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Six of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The Six of Swords tarot card appears in your reading when you have overcome challenges and are all set to move forward in your life. It indicates that you have won your battles, and now you should relax and recharge for upcoming events. Moreover, the 6 of Swords’ meaning is healing that comes after sailing through rough waters. Furthermore, it shows that soon your hard work of making peace between you and your loved one is going to pay off, and your problems are ending. 

Through the 6 of Swords tarot card, the universe urges you to trust yourself, start moving forward, or continue the momentum. Additionally, the card has several other messages for you, depending on your specific situation. You can go through this detailed guide to get to know them. 

The Six of Swords Key Facts

Below are some important facts and information about the 6 of Swords tarot card. 

Six of Swords Upright Meaning: Progress, healing, calmer waters, moving forward, moving on, overcoming adversity, escape, relief, calmness after a storm, stability, running away, escaping, traveling, journey, overseas travel, deflated feeling, going on holiday, spirit guides, carrying negativity, lethargy, support, and guidance

Six of Swords Reversed Meaning: Upcoming trouble, no progress, abandoning or modifying plans, slow healing, stuck, trapped, delay, rocking the boat, overwhelmed, nowhere to run, standing your ground, instability, stormy relationships, canceled/disrupted travel, returning from travel, floods, eloping, and water accidents 

Yes or No Yes
Element Air
Numerology 6
Planet Pluto
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
six of swords tarot card

Six of Swords Description 

The 6 of Swords tarot card shows a woman and a kid being taken to the other side of the river in a boat by a man. A hood covers the hunched-down woman’s head. It indicates that she is moving forward from a troubled situation. 

The hood covering the woman signifies her need to hide to stay safe or conceal her identity from the world. Since all the people in the picture are facing away from us, we can feel their determination to reach their destination. 

Looking to the right of the boat, we see choppy water, signifying a tough situation. Whereas, the water in front of the three people in the boat is calm, denoting fresh beginnings and a bright future. 

All in all, the picture has many symbolic meanings. For example, the child clinging to the woman represents the need for warmth and protection, and the swords on the boat symbolize past baggage and memories. 

Six of Swords Meaning (Upright)

The Six of Swords tarot card meaning in the upright position is transition. It represents leaving behind familiar waters and going toward greener pastures. When this card appears in your reading, you may be changing jobs, shifting homes, breaking up from a relationship, or going through a mental transition. 

You may make these changes on your own, or someone may impose them on you. Moreover, you may feel sad to leave all that was so familiar to you. However, you are wise enough to understand that these transitions are for your own good, as they contribute to your growth and development. 

The 6 of Swords tarot spread indicates that soon bright mental clarity and acceptance of the change will replace the dark sadness of losing or releasing your past. Moreover, through this card, the divine is suggesting you leave whatever holds you back, no matter whether it is from your past or present. 

You should focus on the future instead of letting the past block your greatest good and long-term potential. The compromises and tough decisions you need to make along the way will lead you to a better position in your life. 

The only thing the 6 of Swords tarot card wants you to do is shed all that stops you from growing. Dwelling on what you have left behind does no good. Instead, you should focus on changing your thoughts about yourself, moving from who you were to who you wish to be. 

six of swords tarot card upright

Moreover, the 6 of Swords meaning in an upright state, contemplating the mental or emotional baggage you carry to the next phase. The past baggage may be weighing heavy on you, slowing down your personal growth. 

This heavy baggage can be that of past relationships, behaviors, habits, memories, thought patterns, or beliefs that no longer serve you. The universe wants you to decide what you wish to take into the future and what you can leave in the past. 

Six of Swords Meaning for Love and Relationships (Upright)

The upright 6 of Swords love tarot card spread indicates calmness. Moreover, it shows that online communication can play a key role in your relationship, particularly in a long-distance partnership. However, whether it is a problem or a solution to an existing problem depends on your specific situation. In a few cases, it could mean that you and your partner met online. Additionally, the card also depicts travel for some couples. 

Recovering and smooth sailing in a relationship is yet another Six of Swords tarot card meaning for those in a connection. Having an astrological association with the cerebral energies of Aquarius and Mercury, this card suggests following a rational approach to fixing issues in your relationship. Both you and your partner like to stay away from drama and actions such as screaming at one another when angry. It is better to solve problems calmly. 

Also known as the “keeping your head above water” card, the 6 of Swords tarot card shows that you are moving on from the relationship’s struggles. Moreover, even though your relationship is not progressing as fast as you may want, you are aware that it is heading somewhere. 

The Six of Swords’ meaning is a fresh beginning after surviving a tough time for those in a new relationship. You are at peace when it comes to emotions. Moreover, since the card has some practical aspects (such as traveling through water, short-distance trips, and relocation), you can expect a lot of physical movement. The relationship may be a long-distance relationship, or it can become one in the future. 

