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Queen of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The Queen of Wands meaning signifies confidence, courage, social charisma, and more. This Minor Arcana card represents a commanding approach and energy to manage things smoothly. The Queen is bold and has immense enthusiasm to tackle every problem head-on. She handles everything with love and dedication, so everybody wants to be like her. Intrigued already? Dive into this Queen of Wands tarot guide to learn all about this card. 

The Queen of Wands Key Facts

Here’s a quick overview of some key facts and important terms associated with the Queen of Wands tarot card.

Queen of Wands Upright Meaning- Confidence, courage, vivacity, leadership, authenticity, social charisma, enthusiasm, determination, dedication, independence, passion, optimism, assertiveness, outgoing, self-assured, fiery, wholehearted. 

Queen of Wands Reversed Meaning- Introverted, demanding, self-righteous, vengeful, jealous, insecure, low-confidence, temperamental, selfish, bully, unfriendly, spiteful, manipulative, deceitful, malicious, trouble-maker. 

Yes or No Yes
Element Fire
Numerology 13
Planet Jupiter
Zodiac Sign Saggitarius or Leo
queen of wands tarot card

Queen of Wands Description

The tarot card illustration shows a newly crowned queen taking charge of her newly earned throne. She has a large fresh-cut flower in her left hand and a walking staff, or "wand," in her right. She is frequently shown with drapes gracing the rear of her throne, decorated with a pattern of lions and this flower. It's sunny and blue, indicating that the sky is the limit. She has a calm yet confident expression as she glances into the horizon while wearing a warm grey cape and golden robes. The serene setting symbolizes the confidence and calm tranquility permeating this card. A cat is also seen sitting beside the queen when one looks closely. Moreover, the Queen of Wands meaning also applies the feminine spirit of accepting life's contradictions, while wands stand for innovation.

If the Queen of Wands tarot card appears in your reading, know that it reminds you of your self-assurance, which could be positive or negative. This queen is seated on a throne that is adorned with lions, which is a symbol of royalty and of having dominated whatever position the life has given you. The cat beside her or somewhere around her feet symbolizes her deep sense of intuition and her power to give life.

The flower in this queen's hand accentuates her throne and emphasizes the feminine power of procreation by fostering the growth of a seed into a full-bloom flower. The Queen of Wands meaning signifies a greater absorption of this creative impulse. Creativity becomes second nature, representing a strong ‘you do you’ vibe. It indicates you can carve out your authentic masterpiece simply through your daily actions and explorations. All in all, the Suit of Wands prioritizes the creative process and spirit through this tarot card.

Queen of Wands Meaning (Upright)

The Queen of Wands reminds you of your optimism, confidence, and authenticity. Even in the face of difficulty and struggle, you must be able to see through your imaginative visions and life purpose. Being highly determined and self-conscious, you know how to use your skills and shortcomings to your advantage. As a result, you have a positive outlook, and you use the same to help others. 

The upright Queen of Wands meaning also implies making drastic decisions. This is the time to take risks and show your true potential to the world. So, if you were planning to make a certain decision, this may be the right time.

The Queen of Wands meaning indicates that you are a leader who naturally inspires people because you exude health and vitality. Your inner vibrancy gives you energy and inspiration. You can "move and shake" people with your vision, bravery, and tenacity. You make them believe they can accomplish everything they put their minds to. Therefore, it’s an excellent time to meet new people and start a group of people who share your interests. Your excitement, passion, and energy will draw others in, and together you two can change the world for the better.

queen of wands

The upright Queen of Wands meaning might encourages you to discover your shadow self, the less-exposed and occasionally darker aspect of who you truly are. It doesn't have to be a bad thing about you, but it may be something few people know. It can be your dark humor, an unknown truth from your past, or a passion project you've kept a secret. Hence, don't be scared to reveal your shadow occasionally. Exposing this side of your personality may lead you to establish deeper relationships.

Queen of Wands Meaning For Love and Relationships (Upright) 

No, it does not talk about a hopeless romantic. Rather, the tarot card indicates a confident, courageous, and independent human being. Firstly, it points toward the fact that you are an extrovert in a good sense and a source of inspiration for many. You are a people-friendly person, and because of your strong and shiny personality, people are often attracted to you. Therefore, the upright Queen of Wands love prediction lauds your self-assured and confident personality for relationships.

Relating your traits to those of the Queen from the tarot, you approach love and relationships with a revitalizing sense of self-assurance. She generally doesn't care what other people think of her and is unlikely to change who she is to suit their needs. However, the Queen of Wands love meaning may inspire you to embrace your uniqueness, be outgoing, and socialize with others.

If you are in a relationship, this Minor Arcana card suggests you may experience a revived energy and adventure in your relationship. Both you and your partner feel happy and positive, making your future bright and secure. Moreover, the Queen of Wands meaning also symbolizes fertility and motherhood. Therefore, you may expect a baby. 

For those who are single, the Queen of Wands love reading implies that you might come across somebody who exemplifies the abovementioned traits. If you have met someone special, you might exhibit some of those traits in your romantic relationships.

