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Four of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Four of Cups meaning signifies missing opportunities, feeling demotivated, riddled, and more. The 4 of Cups highlights internal conflicts as well as external influences. Thus, take a step back and consider what is truly important if you are having problems getting motivated or making significant decisions. It will make a difference to consider the larger picture and seize opportunities to improve your condition. The solution could be right in front of you. That said, to learn everything about the card, dive into this 4 of Cups tarot guide. 

The Four of Cups Key Facts

Here’s a quick overview of some key facts and important terms associated with the Four of Cups tarot card. 

Four of Cups Upright Meaning- Feeling stuck, stagnation, missing opportunity, re-evaluating, contemplation, meditation, apathy, disillusionment, pessimism, boredom, self-absorption, weariness, frustration, melancholy, indifference, discontent, fantasizing, feeling disconnected. 

Four of Cups Reversed Meaning- Seizing opportunities, ending stagnation, enthusiasm, motivation, acceptance, awareness, clarity, taking an interest, becoming active, choosing happiness, focus, and gratitude.

Yes or No Maybe
Element Water
Numerology 4
Planet Neptune/Moon
Zodiac Sign Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
four of cups tarot card

Four of Cups Description

On a mountainside, a young man is seated beneath a tree. A magnificent blue sky is overhead, and in the distance is a quiet landscape. The young man has his arms folded while seated cross-legged. His eyes seem to be closed, and his head is slightly bowed. Three golden chalices may be seen just below the hill in the foreground. They are perched on an even, stable surface. The lush slope is filled with fresh grass shoots. A little cloud is floating at the young man's eye level. A hand emerges from it, clutching a fourth identical cup.

The Ace of Cups is clearly repeated in the fourth cup in the cloud. Here, the 4 of Cups meaning makes you think of second opportunities and unexpected bursts of creativity. The fact that it isn't obvious whether the figure can see the cup is noteworthy. This inspires us to search for life's gifts since sometimes they float just outside our reach. 

In addition, the figure in the Four of Cups is seated at the big tree's roots. The tree is a metaphor for a safe haven in the wild. It also makes clear the benefits of resting and meditating. The Four of Cups meaning represents both our internal and exterior obstacles. When you have trouble motivating yourself or making important decisions, think about what is most important. The difference can be seen when you try to consider the bigger picture and take advantage of opportunities to improve your situation. 

It's possible that you already have everything you need. It takes letting go of worry and hesitation to decide and move on. Moreover, Cups, the tarot's symbol for emotions, represent your regrets in the future if you continue to pout or sleep through the day. The 4 of Cups meaning may act as a call to action; it is time to get up, pay attention, and be receptive to new things.

Four of Cups Meaning (Upright)

More invitations and opportunities come your way when the Four of Cups appear in a Tarot reading, but for the time being, you're saying "no" and declining them. Whether you are not interested in the opportunities, your plate is already too full, or your cup is already full. Decide what is important to you using your discernment, and don't hesitate to reject new ventures that don't fit your long-term goals.

The 4 of Cups meaning may also represent a time when you are realigning your focus and energies for this new stage of your life by looking inside. You cannot decide unless you are on solid ground. Even though you might have to pass up appealing possibilities, you do so knowing that you will be better positioned to say "yes" to the ones more suitable for you. 

4 of Cups meaning reminds you that by being content with yourself, you will be prepared to welcome new possibilities and give them your best shot at success. Before embracing the following "major item," use this time for introspection, grounding, and thought.

The man in the Four of Cups only partially accepts the cups handed to him, but he also doesn't take them. So before accepting an invitation or starting a new endeavor, you may want to wait for a sign or further details.

four of cups tarot card upright

Be sure the opportunity is a good fit for you, and that you can commit to it over the long run before you accept it by checking in emotionally and spiritually.

The Four of Cups meaning may hit you during dissatisfaction in life. You could feel bored with life and be indifferent, unmotivated, or disconnected. The 4 of Cups encourages you to look within and reexamine your circumstances to discover greater significance in your accomplishments. 

