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Five of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Five of Cups tarot card represents sadness, sorrow, grief, disappointment, tragedy, trauma, and other forms of loss or despair. When this card appears in a tarot reading, it's a sign that your attention is on the negative. This might be the result of a trauma or unfavorable change you have gone through. However, for all the negative connotations the 5 of Cups tarot card can have, there is a positive message underneath it all. You just need to wake up, break the shackles of sadness, and grasp the next best opportunity that’s available to you. To get detailed information about the card, let’s dive into this 5 of Cups tarot guide. 

The Five of Cups Key Facts

Here’s a quick overview of some key facts and important terms associated with the Five of Cups tarot card. 

Five of Cups Meaning (Upright): Trauma, loss, sadness, tragedy, unwelcome change, emotional immaturity, dwelling on losses and bad feelings, unhappiness, missed opportunities, regret, despair, rejection, guilt, remorse, regret

Five of Cups Meaning (Reversed): Accepting help, starting to move ahead, getting over trauma, forgiving others, reintegrating into society, letting go of emotions, letting go of guilt or shame, letting go of grief, and getting over hopelessness

Yes or No Yes
Element Water 
Numerology 5
Planet Pluto and Mars
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
five of cups tarot card

Five of Cups Description 

The 5 of Cups tarot card shows a boy or man wearing a dark or black cape or clothes. The boy presented in the tarot card seems sad and grief-stricken. In the card, the boy seems to be looking at the three fallen cups in front of him. These cups represent the shortcomings or failures of the individual in the past. Two other cups are also present in the card, behind the boy, both in an upright position. 

However, just like everyone is so consumed with grieving for their loved ones, the person does not appear to notice that there are two standing cups. A powerful river rushes between him and a distant palace or castle, symbolizing a torrent of emotions. The Five of Cups portrays a man wearing a long black robe standing atop three knocked-over cups, representing his regrets, failings, or the bad in which he is so involved that he fails to acknowledge the good.

Two cups behind him represent potential and fresh opportunities, but since he is focused on his flaws, he ignores the opportunities in front of him. If he could just get his mind off the tipped cups, a footbridge in the distance spans a broad, quickly flowing creek and leads to the protection of the palace.

Five of Cups Meaning (Upright)

The Five of Cups tarot card meaning represents any unwanted or unforeseen event. It indicates that you are disappointed or unsatisfied with a recent event or happening. The reason for this is that you expected different results than you actually got. The meaning of the 5 of Cups tarot card is quite straightforward, the individual is overthinking and bothered by the same disappointing event and refuses to overcome it. 

The Five of Cups meaning reveals the state of an individual who refuses to overcome losses just because he/she is stuck in the happenings of the past. You, as an individual, are hesitant and unable to overcome the loss just because you are stuck in the previous events. The 5 of Cups tarot card meaning also shows that you may even miss out on high-potential tasks in the future as well. This means that because you are dwelling on the past, you may not see the actual potential of future opportunities. 

You are resistant to getting over the past and grasping future opportunities that may have even better outcomes than the ones you felt or faced previously. In short, the Five of Cups tarot card meaning shows that you are focused on the events of the past, unable or unwilling to overcome them, and thus can’t see what the future holds for you or the positive opportunities that are right in front of you to grasp. 

five of cups tarot card upright

You may think that the 5 of Cups tarot card meaning represents something negative, but it is actually quite positive. It presents a good message that even though the person in the card is grieving over the spilled and broken cups, there are two other cups that are standing straight up. These two cups represent that no matter how bad or sad a situation may seem, the silver lining is always there. Things may appear negative, but positive change is just around the corner. 

Five of Cups Meaning For Love or Relationships (Upright)

The 5 of Cups tarot card meaning in upright is quite similar to that of love or relationships. You are sad about your love or relationship. You are facing problems with your partner or grieving his/her/their loss. There may be a lot of factors or reasons to grieve about and ponder over. You may be getting separated from your partner or facing any kind of conflict or internal fight. 

