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Justice Tarot Card Meaning

The Justice Tarot card is associated with legal issues, karmic Justice, and cause and consequence. Justice tarot card meaning also suggests that legal disputes will be settled in a fair and impartial manner. Balance and Justice go hand in hand. It can be an omen that something could happen to knock you off balance. These conditions might or might not be unavoidable or the result of your own actions. You must try to remain calm while events unfold in either situation. So, what else does the Justice Tarot meaning imply in the tarot card reading? Let's take a closer look at this card in this Justice tarot guide.

The Justice Key Facts

Here’s a quick overview of some key facts and important terms associated with the Justice tarot card.

Justice Card Upright Meaning: Truth, justice, fairness, integrity, reality, causation, honesty, accountability, consequences, karma, cause, and law.

Justice Card Reversed Meaning: Lack of responsibility, fairness issues, unfairness, evading responsibility, corruption, dishonesty, injustice, retaliation, and dishonesty.

Yes or No Neutral
Element Fire
Numerology 11
Planet Venus
Zodiac Sign Libra
Justice tarot card

Justice Tarot Card Description

The Justice figure is depicted as sitting between the two pillars that are identical to those that frame the Hierophant and the High Priestess. It stands for law, balance, and structure. She is also surrounded by a purple veil that represents compassion. The sword in her right-hand stands for the structured, well-reasoned argument needed to dispense proper Justice.

The two-edged sword emphasizes that the decisions we make always have an impact. She points it upward to represent a strong and determined choice. The balances in her (intuitive) left hand symbolize her impartiality. It demonstrates how intuition should balance logic. 

Justice is represented as having a square-shaped crown. It also includes a green mantle, a red robe, and a green mantle, all representing well-organized ideals. Finally, the spiritual repercussions of your acts are brought to mind as a tiny white sneaker peeks out from under her garments.

Justice Tarot Card Meaning (Upright)

The Justice tarot card stands for truth, honesty, and equality. You are accountable for your deeds and will face the outcomes. You don't need to be worried if you have always operated according to your inner wisdom and for others' benefit. But if you haven't, you'll be forced and called out to take accountability for your behavior. 

If this is making you uncomfortable, remember that the Justice tarot card is not as simple as you may believe. A measure of empathy and comprehension accompanies justice. Even if you have committed anything you regret, the Justice Tarot meaning predicts that you'll be treated impartially and fairly. So be prepared to accept responsibility for your deeds and hold yourself accountable for the results.

The Justice tarot card is a promising indication that you will receive justice if you ask for it. You can be engaged in a lawsuit or awaiting the consequences from a ruling authority or other organization. With the Justice card upright, there are no resentences or second chances. Once the verdict has been made, you must agree and move on.

The Justice card frequently emerges when you have to make a decision that could have long-term effects. Consider how your choices will affect both your own and other people's well-being. Connect to your intuition and ask for the response that is most in line with the overall highest good to help you make a conscious decision. 

the justice

You will be held responsible for your decisions, so be prepared to stand by them. You must ask yourself, "Do I stick by my commitments and accept the results of my actions?" If you can't, keep looking until you discover a spot where you can stand with confidence and integrity. 

The Justice tarot card is basically about the pursuit of reality. As you dig deeper into your truth, you will find that some points are more complex than you originally believed. Therefore, be prepared to discover what reality means by dipping your toe into the muddy waters. 

The Justice card meaning reveals that you should be careful about what you consider right and ethical. But, of course, it might not be as simple as you believe, so be ready to push yourself and find new areas of your thought system.

Justice Meaning For Love and Relationship (Upright)

If you've been working hard, love & romance will come your way because the Justice card is about karma. If you're single, people will find you extra alluring because of your loving and upbeat personality. In the end, whether or not it is a positive or negative sign for your relationship depends on how you both act. 

Being open and truthful about yourself will pay off through greater commitment or more harmony. On the contrary, it might denote marriage and serve as a metaphor for the union. The Justice tarot love prediction will let you know if there have been any indiscretions or cheating among you. The reality will be disclosed, and the liar is going to be held accountable.

Be sure you have treated your partner properly because the Justice tarot love meaning emphasizes the concept of cause and effect. Make sure that problems within the relationship are addressed with trust and respect for your partner. Watch out for bitterness and defensiveness. Now is the time for understanding and compromise.

The Justice tarot love card can also signify the need to be diplomatic. Express your annoyance in a way that takes your partner's feelings into account. Your relationship will flourish as long as problems are resolved openly and sincerely.

Justice Meaning For Career (Upright)

The Justice card acts as a reminder of the value of maintaining a healthy balance between your professional and private lives. Don't forget to give yourself adequate time to yourself. The career of a person is very significant. 