Queen of Wands Meaning For Career (Upright)

You are just where you are supposed to be! This phrase pretty much sums up the Queen of Wands career reading. You have this newfound spike in your creative abilities and overall energy, enabling you to advance in your profession. In addition, you might observe an upsurge in your passions to upscale your business and expand it. Of course, challenges and roadblocks will come your way, but just like the Queen, you will overcome them like a pro. The tarot card signals that you will take everyone by surprise by solving problems using your fantastic creativity.

Your desire for achievement may be related to your overall career or your pursuit of a promotion at work. The Queen of Wands meaning suggests that you have already reached a point in your career where you are in charge and have many people reporting to you. You recently assumed the team leader position or are steadily developing into a role model for many people at your workplace. The upright Queen of Wands suggests that you should use your current achievements to advance your professional status and assist your subordinates in advancing their careers.

Queen of Wands Meaning For Health (Upright)

When it comes to health, this card brings good fortune. As energy is one of the key Queen of Wands meaning, you might experience vitality during this time. Not only your health but your environment might also turn vivacious. If you were suffering from a chronic illness, know you will overcome the physical pain and the mental trauma you endured. In addition, overcoming this illness will make you more confident about your health. You may realize that you can face any challenge. 

On the other hand, if you are waiting for a health-related outcome, know it will be positive if Queen of Wands appears in your tarot reading. Moreover, as the card signals fertility, you might be able to conceive soon if you are planning for a baby. Though the Queen of Wands meaning signifies positivity for your health, remember to ensure a proper diet and fitness routine to make these outcomes a reality. 

Queen of Wands Meaning For Finance (Upright)

It’s time to get smart with your finances if the card appears upright. As it indicates confidence, you now might be able to make decisions that seemed too risky before. It’s time to make progress and shift from the planning phase to the action phase. 

The Queen of Wands meaning makes you realize you have researched enough to manage your money smartly. Anything you decide was probably the result of proper planning and consideration. All you need to do is stay focused on your intended course (it is simple to become engrossed in a buying binge). 

The Queen of Wands also suggests you can spend money on leisure without suffering severe consequences during this time. You could be able to assess stocks and other products with objectivity at this point, making it an excellent time to broaden your financial network. Keep in mind that now is the time to follow your gut. Trust your instinct; it is the best judge of what is and is not a sensible decision.

Queen of Wands Meaning Spirituality (Upright)

When the Queen of Wands occurs in a spiritual environment, it denotes a desire for greater spiritual understanding and practice. Your passion is admirable, but ensure you carefully evaluate your action plan before moving further.

Queen of Wands Meaning (Reversed)

In this position, the card signifies that you have grown to respect and believe in yourself. You possess a thorough understanding of your own truths and philosophical foundations. You are confident in your principles, and other people's views do not really affect you. You have set a bar for success and do not care how others perceive it. 

Queen of Wands Reversed might also indicate that you can be more reserved than usual. You prefer to remain on the sidelines and observe what is happening rather than being the social butterfly and center of attention. But there is no problem with that; you must embrace yourself in every way possible. Respect your wants and feelings instead of forcing yourself to be outgoing and extroverted when you don't want to be. Also, you could sense the need to spend more time by yourself to hear and connect with your inner self.

The Queen of Wands reversed encourages you to direct your energy and attention within and concentrate on reestablishing your resilience and sense of self if you lack self-assurance. Paying too much attention to other people's ideas and opinions may have caused you to cede your power to them. The Queen of Wands reversed nudges you to turn your attention inward to hear your inner voice and access your skills and strengths. It indicates that this is the right time to find your unique identity and have the guts to express it in whatever you do, even if it goes against what others expect of you.

queen of wands reversed

Queen of Wands Meaning For Love and Relationships (Reversed)

The card suggest that you are dating someone who exemplifies the traits of the Queen or that you exhibit some of those traits in your romantic relationships. If this represents your relationship, be careful, as she can also be manipulative or disloyal, along with being fierce and self-assured.

Alternatively, the reversed Queen of Wands love prediction might mean that your partner is erratic or has weak self-belief or confidence. Reversed versions of Minor Arcana cards might also suggest that you and your spouse can be feeling worn out or overburdened, which is harmful to your relationship. Therefore, finding time to unwind things as a team is better. Moreover, if you are married, note that this card is not a good omen if you are trying to get pregnant because it can indicate problems with fertility or adjusting to parenting. 

For those who are single, the Queen of Wands reversed may signify that you come across somebody who is introverted, self-righteous, or temperamental. Be careful if this is someone you are interested in. She might be spiteful, envious, dishonest, or cunning! This card may also represent a period of indecision on a planned date. You can be weak in self-confidence and self-esteem. The Queen of Wands reversed may serve as a reminder to boost your self-esteem and take action that will give you power.

Queen of Wands Meaning For Career (Reversed)

A lack of creativity is one of the prominent indications of this card. This might also lead to discouragement that can directly impact your enthusiasm for work. Therefore, the Queen of Wands reversed is not a positive card for your career; it suggests a lack of professional spirit.