You may have very strong reasons to be upset, but the Five of Cups tarot card meaning reveals that you are ignoring or overlooking some of the most important and still positive factors of the relationship. You may still be able to save all that seems to be gone forever. The sparks of possibility are always present for you to use and ignite the fuel of love, care, and affection. 

You can be sad about all the things that are happening or work on the factors that may still fix everything up for you. Even if you are single or alone right now and still pick the card, it means that you are still dwelling on the happenings of the past relationship or its outcomes. The connection may seem to have been broken for ages, yet somehow it manages to hurt you a lot after all this time. 

The 5 of Cups tarot card meaning indicates that the disappointing situation may seem to be hurting you in unimaginable ways. The situation seems to be slipping from your hands, making you sad or drowning in sorrow. The mistakes you made in the past or in prior relationships may be bringing you down. This is a card of sorrow and abandonment, and it thus represents the loss of a dearly beloved. 

The 5 of Cups card has multiple meanings and may also show that the happenings of your past relationships, or your least feelings for the ex, may be causing some problems in your present relationship. The Five of Cups tarot card meaning suggests that you need to get over such feelings and devote your time and efforts, along with the strongest of your emotions and affection, to the present one to make it better and more sustainable. 

Another meaning of the Five of Cups tarot card that may not be easily visible is that you may be too scared of getting abandoned or of actually abandoning the relationship yourself. 

Five of Cups Meaning For Career (Upright)

When it comes to your career, the Five of Cups meaning could indicate a layoff or a business failure. If you are a business owner, it may also imply that you have closed your doors, let go of a specific business concept, or that a partner or employee has left the company. 

Even if the 5 of Cups tarot card meaning suggests a challenging, unwelcome change in policy, there is still much you can learn from it, so try not to let your anger, frustration, or hopelessness consume you. Additionally, it might allude to a career in trauma or group therapy. It is not a good idea to invest or spend carelessly right now because the Five of Cups card in a financial Tarot spread can indicate a financial loss. 

The Five of Cups tarot card meaning could indicate the loss of a job in a career reading. This incident may have left you feeling defeated, dissatisfied, and uninspired. But keep in mind that if one door closes, another one will probably open in a different area of your life. Dwelling on the negative aspects of the circumstance for an extended period of time will drain your energy and keep you from looking for new opportunities. Even though having a brief period of unemployment is challenging, you must see the positive side of things. You have a great chance—perhaps even one that is better than the one you lost.

Five of Cups Meaning For Health (Upright)

In a health context, the meaning of the Five of Cups can represent unfavorable issues that result in mental health issues. It could represent depression or grief that makes people anxious, a tendency to withdraw that makes people anxious in public places, or panic disorder. Return to the outside world, if possible. Take baby steps to reorient yourself to the outside world, such as scheduling a private coffee date with a close friend.

If you're having problems, a qualified therapist might be able to assist you. The Five of Cups tarot card meaning frequently portends issues with your mental well-being in relation to your physical health. Anxiety and distress are two potential symptoms of these issues. If you don't care about yourself, you may encounter more people like these. Don't forget to take the best advice available. 

You would fall if you engaged in any harmful behavior. Additionally, drawing the 5 of Cups card during the tarot card reading portends that some of your earlier health problems might recur. You could experience severe harm and become lethargic as a result.

Five of Cups Meaning For Finance (Upright)

The Five of Cups tarot card meaning in a financial tarot reading might represent a lack of resources. You might be suffering from a sizable financial loss. You might need to keep an eye on your spending to make sure you are not wasting money in order to regain your financial stability during this difficult time. 

It's more critical than ever to maintain a positive outlook on your situation. Fortunately, the 5 of Cups tarot card meaning frequently shows that there are still plenty of things you can do to make things better, so think about your abilities and resources to see what you can do to make up for the loss.