To regain a stronger sense of purpose and direction, you may have found that you have become cut off from your emotional self and inner truth. Remember that the upright Four of Cups meaning wants that you give yourself the time and space to hear your voice and inner knowing and acquire more clarity. It may be a good idea to turn off the distractions of the outside world, such as social media, the news, and other people's stories.

The 4 of Cups meaning may also indicate that you have closed yourself off to fresh prospects due to being hurt or rejected. With his arms folded, the man in this card appears to shield himself from the outside world. You may desire to avoid encountering a similar situation again after experiencing the heartbreak of a failed relationship or professional failure. 

The Four of Cups meaning encourages you to take up fresh possibilities that might fit you perfectly. Check-in with your spirit and consider whether closing oneself off is the wisest course of action or if it's time to explore the options.

Four of Cups Meaning For Love and Relationships (Upright)

The card signals that you are petrified of your past. And this is why you do not wish to give love another chance. You made a few mistakes that haunt you so much that you can’t enjoy being with your current partner. You are missing out on the blessings and gifts that life brings you only because you’re stuck in your past. It could rise to a level where you do not see the dire need to move on and embrace the new relationship that you can relish. 

Here, the 4 of Cups meaning tries to make you realize the stagnation in your love life. It indicates that you must move on and cherish what you currently have instead of staying depressed about what could’ve been. 

If you're single, the 4 of Cups love meaning denotes a period when you may feel bored or uninterested in your romantic life. After a breakup, this might sometimes happen naturally, but one must be careful that it doesn't result from an unconscious desire to shield yourself from the pain and suffering that love may have caused you in the past. Opportunities present themselves when you are receptive to them and lazy. 

Moreover, the 4 of Cups love prediction also points out that if you're already dating someone, your relationship can suffer from a lack of desire and tiredness. Now that the first excitement has worn off, you could feel more like roommates than lovers. Sometimes, all that is needed is a little investigation and a willingness to try new things. If neither spouse puts in any effort, the relationship can be on the verge of ending.

Four of Cups Meaning For Career (Upright)

If you’ve got this card in your career reading, you are dissatisfied and demotivated with your profession at this point. People around you could be moving ahead with their careers, and this might make you envy them. The upright 4 of Cups meaning for you here that you must pay attention to the positive aspects of your profession and growth. You must know that watching others and their activities will not contribute to your progress. Therefore, you should focus on your growth trajectory and figure out ways to improve yourself in your profession. 

Besides being envious of others, being distant or distracted frequently are other indications of the Four of Cups meaning for a career. It might be difficult to stay focused or feel motivated for tasks. Additionally, this lethargy might make you feel depressed. If you don't feel good about yourself, it might be hard to be effective. Your apparently extreme stagnation doesn't make matters any better. 

The issue could have its origins in this sense of stagnation, as the 4 of Cups meaning suggests. If you believe you are going nowhere, concentrating might be challenging. It can be helpful to take some time to sort through this situation; by looking within, figuring out what's making you unhappy, and doing something about it, you might improve your position.

Four of Cups Meaning For Health (Upright)

If you refer to this card for your health, it tells you that you are probably unhappy with your present condition. Your poor health could also be the cause of your delayed success. The 4 of Cups meaning may act as a reminder for you to set achievable goals. It may ask you to stop straining yourself after something impossible. 

You are currently enabling your illness to make you a victim. Maybe even by the fear of ill health. Being healthy requires effort and must be maintained. The message of this card is that your body is always performing several healthy biological processes, but you are taking advantage of them since you are unaware of them. If you ever intend to live an active, joyful life, you must break out of this terrible cycle.

Four of Cups Meaning For Finance (Upright)

Financially, things might not go as planned if this tarot card appears in your reading. It shows your disappointment with your ways of handling money. Moreover, the 4 of Cups meaning for finance also shows that you could find it difficult to enjoy your accomplishments if you constantly compare yourself to others. Have you allowed envy of others' possessions to prevent you from appreciating your own? You must give it a hard thought. 