It reveals your unwillingness to take up a new task or execute a pending one. This negativity may impact your attitude toward your performance at work. Even though your employment occupies a portion of your life, the Queen of Wands reversed might remind you about your unhealthy professional behavior. It might make you realize that being happy with your work is crucial. 

If you do not perceive the importance of your career, it may show in your general demeanor. So, you should recall what inspired you to pursue this position, as well as any appealing features or other qualities you can ascribe to it. 

To resolve this problem and harness the power of your creativity again, list your motivations and read them aloud each morning. If this does not work for you, find another way to strengthen your self-belief and confidence. Your attitude towards work, as indicated by Queen of Wands reversed, may shift, but it will dissipate more quickly if you actively work to dispel this fog.

Queen of Wands Meaning For Health (Reversed)

If you were trying to grow your family, this card might not indicate good luck. For people working on family planning, the Queen of Wands reversed shows a lack of fertility. So, if you are trying to get pregnant, this card shows problems ahead. You might not be able to conceive, and if you’re already pregnant, you might witness issues in their condition. Therefore, you must pay special attention to your health and stay in touch with your doctor for optimal care.

If it is not about pregnancy, you might face general health issues, such as a lack of energy and stamina. This problem may give rise to other issues like reduced productivity and stress build-up. Thus, for this, the Queen of Wands reversed health takeaway reminds you to focus on a healthy diet, keep your body moving with regular workouts, and focus on positive thoughts. Doing this will help you vent the negative physical and mental health impacts. 

Queen of Wands Meaning For Finance (Reversed)

You’re not paying much attention to your finances if this card appears in your tarot reading. Though this might largely depend on your spending habits, the two most likely scenarios that lead to mismanagement of money could be your overspending on unnecessary things or underspending on crucial areas of your life. The Queen of Wands reversed might give you a message to analyze your expenditure wisely. It might make you realize the difference between the right and wrong investment. 

You must know that considering the cause of expenditure is important before you give away your money. A good cause will always benefit you in the long run. Similarly, saving for the future must be one of your key priorities when it comes to finances. You may consider this another vital takeaway from Queen of Wands reversed. 

Also, this card suggests spending more than normal, which may severely harm you financially. Yes, you might lose control and want to follow the fabricated life shown on the internet. Thus, the Queen of Wands reversed indicates that you must consider and figure carefully before purchasing. Consider whether your life depends on it or if you truly need it. Managing your funds is crucial now since it will affect your life later. During this time, you must be extra careful and restrain yourself whenever you feel an uncontrollable urge to spend on unnecessary items.

Queen of Wands Meaning For Spirituality (Reversed)

The Queen of Wands reversed in a spiritual setting denotes that an experienced or older female may attempt to exert control over you while you are on your spiritual path. This lady may serve as a guide or a source of advice, but she can also become intrusive and try to impose her own views or ways of life on you. Accept suggestions that seem relatable and helpful from her, but discard the rest. Remember that your spiritual exploration is entirely personal to you! Don't give it to someone else to manage.

Queen of Wands: Yes or No?

One card draw is for direct and straight answers. When someone attempts a card pull, they want a direct Yes or No. So, one card pull benefits someone in a dilemma or facing confusion and indecisiveness. All you have to do is shuffle the deck and then pick a card. A one-card pull may offer you the solution to your problem.

Upright: The answer you get after pulling the upright Queen of Wands in your tarot reading is a "Yes". 

Reversed: The answer could be a "No" if you pull a Queen of wands reversed in your tarot reading. 

Queen of Wands Meaning In Numerology

This number represents transition and the potential to step outside your comfort zone to pursue a personal or professional goal. The Queen of Wands tarot card signals that you have completed one cycle and are about to begin another one of rebirth or a significant change in your way of life.

1 (a new beginning) + 3 (renewal and producing something unique) = 4 make up the number 13. (purified and prepared to build a new foundation).

The Queen of Wands is also linked to the Sun (your inner strength and hidden tool for living life to the fullest) and the Leo zodiac sign. Thanks to the Sun's conjunction with Leo, you have the strength to overcome obstacles and refuse to follow other people.

Queen of Wands Meaning For Timing

Your wish will come true soon if the Queen of Wands tarot card appears in your reading. It will likely be springtime for the sign Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius if you want to know the precise time. 

This tarot card suggests that everything you are hoping for will come to you very soon, probably within a month, but you must have patience. If the Queen of Wands tarot card appears in your Summer reading, it doesn't necessarily mean your wish will come true the following spring. Instead, it suggests you will get what you want either in the Leo season or within one month from the reading date.

Therefore, patience is important for you to achieve your desired results. In addition, you must note that you cannot rely on tarot cards for long-term predictions as the future constantly alters according to actions and events that take place in life.

So, this was all about the Queen of Wands tarot card meaning. If you pulled it while reading, the tarot card would now hopefully make sense to your current situation. You can contact our adept tarot experts anytime if you need more exclusive help and guidance for a specific situation or problem.