It is reasonable to assume that a financial loss will occur soon. A business venture may not have gone as planned, or you may have given a friend a financial loan that they have yet to repay. You will be able to get through this period in the best way possible if you make sure that your remaining funds are in order. Keep acting the way you usually do rather than thinking too negatively. That will eventually be profitable.

Five of Cups Meaning For Spirituality (Upright)

The Five of Cups is a spiritual card that suggests you might be harboring deep feelings of resentment, anger, or frustration. The saying goes that holding grudges is equivalent to consuming poison while hoping the other person perishes. The 5 of Cups tarot card meaning signifies that, in order to grow in faith, you must be able to forgive those who have perpetrated against you. 

To assist you in putting these emotions behind you, think about therapy or energy healing. Imagine the people who have hurt you coming to you to apologize for the harm they have done to you in the past and asking the universe to help you forgive them, forgive yourself, and let go of the pain you have been holding onto.

Five of Cups Meaning (Reversed)

Reversed Five of Cups meaning portends that you have recently been disappointed or dealt a psychological blow. You might feel like a "failure" while not wanting other people to know you made a mistake. Instead, you can decide not to express your feelings to others since you're not ready to. But maybe this is the appropriate time to start a conversation. 

Because people might not be aware of the extent of your suffering, don't be reluctant to ask for help or to speak with someone you can trust. You could discover that doing so minimizes the emotional pain you experience. Being able to express your feelings to others can help you realize that you can overcome this temporary setback.

The Five of Cups reversed card tells you to excuse yourself and move on if you feel ashamed or guilty about what happened and blame yourself for your mistakes. Recognize that you did your best. When the 5 of Cups card appears in a tarot reading, it means that you are beginning to understand the full ramifications of the past and value the lessons that may be drawn from it. You might even see how important the unpleasant event was in the big picture. It acts as an indicator that you're unable to change the past when the Five of Cups is reversed. It is now time for you to give up anything that doesn't benefit your emotional well-being and expand your mind to the possibilities that lie ahead. You're relearning how to be vulnerable and take chances, especially emotional ones.

five of cups tarot card reversed

If you have experienced setbacks, you will discover that you have more optimism for the future and that you are once again interested in the fun and creative aspects of life.

Five of Cups Meaning For Love or Relationships (Reversed)

If you are single and the Five of Cups tarot card appears in reversed position in a love tarot reading, it may mean that you have managed to overcome your regrets or grief over past relationships and are ready to move on. You're beginning to appreciate how many romance possibilities exist all around you. You're starting to integrate into life and go outside to socialize once more. Now that others have injured you, you may let it go. 

Alternatively, the 5 of Cups love prediction could indicate that you're still holding on to the damaging emotions linked to the card's upright posture. Consider coaching or counseling if you are having trouble letting go of these feelings. If you are in a relationship, the Five of Cups reversed card suggests that you might be willing to forgive past wrongdoings in order to continue your relationship with your partner. It designates a time when relationships will be repaired and reconciled. 

Alternatively, it might imply that you're still holding onto old wounds, which is keeping the relationship from progressing. The Five of Cups love prediction in reversed position is a message to let go of the past and move on with your partner if you're in a relationship.

Five of Cups Meaning For Career (Reversed)

The reversal of the Five of Cups tarot card represents healing. This Minor Arcana tarot card suggests that if you have recently gone through a challenging period in your career, such as a layoff, job loss, or business failure, you have everything you need to get through this period. You can now partially make up for your losses. Healing is on the way, and you might find that despite the suffering you experienced, these setbacks assisted you in obtaining a much better position. 

Furthermore, you might experience less of the stress and agony you've been experiencing as a result of these problems. The Five of Cups reversed card might signify standing back on your feet after being dismissed or suffering another professional setback. A business partner walking out on you or needing to start again after hardship are other examples of what it may mean. 

