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How To Read A Star Spread?


The ancient art of tarot card reading helps to dive into the future insights of one’s life, also revealing their present state of mind. The Tarot Cards laid in front of you reflect your energy and help to unlock the mysteries of human experience. In this comprehensive guide, let’s proceed onto the journey to reveal the untold stories of one’s life with intuition, and grace, through the star spread tarot card reading.

star spread

The Star Spread

As the name suggests, the Tarot cards are arranged in a star shape using seven cards. The star spread card reading is specifically used when an individual has a particular question on their mind. In the star tarot spread reading, each position of the card depicts different aspects regarding the individual’s query and guides you to gain insights about the particular question. Of the seven cards, the central card is the heart of the spread, while the surrounding cards help you see the other factors affecting the situation.

Before reading the Tarot spread, one should cultivate sacred space and energy. The Tarot reader can create a holy space around you by burning incense sticks and sage leaves. To concentrate on your energy, clear out the distractions by meditating and focusing on the particular question you need to find answers to and the guidance of your intuition.

Decoding The Cards' Positions And The Messages Behind Them

Each card positioned in a star shape has a unique meaning behind it. Let’s explore the purpose of each card in the context of their position in the Star Tarot Card Spread:

Card 1- The Root Of The Situation

This card describes the problem one is facing in their current situation relating to the respective question. The energy from the card reflects the energy of the individual’s soul and gives insight into their thoughts and most profound concerns. The individual must be aware of their intuition and perceive the message received from the core card to reach the root of the situation.

Card 2- The Emotional Factors

This card depicts the feelings, emotional aspects, and desires related to the problem of an individual’s life. This position of the card shows the emotional picture. Understanding these emotions is an essential part of a Tarot reader for divine insight, offering a deep understanding of the individual's soul.

Card 3- Perspective And Mental States

This card indicates the mental state of the individual related to the situation by helping the Tarot reader and the individual gain clarity regarding their mindset and views. Understanding the mental state can help the Tarot reader to provide the solution with better clarity.

Card 4- External Elements

This position of the card focuses on the external factors affecting the situation. The external factors incorporate people and situational circumstances that impact the individual’s life. This card also helps you to see the real challenges and the potential supporters. So, dive deeper into the card’s symbolism and understand the external energies.

Card 5- Hindrance Faced

This card can help the Tarot reader to see the obstacles and the challenges faced by the individual connected to their particular question and assist them in addressing the hurdles. The Tarot reader must guide the individual with valuable solutions to overcome the challenges with determination.

Card 6- Unrecognized Energies

This card helps you to see the hidden or unnoticed powers that might be affecting the circumstances. By analyzing the card, one can depict subconscious thoughts, hidden motivations, or underlying issues that are missed from one’s sight. By gaining an understanding of the issues, the Tarot reader can offer deep insights to overcome the challenges in the individual’s life.

Card 7- The Ultimate Outcome

This last card shows the possible outcome of the problem. This card can guide the individual to the road based on their current energies, decisions, and intuition. Nurture them to embrace the guidance offered which can empower them to lead their life toward a positive and fulfilling result.

However, the arrangement of each card in the tarot Star Spread is deeply connected with the individual's question and the other cards in the spread. The coaction between these cards creates a divine narrative, showing you the path of clarity, and knowledge, and assisting in decision-making. Let the energy flow and provide you with powerful insights about the situation.

Believing in your intuition

While understanding the message from the ancient art is essential, the most powerful tool in any Tarot reading is your intuition. An intuition builds a bridge between an individual and the Tarot cards helping you to understand the wisdom that is carried by Tarot. Believe in your intuitions, and get the insight messages that reach you while Tarot reading.

Empowering The Individual

A Star Spread Tarot reading is not just about revealing insights; it's about empowering the person. As a Tarot reader, one must understand the state of mind and the problem faced by the individual, convey the message to the individual without judging them, and with kindness. The individual must believe in their intuition and the Tarot reader can help them to navigate through the situation.

Conclude The Reading

As the reading comes to an end, express gratefulness for the sacred guidance and wisdom that has flowed through you. Offer gratitude to the universe, the Tarot cards, and your intuition for the wisdom provided. The Tarot reader must encourage the individual to blend in their thoughts, the energy reflected by the cards, and their intuition to understand the message from the universe. The real power that can shape their future is within the person, Tarot helps as a trusted companion.


Star spread reading helps to gain the solution for the problem faced by an individual. However, in the realm of Tarot, cards reflect the individual’s energy like a mirror. This holistic method of Tarot reading by the Star Card Spread, offers deep wisdom into the individual’s query, exploring the depths of emotions, thoughts, challenges, and potential outcomes.

Consult An Expert Tarot Card Readers and let the Star guide you to reveal the mysteries of the universe affecting your situation. Although tarot reading is a medium to show you the right path as the real potential to conquer the situation lies within you. Just trust your intuition.