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How To Read A Horseshoe Spread?


Tarot Card Reading have become one of the most popular means in these modern times to seek insights into various aspects of life. There are a number of different kinds of Tarot Card Spreads that have evolved over the course of years. The most widely used and popular spread is THE HORSESHOE SPREAD. It is an extremely versatile tarot card spread used for gaining insights into a specific situation, event, or question. According to legends, the horseshoe has been used to protect the hooves of horses from daily work since the time they were domesticated by men, in a similar way, the horseshoe Tarot Spread has the power to protect your future from potential challenges.

There are Seven cards that are spread in the shape of a horseshoe. Each card represents different situations and can offer insights into a situation from various perspectives. It is a popular medium to gain insights into the past that might have led to the current situation, the exact present scenario and the factors affecting it, and the potential future. It also offers advice and guidance about the situation so that an individual can make an informed decision. In this blog, we will explore how one should read a horseshoe spread, which cards are involved, and what they represent.

horseshoe spread


Horseshoe spread is one of the most effective Tarot Spreads used so there are a series of steps that can be taken care of for effective readings.

1: Prepare for the reading by setting an intention:

As a Tarot reader, the first important step is to cleanse the deck of cards and your aura. Create a quiet and safe space for your clients so that they can be open about anything and everything with you. Meditate or do relaxation exercises to center all your energies to be able to provide the most genuine reading and guidance to your customers.

As an individual who is seeking a reading through horseshoes spread, it is important to be specific about the question you want to ask. It is advisable to be focused, specific, and have clear intentions about the aspect of the life you want to have insights about. It helps the reader to draw more accurate guidance and advice accordingly as all the energies are aligned to know something specific.

2: Have an open conversion with your client:

It is absolutely essential to understand your client’s current situation, intentions and to have an open conversation. You have to make sure that your client is comfortable in the environment and willing to share the necessary information with you. Lastly, make sure they are open to the process of reading and they believe in the same.

3: Shuffle and Select the card:

It is believed that the tarot reader transfers their positive energies while shuffling the deck. The selection of the cards can be one wither by the person seeking the reading or the Trot reader themself, whatever suits their process of delivering guidance. While the process of selection of cards is going on it is advisable to focus all your energies on the question asked and ask the client to do the same.

4: Interpretation of the cards:

There is a generally accepted approach for interpreting the cards one by one. They all have different meanings and symbolism attached to them and hence, approaching them in the right way becomes absolutely crucial. Here’s how to read the 7 card horseshoe tarot spread from the top:

  • Card 1: That represents the past can help you understand the past circumstances and factors that have led to this current situation. It can also help analyze how the past factors are still influencing the present situation.
  • Card 2: It symbolizes the present situation, it helps the reader understand the key aspects related to the present situation. This card is important for you as it can be used to gain insights into a few weeks, into the people involved in the present scenario.
  • Card 3: Representative of the influences, majorly inner influences on the situation that have advanced into the current situation. This card can actually help you understand the problems, obstacles, and unsaid doubts that are present which have caused the current problematic situation.
  • Card 4: It is an important card that can help you understand the attitude and intentions of the person seeking the guidance. You can analyze their feelings about the current situation with the help of this card. If they are positive or negative about the situation can be concluded with the help of this card.
  • Card 5: It symbolizes the external environment or the things that are influencing the situation. It can involve people, places, ideas that might be culturally distinct, and any other factors that can influence the external environment.
  • Card 6: Card 1: It represents the near future and the possible actions that can be taken to make the situation better. They can help analyze the things that can be changed to rectify the situation.
  • Card 7: The final card symbolizes the final resolution. With the help of this card, you can give the necessary guidance and the potentia outcome of the situation. It can provide the necessary suggestions, warnings about the potential challenges, and ways to navigate through them safely.

5: Consider card relationship with each other by using your intuition:

With your intuitive powers try to understand what the cards are trying to tell you. Analyze how one card compliments the other or is in contrast before giving a reading.

6: Give guidance:

After you have given the necessary thought give the final advice and guidance to your client. Help them understand the factors that have been affecting their situation and how the potential future will be. Give them the necessary precautions or warning if nay. Help them channel their positives into making their potential future better.

7: Take feedback, reflect, and act:

What will make you a better Tarot Reader than others is taking proper feedback from your clients. It’s not enough to just take the feedback, take some time to reflect on the same and make the necessary changes. You can even keep a Tarot Journal in which you can record your readings and feedback for future reference.


In conclusion, the Horseshoe Spread tarot reading is a powerful tool for gaining profound insights into a specific situation or question. Expert Tarot Card Readers can provide useful insights into various aspects of your life. By following these steps you can provide genuine guidance to many who are seeking immediate answers, want to be prepared for the future, and maybe want a friend you can guide toward the right direction for the desired growth and development.