You might even discover that you're able to regain some of your damages, reclaim the business or a portion of the firm, and change it into something even greater when the 5 of Cups card comes in a reversed position in your Tarot spread. You're starting to get back on track after losing a job, a business manager, or a professional endeavor that you put a lot of effort into.

Five of Cups Meaning For Health (Reversed)

In a health tarot reading, the Five of Cups meaning in reversed position suggests that the key to resolving any current health issues is to give yourself permission to let go of past suffering and connect to healing energy. If you're struggling to let go of resentment, energy healing may be able to help. 

The 5 of Cups reversed suggests that letting go of past grief is necessary in order to find a solution to any health concerns you may be having. If you're having trouble letting go of negativity, healing might be helpful.

Five of Cups Meaning For Finance (Upright)

The Five of Cups tarot card meaning in reverse could signify calm and the end of recent turmoil or financial loss. By overcoming your losses, you can find new paths to financial security. You might have improved your financial security by using the remaining funds to finance a worthwhile project, like a venture or a side business. Consider yourself successful; be joyful.

In a financial situation, the Five of Cups reversed suggests that things should be improving after a trying time. It might also imply problems with or disputes over an inheritance. Be more appreciative of what you already have. Take inspiration from others and recognize your equal ability to contribute. Adopting your true passions, learning to take yourself seriously, and having a positive outlook are the keys.

Five of Cups Meaning For Spirituality (Reversed)

In a spiritual context, the 5 of Cups tarot card meaning in reversed position can indicate that you are coming out of a period of great loss or sorrow and are ready for a new start and spiritual path. You've learned some very important karmic lessons through your suffering, and you're letting them change you into a more sympathetic, spiritual, and compassionate person. 

You could also choose to dwell on your pain and be hesitant to let the past go. You won't be able to carry out your karmic tasks and advance spiritually if you do this. As you give your sadness and grief to the cosmos, ask it to help you with your healing.

The Five of Cups Tarot Card: Yes or No

You only draw one card when you want concise, direct answers. When you require clear, Yes-or-No answers, this method is used. Consequently, getting a one-card draw is typically advantageous if you are in a difficult situation or a jam. You can choose one from the deck of cards once it has been shuffled. Then, based on your inquiry, you will receive a response. One pull of the Five of Cups tarot card results in the following outcomes:

Upright: The Five of Cups indicates a resounding "No". This tarot card represents an intense sense of loss, letdown, and general unhappiness. When something has gone wrong and left you feeling stuck, the Five of Wands frequently appears.

Reversed: The Five of Cups Reversed represents "Yes". The Five of Cups reversed signifies acceptance and the capacity to see the positive side of things. It demonstrates that you are ready to go and that you have learned valuable lessons from your setbacks.

The Five of Cups Meaning in Numerology

The disruptive force of Mars is paired with the number 5. According to conventional numerology, Mercury, the planet of communication, is associated with the number 5. These energies suggest that if you are prepared to accept them, your current pessimistic outlook may be a fruitful process in the Suit of Cups.

The Five of Cups Meaning for Timing

The Five of Cups tarot card is connected to a significant event when intuition and emotions are focused inward. The fulfillment of a secret prophecy and an unexpected event may be about to take place within the next three weeks. The timing changes when you get to the cards that are numbered 5 in the Tarot. 

If your question is about the timing of an event, the 5 of Cups tarot card meaning predicts that whatever you want or wonder about will manifest gradually. Even so, the influx will grow because the water element suggests a steady but powerful flow.

It would be roughly counted on the fifth, fourteenth, and twenty-third days of each month. You should understand this by keeping in mind that everything you are asking for is already on its way, developing gradually over time into a steady stream of benefits.

That’s all for the Five of Cups tarot card meaning. Remember that even when all seems lost, there is always a bright light that offers hope. All you have to do is open your eyes and search the area for it. We hope you find this Five of Cups tarot guide helpful. However, if you need more specialized guidance and support for a particular situation or concern, get in touch with our knowledgeable tarot experts.