Remember, if you stay grateful and content, you can identify better possibilities to enhance your financial situation and feel confident taking more significant risks. So, here, the Four of Cups meaning signifies your unhealthy behavior, which causes you to be counterproductive. You might never see the chances of acquiring the things you envy if you only think about what you lack. 

The 4 of Cups can occasionally also represent widespread dissatisfaction with capitalism, money, and the financial system. Therefore, you must seek the positive side of the system to stay motivated and extract the best out of it. 

Four of Cups Meaning For Spirituality (Upright)

The card can represent your spiritual disillusionment or the fact that you are wishing your life away and wondering what if. The 4 of Cups meaning here indicates that you must put your previous regrets behind you and concentrate on the positive things around you. Choose one or two things each day for which you feel grateful, which is a fantastic method to achieve this. You'll benefit from concentrating on the here and now and being more positive. Reiki and meditation can help you regain balance and release all the bad energy you've been holding inside.

Four of Cups Meaning (Reversed)

The 4 of Cups reversed tarot card indicates a period of introspection and solitude. To concentrate on what is important to you and what grounds you, you are withdrawing into your interior world. Even though people might want to hang out with you or ask you out, you'd much rather stay in and unwind at home with a good book or at your favorite meditation spot. However, take care not to offend or come across as uninterested in your peers and family. Tell them you need some alone time and that you'll get in touch with them once you're ready to reemerge.

Avoid pressuring yourself to leave the house if you're feeling isolated. The Four of Cups reversed indicates that feeling these emotions is healthy. So, step out only when you're ready to start to re-integrate with the world around you. Being a "hermit" is only a transient state of being; it won't last forever.

To ensure your future goals and pursuits are a good fit, you might utilize this period of reflection to check in with your inner self. Instead of responding "yes" right away, take a moment to consider your options. Be careful not to miss this chance while waiting for a response. Remember to keep in mind any deadlines or expiration dates.

According to the Four of Cups reversed, you may occasionally feel uninspired, disillusioned, or dissatisfied by the world around you.

four of cups tarot card reversed

Everything looks difficult, and you're opting to withdraw rather than face it head-on. You can try to avoid the difficulties in the outside world in the hopes that if you walk outside, the issues will disappear. But let's face it; people will ultimately want your attention.

4 of Cups reversed may indicate that you are unwilling to communicate your sentiments or open your heart to someone, preferring to retreat and distance yourself from them. Be aware of the potential effects on your loved ones and balance your needs with theirs.

Four of Cups Meaning For Love and Relationships (Reversed)

You are emerging from a period of loneliness or hopelessness in a romantic relationship like a train coming out of a long, dark tunnel. The 4 of Cups reversed signifies the end of this period of monotony and the beginning of a new, more optimistic beginning that is certain to blossom into something magnificent and lovely. On the other hand, the upright 4 of Cups meaning represents indifference and a loss of passion.

The Four of Cups reversed denotes that you have gone through a difficult time with your partner but suggests that you are now ready to make a further effort to reignite your lost love and passion. You and your spouse will have tender moments of growing intimacy and a natural flow of affection; your love will find a regular expression that makes you both feel valued and significant.

Even for people not in a romantic relationship or marriage, the 4 of Cups reversed marks the end of extreme loneliness. Like an animal coming from hibernation, you are reentering the world. Everything is fresh and bright. You're prepared to tear down your emotional defenses and let someone new into your life. Make sure to maintain your enthusiasm and completely appreciate your new beginning. There will be many opportunities to start a romance with someone else now that you are healed; there is much to anticipate.

Four of Cups Meaning For Career (Reversed)

The 4 of Cups reversed typically indicates that it's time to take a step back and consider your future in terms of your job and professional life. You should investigate the possibility that your work is making you feel a little worn out or dissatisfied.

Additionally, it might indicate that your job responsibilities need to be more challenging. If it’s true for you, it's probably time to look for alternative employment possibilities. This is also a great opportunity to give yourself space and concentrate on your personal growth objectives.