The Justice tarot meaning can suggest that you have been honest, truthful, and genuine in your dealings. Things should turn out in your favor if you've been involved in any workplace disputes. The Justice tarot card can always remind you to act honorably and take ownership of your actions if you commit a fault that doesn't relate to you. Because of your integrity and commitment to reality, which can sometimes be frightening, others will admire and trust you. If you behave morally and responsibly, you can flourish in your work.

Justice Meaning For Health (Upright)

Regarding well-being, the Justice tarot card meaning is extremely clear. Balance in all facets of life serves as the foundation upon which justice is created. Do you, for instance, take proper care of yourself? Regrettably, the phrase "self-care" has been overused to the point where most people cannot identify it. 

Caring for your health, spirit, and mind is your most crucial responsibility. Justice tarot card meaning can suggest that you're out of balance if you possess health issues. It might be a contributing factor. Also, it discourages excessive consumption in any aspect of your life. 

Justice Meaning For Finance (Upright)

The Justice card meaning reveals the strategy to use in a specific situation. In this situation, money is a problem. The Justice card doesn't reveal your financial condition but advises handling money and suggests potential long-term effects. You must be fair in every business connection. You'll be fortunate in terms of your financial future as a result. Today's flexibility will be beneficial later.

Justice can help you balance your books by reminding you that ethical behavior in the company and with money will pay off financially. This card is a favorable sign if you're ready to risk your life for something. The Justice tarot card gently reminds you to conduct yourself with integrity, equity, and fairness in your business arrangements. Keep a balance between your needs and others' wants, as well as between what you receive and what you give. Your financial situation should be good if you maintain balance throughout.

Justice Meaning For Spirituality (Upright)

Karma is one of the key concepts of Justice from a spiritual perspective. This does not imply that your prior transgressions are being punished. The Justice tarot meaning indicates that the universe is bringing you particular lessons that you have decided to learn throughout this lifetime. You'll be better off if you understand these lessons immediately.

Justice Tarot Card Meaning (Reversed)

Justice Reversed Tarot card may indicate that you are internally aware of having committed a morally reprehensible act. Although others might not have noticed it yet, you have a choice. Either you hide it and hope no one finds out, or you face up to your errors and take decisive action to fix the problem. Choose whatever feels right to you since you will have to live with the results of your decision on your conscience.

According to the Justice Reversed Tarot card, you might not be fully prepared to take accountability for your actions. You may be trying to "dodge the bullet" by accusing others. Your lack of bravery to step above your personal problems and ego keeps you distracted by a greater lesson. As a result, you are lying to both yourself and other people. 

Reexamine your circumstances to discover the areas in which you can take responsibility. Once you've acknowledged where you went wrong, make every attempt to make things right. By doing this, you will be freed from guilt or shame, allowing you to make more informed decisions.

Justice Reversed Tarot may signify that your inner voice is in full force. You might be scrutinizing every action you take and being harsh with yourself when you make a mistake. If this speaks to you, begin by forgiving and accepting yourself. Then, recognizing that we all make mistakes, try to be nicer and more compassionate to yourself. 

the justice reversed

The Justice card meaning reveals that you should be grateful to your internal voice. Try to bring this private judgment to your attention so you can clean it out. Be mindful of any bias or prejudice you may harbor if you make an important decision that will emotionally impact others. 

The Justice Tarot meaning indicates that you are engaged in a legal matter. You can be concerned about receiving an unfair judgment or protesting the decision. Which would raise questions about the legal process. However, there might be issues with the law or other issues that hinder the administration of justice.

Justice Meaning For Love and Relationship (Reversed)

Justice Reversed tarot card may clearly indicate that you've been caught cheating or lying in a committed relationship. Thus, be prepared for serious consequences if you've been cheating or lying in your love and relationship. You can also learn from the Justice tarot love prediction that arguments with your partner appear to drag on forever. 

It can also mean you don't think you're being treated equally or fairly in the relationship. Think about your own contributions to the relationship before you judge your partner. Then, consider whether you should assign your companion sole responsibility. 

You should strive to learn something from the relationship problems, even if you think they are not your fault. Keep in mind that we have higher standards for the way people should treat us and only get what we're willing to put up with. 

The Justice Reversed tarot card could be trying to warn you, if you're single, that even though you believe you're prepared for what you deserve, this isn't necessarily the case. You haven't given yourself enough chances to learn the lessons you need to move forward. Avoid repeating the same mistakes in your subsequent relationships. 

The Justice card meaning can also imply that your relationships usually lack stability, which may be the reason they don't work out. Try to balance your independent and romantic lives when you meet someone. Doing this will give your serious relationships the space they require to develop. 

On the other hand, if the Justice tarot card is being reversed, it can indicate that you're currently being punished for the brutal ways you treated prior relationships. Of course, everyone gets caught up in the thrill of a relationship. But watch out not to become too self-absorbed!

Justice Meaning For Career (Reversed)

Justice Reversed tarot card may denote that you are being treated unfairly at work. Individuals may blame you for their faults or flaws. Maybe you think someone is trying to ruin you. Keep your reactions in check at all times. It is advisable to proceed cautiously and logically in this case. Avoid confronting the offenders immediately since Justice operates in reverse, and you won't likely have any success in your arguments. 