A change of location is indicated for those who are separated from their partner. You and your partner are seriously thinking about relocating to stay close to one another. Moreover, the 6 of Swords tarot has mixed energies regarding reconciliation with an ex-partner. Your ex-partner can reconcile with you if they feel hopeful about the relationship. Otherwise, they will move on. 

Six of Swords Meaning for Career (Upright)

The Six of Swords tarot card is a positive sign regarding your career. It denotes that you are leaving behind a difficult work phase. You may feel relaxed and calm as you move into a new work phase. Moreover, you may find that your projects are making significant progress. You have better control over your life, can achieve your goals, and effectively complete all your tasks. Furthermore, you may have even changed your job for the better. 

Additionally, the 6 of Swords meaning for career is traveling or relocating abroad. Moreover, you may postpone a tough phase of your professional life. As you begin to feel more comfortable with your work, a sense of calmness will come over you. 

Six of Swords Meaning for Health (Upright)

Healthwise, the Six of Swords tarot card meaning here is taking control of your health. You will be able to overcome health issues, fight any symptoms you may be experiencing, and get relief. The card suggests you keep your spirits high even if you are not inspired immediately. 

The divine wants you to make an effort to reduce your stress levels and relax. Generally a positive omen, this card denotes the management and reduction of symptoms of an acute illness. 

Moreover, the 6 of Swords tarot card denotes that even though you have apparently been through exhausting experiences, you may continue to feel fatigued or lethargic. However, the situation will improve. Hence, you should remain positive. 

Six of Swords Meaning for Finance (Upright)

Financially, the Six of Swords tarot card indicates escaping from financial difficulties and leaving behind the past. It also denotes that your financial situation will improve, reducing your pressure. Moreover, past events remind you to keep tabs on your bank accounts as you become financially stable. 

However, you cannot always escape from money issues. Hence, through the 6 of Swords tarot card, the divine wants you to face your financial troubles. Moreover, the card shows that your financial situation will significantly improve if things are going well. 

However, you should avoid overconfidence and wasting your hard-earned money. Additionally, you should check the supporting documents to understand whether the financial turbulence was in your past or lies in the future. 

Six of Swords Meaning for Spirituality (Upright)

Spiritually, the Six of Swords tarot in its upright position shows that the spirit guides are guiding you to achieve the desired wisdom. The universe guides you to pay heed to your intuition, dreams, and visions, as they are conveying an important message from the divine. 

Six of Swords Meaning (Reversed)

A reversed 6 of Swords tarot card indicates a spiritual or personal transition so that you can leave a past belief, relationship, or behavior pattern that does not serve you anymore. It represents an extremely private and personal journey you are working on in isolation. You have finally recognized what you must let go of in order to adopt a new thinking pattern and implement it successfully in your life. 

Occasionally, the reversed Six of Swords tarot card also denotes that you need to change something in your personal or professional life. However, you are hesitant to do so. You hope for the issue to resolve on its own, and there will be no need to battle with this difficult situation. Moreover, you keep fooling yourself into thinking that you can deal with everything. 

However, deep down in your heart, you know it is better to move on. Through the 6 of Swords tarot card in its reversed state, the universe urges you not to fear moving out of your comfort zone to grow as a person. You should understand that the discomfort of moving out of your comfort zone is an indication that you are growing. 

Sometimes, the reversed Six of Swords meaning is resistance to change. You may be opposing transition or change merely because you think you were not a part of the change-making process and the decision has been imposed upon you. In this case, you should focus on the advantages of the change instead of finding faults with it. 

six of swords tarot card reversed

For those finding it too difficult to move on, the reversed 6 of Swords' meaning is unlearned lessons, unfinished business, and unresolved conflicts," which you should solve before moving forward. 

Six of Swords Meaning for Love and Relationships (Reversed)

The 6 of Swords tarot card in its reversed position indicates a struggle to move on from a rough phase in a relationship. We sense emotional stagnancy in this card. There is no healthy processing of thoughts and feelings. Moreover, since the card has an astrological association with cerebral Aquarius and Mercury, you or your partner could be indulging in overthinking. 

Hence, the card suggests you should not create unnecessary complications by overthinking and bringing more emotional spontaneity. You should not shy away from showing warmth or expressing your feelings. 

Moreover, communication problems are yet another Six of Swords tarot card meaning. Being astrologically associated with the planet Mercury in the zodiac Aquarius, this card denotes online communication. Communicating online may be creating problems in your relationship. 

For those in a new relationship, healing is the key 6 of Swords love meaning. Something should be healed before you can even begin the relationship. Moreover, it shows that something is stopping you from getting healed. 