The Four of Cups reversed might remind you that you have been putting all your effort and time into your employment and neglecting your personal goals, but that is not a long-term solution. Instead, pursue your career goals, be bold, and step outside of your comfort zone periodically. This is a great moment to start, whether you're considering starting your own company or enrolling in a course to help you express your creativity.

Four of Cups Meaning For Health (Reversed)

The 4 of Cups reversed indicates your rejuvenated energy when it comes to health. So after getting this card in your tarot reading, you can rest assured that all your health concerns will go away soon. If you are struggling with an illness or disease, this card signifies the end of that struggle.

Moreover, knowing that you are recovering from physical health concerns may help you become calmer and more composed. You may observe renewed energy rushing through your veins. The Four of Cups reversed signifies that this, in turn, will make you both physically and mentally healthy.

For those who became hopeless or negative about their health concerns, this card signals the onset of a refreshed mindset. You are becoming more optimistic and active in terms of dealing with your disease or ailment. You now know that your cure is possible if you make a reasonable and fair effort. All in all, the 4 of Cups reversed implies your new enthusiasm and perspective for personal well-being. 

Four of Cups Meaning For Finance (Reversed)

The 4 of Cups reversed represent financial stability and growth. It indicates a time when you must take a breath, soak in the beauty of your progress, and embrace your money management skills. You’ve finally overcome your envious self and the zone where you focused and belittled yourself, noticing others' success. 

This is a reflection of your efforts to appreciate what you already have, as well as your capacity to manage your finances. While you may have once envied others for their financial stability, you may now try to have a more optimistic outlook on money. The universe will reward you as you concentrate on developing better financial habits. Without letting what other people think or have to say distract you, save and spend as you need to. The prizes indicated by this card require effort, so be prepared.

Four of Cups Meaning For Spirituality (Reversed)

The reversed Four of Cups meaning in a spiritual setting denotes that you are prepared to emerge from your current spiritual rut. You're prepared to put the past's sorrow, regrets, and possibilities behind you and concentrate instead on the good and beautiful things all around you. As you start to live with an attitude of thankfulness and take an active approach to finding your way in life, this can only be helpful for the development of your spirituality.

Four of Cups: Yes or No?

One card draw is for direct and straight answers. When someone attempts a card pull, they want a direct Yes or No. So, one card pull benefits someone in a dilemma or facing confusion and indecisiveness. All you have to do is shuffle the deck and then pick a card. A one-card pull may offer you the solution to your problem.

Upright: The answer you get after pulling the upright 4 of Cups in your tarot reading is a "Yes". 

Reversed: The Four of Cups reversed is mostly interpreted as a "No" card when it appears in your tarot reading. 

Four of Cups Meaning In Numerology

The number 4 represents a period when you will concentrate on your personal development and set a strong foundation with the roots of something as solid as an oak tree.

The Four of Cups is associated with Neptune's elemental water attributes, the spiritual awakener who helps you let go of your ego and aids your progress in making the necessary adjustments, and the sign of Cancer. Neptune's function in Cancer indicates a meditative state that facilitates wisdom acquisition.

Four of Cups Meaning For Timing

You will progress steadily toward your final goal if the Four of Cups tarot card appears in your reading. As the key element here is water, your growth will be flowy, continuous, and could reflect strength. However, there is no precise time, and you might see your desired result even after months.

You can also pay attention to the number for timing. For instance, your wish may come true on the 4th, 16th, or 24th of the next month. Know that your thoughts will become reality only if you put your heart and soul into them. Though the reading might give you a forecast for the day, sometimes the results might materialize in a few days or weeks. 

Therefore, patience is important for you to achieve your desired results. In addition, you must note that you cannot rely on tarot cards for long-term predictions, as the future constantly alters according to actions and events that take place in life.

So, this was all about the 4 of Cups tarot card meaning. If you pulled it while reading, the tarot card would now hopefully make sense in your current situation. You can contact our adept tarot experts anytime if you need more exclusive help and guidance for a specific situation or problem.