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How To Read A Horoscope Spread?


If we talk About Tarot Card Reading, people usually consider it a divination tool, but it is much more than that. It can really help you gain understanding and clarity about any situation you might be going through in your life. It can be regarding your love life, finances, or even how your day will be. The prediction totally depends on the number of cards you pull as well as the tarot spread you choose.

Here, we will discuss the Horoscope spread tarot reading, which combines the wisdom of astrology and tarot to give you the detailed direction you need to move ahead in your life. This 12-card tarot spread is designed in the form of an astrological wheel and focuses on changes occurring in the various spheres of your life to give you a comprehensive understanding of your particular circumstance and overall personality.

The Horoscope spread tarot card reading is a potent tool for self-discovery as well as for gaining insight into the subtleties in every area of your life. Because the 12 houses of the zodiac stand in for the 12 archetypes of human nature. To find out more about the immensely rich insight this tarot spread is going to bring to you, start your horoscope tarot spread reading right now!

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How Does a Horoscope Spread Tarot Reading Work?

This Horoscope tarot card spread is similar to a Zodiac chart, where each card symbolizes an astrological house or area of life. The 12 houses of the zodiac stand in for the 12 archetypes of human nature, making a Tarot spread not only an effective means of self-discovery but also a means of examining the subtleties in each area of your life.

Here's how the Horoscope spread card reading operates:

  • The tarot cards should be spread out face-down after a standard shuffle.
  • Pick the first card. This is located in the 9 o'clock position. This denotes the first house.
  • Place the next card in the 8 o’clock position. This stands for the second house.
  • Keep laying 10 more cards in an anticlockwise direction until you have a spread that is circular and resembles a clock.
  • Interpret the cards based on their house meanings. Each card represents a different "house." Every house is associated with a particular element, zodiac sign, tarot suit, and planet that rules that sign.

It is crucial to refer to the list explaining what each card position signifies in order to comprehend and gain benefit from the Horoscope tarot spread. So let’s find out.

Card 1: House of Your Identity

Both your present and your future are impacted according to what defines you as a person. The first card in this Horoscope card spread examines the true, inner you, including the amazing talents you possess and the unresolved issues you need to let go of. What is revealed shows the way that you interact with the world and how that might help or hurt you. So it is a card about how you present yourself to the world.

Card 2: House of Work

There is always a specific course of action that must be followed, but you might not be clear on what that action is. In this Horoscope spread reading, the second position focuses on the immediate tasks you have to complete for either your own benefit or the benefit of those close to you. The universe is urging you to use the power that you possess. Therefore, this house is about the social or environmental factors that may be having an impact on your life right now.

Card 3: House of Ideas and Knowledge

Although you may understand what it means to "think outside the box," you might find it difficult to put that knowledge into practice. The third card in this Tarot spread acts as a burst of inspiration that prompts a fresh perspective or a fresh notion of how to proceed. By following the advice from this position, you move one step closer to your desired outcome.

Card 4: House of Family

Do you ever experience the same kinds of issues repeatedly, despite your assurances that you have learned from them? Perhaps you are maintaining emotionally draining friendships, staying in unsatisfactory jobs until the very end, or repeating toxic relationships. Your deepest sentimental ties are represented by the House of Family position. It investigates the possible influences of your upbringing, parental guidance, and living situation on your sense of security today. And what subtleties set you off on the cycles you fall into. It may be possible to offer you advice on how to end destructive patterns that do not work in your favor anymore.

Card 5: House of Creativity and Magic

You have gained more knowledge or personal power from each and every obstacle you have faced. However, you may be unaware of it. In this Tarot spread, the fifth card identifies the lesson the universe was trying to teach you or a truth you discovered as you navigated difficult situations. Understanding this important fact will help you turn today's challenges into tomorrow's opportunities.

Card 6: House of Learning and Apprenticeship

What underlying forces shape the way you approach learning and working? The House of Learning and Apprenticeship card sheds light on the questions you should be asking or the steps you need to take right now. This card's advice could help you improve your weaknesses and gain a better understanding of your true motivators.

Card 7: House of Relationships

Your current circumstances are influenced by your relationships, both past and present. In the Horoscope spread, the seventh position reveals how those closest to you are currently affecting your personal life. This advice outlines the lessons you should leave behind and the ones you can apply going forward.

Card 8: House of Secrets

At some point, all of us require a reality check because only then can we identify areas in which we can improve. This spread's eighth card will accomplish that by highlighting the ways in which your beliefs and behaviors have brought you to the circumstances you are in and how they might be preventing you from moving forward. Allow the wisdom contained in this card to serve as a lesson for any critical inner voices.

Card 9: House of Visions

Sometimes the people we least expect are the ones who can assist us in reaching our goals. The House of Visions card directs your attention to people who can be useful to you in your current circumstances. It might be a friend who has valuable advice to share, or it might be a famous person whose life experiences can provide motivation. In either case, you have an unidentified ally on your side.

Card 10: House of Reputation and Beliefs

A plan of action that reconciles what you want with what is currently feasible You have had a lot of success in the past, and a lot of your successes were influenced by your environment, your surroundings, and other outside forces that were beyond your control. By emphasizing the skills and abilities you already have, the 10th card of the Horoscope spread gives you the perspective you need to realize your goals.

Card 11: House of the Future

How often have you stopped yourself from moving forward by repeatedly asking yourself, "But what if...?" or "What should I do? "? The card that appears in the House of the Future position assists you in overcoming your apprehensions about the future by outlining what to anticipate as well as providing guidance on how to take action to ensure the best outcome.

Card 12: House of Surrender

The best results are obtained by devoting time, effort, or assets that would have been utilized for other purposes. The 12th and final card in this astrological Tarot spread provides a detailed explanation of what you will need to do to reach your objectives. This card's suggested course of action will bring you one step closer to achieving the future you desire. The effort or cost that must be made on your part in order to fully benefit from your current circumstances.


Tarot spreads can be a really helpful tool when you want to gain insight into your life situation. Out of the many spreads, the Horoscope spread tarot reading is one of the most well-liked and frequently used tarot spreads among Tarot Card Readers. For anyone looking to incorporate astrology into their tarot reading, the Horoscope Spread is an excellent choice.