Alternatively, the card could also mean that you or your partner are rushing into this connection even before the healing process is complete. Moreover, one of you may think the relationship is just a rebound. The universe wants you to communicate with your partner openly, respectfully, and calmly about all these concerns before the situation gets worse. 

Stagnancy is on the cards for those thinking about a potential relationship. Your relationship may not be going anywhere. The reversed 6 of Swords tarot card shows that you might be wondering about the fate of this relationship and whether or not it will reach the next level. You or your partner may not be ready for the next level of commitment for some reason. 

When talking about those in separation from their partner, the reversed Six of Swords indicates struggle. There may be disagreements about travel and relocation if you are separated by distance. Confusing energy is visible for those wanting to reconcile with their ex-partner. They may have moved on, but they likely want to reconcile too. However, they are unsure about how to make the reconciliation happen. 

Six of Swords Meaning for Career (Reversed)

Professionally, a reversed 6 of Swords tarot card signifies unrest at the workplace. You may be the target of someone’s attempts to cause deliberate damage at work, or you might be stuck in a position you dislike. Moreover, your projects can be delayed, plans can be altered/scrapped, and tasks could take more than expected time to accomplish. 

Furthermore, the reversed Six of Swords tarot card shows postponed or canceled business travel. Additionally, you may not be able to escape your work problems despite your best efforts to do so. 

Another reversed 6 of Swords meaning in a career reading includes negative mental health due to arguments, conflicts, and stress at the workplace. Moreover, even if you wish to leave, the unavailability of a better position is keeping you stuck in your current job. 

Furthermore, this card indicates that sometimes you may be the one stirring up an argument. Hence, the universe suggests you should not bring up the same issues again and again while feeling resentment towards the other person despite their determination to continue. 

Additionally, the 6 of Swords tarot in a reversed position guides you to evaluate your attitude and defensiveness to check if they are increasing your stress levels. 

Six of Swords Meaning for Health (Reversed)

Healthwise, the reversed 6 of Swords tarot card means recovery from an accident or ongoing illness will take longer than you may expect. There may be delays or setbacks in the healing process. In such a situation, you should find the required balance and let the healing occur as it should. Also, the divine wants you to trust that this phase will pass and not let instability overpower you. 

It is normal to feel exhausted after fighting for too long. However, your strength will soon recover because your situation is surely improving. 

Six of Swords Meaning for Finance (Reversed)

Financially, the reversed Six of Swords tarot card shows that you may try to escape from your financial situation. However, now is not the time to do so. Though it appears that there is no way to solve the problem, a little effort and professional assistance can help you control your finances. 

Moreover, the 6 of Swords tarot card in its reversed state encourages you to seek professional advice to manage your finances. Furthermore, you should understand that accepting your situation honestly helps you overcome the obstacles effectively. 

Six of Swords Meaning for Spirituality (Reversed)

Spiritually, the reversed Six of Swords tarot card denotes problems with discerning your spirit guide and delays in your spiritual growth, making you feel frustrated or stuck. You should keep calm and understand that your spiritual abilities will grow at the speed they are meant to. Sometimes you will progress more, and other times the growth may not be according to your expectations. However, you should believe in the universe’s plans for you. 

Six of Swords Tarot Card: Yes or No?

A yes or no reading or one-card pull is a way to get a straightforward answer to a specific question. It answers your question with a clear yes or no to solve your dilemma. In this method of tarot card reading, the expert shuffles the deck of cards and pulls a single card from it. You get an appropriate answer depending on your energy at the moment of reading and the card’s position. The following is a yes or no answer for an upright and reversed 6 of Swords tarot card. 

Upright: An upright Six of Swords tarot card denotes being stuck and not progressing effectively. It indicates that you are unable to escape your problems and need help to overcome them. Hence, it answers your question with a No. 

Reversed: A reversed Six of Swords tarot card shows that you are in control of your situation and can hope for better results. It encourages you to start finding ways to solve your problems. Hence, it answers your question with a Yes. 

Six of Swords Meaning in Numerology 

The numerological value of the Six of Swords tarot card is 6. It is a number representing the Sun’s assurance of a spiritually fulfilled life. Traditionally, this number denotes the emotional currents of the planet Venus. When these energies combine, the card symbolizes spiritual comprehension and intuition. 

Six of Swords Meaning for Timing 

The event you desire may take place during the next few days or hours. The card denotes that all your desires, wishes, and dreams will be fulfilled. However, it will take some time, as the element air signifies quick movement. 

It is not possible to predict how soon the event will occur. However, you can expect it during the winter months or Gemini, Aquarius, or Libra seasons. When calculating the time in months, it comes around a month’s 6th, 15th, or 24th. 

It’s all for the 6 of Swords meaning. We hope this article helps you understand your tarot card reading and apply it to various aspects of your life. However, if any confusion persists or you require further assistance, you can always contact our expert tarot readers. They will be delighted to help you.