If the Justice card is reversed, your actions can trouble you if you have not conducted yourself honorably in your work life. It might be a symptom of business corruption. Stand up and take ownership of your conduct rather than trying to escape the consequences. You'll acquire greater respect as a result. 

When the Justice tarot card emerges in your reading, you should avoid concentrating too heavily on your personal or professional life. More than the upright card, Justice reversed Tarot can also signify a lack of personal life and work balance.

You might currently be experiencing unfavorable working conditions. This can involve bearing the blame for someone else's faults or tolerating someone else's attempts to disparage your work. Regardless of the temptation, putting out a fire with fire will only worsen things. Deal with this issue in a reasonable, sincere, and fair manner. 

With reversed Justice, you might learn that tense confrontation may lead to blame being imposed on you. Justice tarot card meaning could occasionally indicate that your efforts are not earnest. This might cause problems in the future, or you might worry about it at night.

Justice Meaning For Health (Reversed)

Justice Reversed tarot card indicates the necessity for balance, but this time it's a stronger hint that a loss of balance may cause health issues. Schedule some time for self-care, and try to limit your intake. Instead of a lack of harmony in the health context, the reversed Justice card is a more potent indication of an imbalance that really can cause health issues. Once more, try to take care of yourself and refrain from overindulging.

Justice Meaning For Finance (Reversed)

Avoid gambling or making risky investments if the Justice card appears because it will not likely provide you with financial success. Instead, it might be a sign of economic injustice; as a result, you should proceed with extreme caution when interacting with anyone who has money right now because they might not be reliable.

In your reading, the Justice card's reversed position denotes financial misconduct. Be sure anybody you give your financial details to is reliable before doing so. If you've been having financial problems, the Justice reversed tarot card may represent a failure to accept responsibility for your position. Even though it might appear unpleasant, taking ownership of a challenging circumstance may be liberating.

The Justice Tarot meaning in the reversed position stands for prejudice and rigidity. That is, therefore, not a promising financial indicator. Be cautious while making investments or adding expenses. The Justice card highlights the significance of following all instructions exactly as they are written in the books, not that investment is discouraged. Pay close attention to your money.

Justice Meaning For Spirituality (Reversed)

In a spiritual context, Justice reversed tarot card is equivalent to the upright Tarot card. It suggests that the world may bring you the teachings you need to understand in this lifetime. But, on the other hand, the Justice tarot card meaning in reversal suggests that you might be attempting to avoid or outright rejecting these life lessons. Most of the time, our life's lessons begin modestly, allowing us to learn without going through great hardship or disruption. 

If you do not understand or refuse to learn, the universe will continue to bring these teachings back to you in deeper and more significant ways. Simply by swiftly mastering the teachings, you can prevent this. The Justice card meaning can also indicate that you believe you are now being treated unfairly when the situation is reversed. Strive to make the most of this moment by connecting with your inner self and overcoming your challenges.

Justice Tarot Card: Yes or No

When you require an immediate response to any circumstance, you should use the "One Card Pull" method. This pull is helpful when you're in a binding situation and need a quick Yes-or-No answer. All you need to do is shuffle the deck and pick one card to obtain a response to your question. It depends greatly on whether you receive an upright or reversed Justice tarot card in your reading. One pull of The Justice tarot card results in the following outcomes:

Upright: If you have drawn The Justice tarot card into an upright position, the answer is "Yes".

Reversed: If you have drawn The Justice tarot card in the reversed position, the answer is "No".

Justice Tarot Card Meaning in Numerology

The eleventh Major Arcana card is the Justice card. The number 11 is perhaps a master number in numerology. It may continue to be ranked as number 2, though. When 11 is seen as 1 and 1, it creates a hieroglyph that symbolizes perfect equilibrium. Alternately, it is possible to think of the world in its completed state (10) as being governed by spiritual intelligence (1). So, the Justice tarot card provides extraordinarily powerful messages of honesty and harmony to tarot reading regarding numerology.

Justice Card Meaning for Timing

The Justice Tarot meaning advises you to concentrate when people recount things and their parts in them for you. It is not required to express disapproval. However, you are responsible for being attentive, actively engaging, and keeping your composure as the drama plays out.

Your comprehension will surpass what you hear once you observe how people define themselves. You will discover the truth. It enables you to make insightful and precise decisions by drawing conclusions from hints and oblique inferences. The Justice card meaning predicts that a big event could happen within 30 days. The Justice card appears every two to three months and exerts a significant and lasting influence.

That's all for the Justice tarot card meaning! If you have pulled the Justice tarot card in your spread, did the meaning make sense to your situation in life? We hope you find this Justice tarot guide helpful. However, if you require more specialist advice for a particular circumstance, get in touch with our knowledgeable tarot experts.