tarot guide helpful. However, if you require more specialist advice for a particular circumstance, get in touch with our knowledgeable tarot experts.