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Death Tarot Card Meaning

Most individuals are afraid of the Death Tarot card. Nonetheless, it usually does not symbolize actual Death because you can never predict Death. The Death Tarot Card meaning often depicts a time of spiritual growth, change, and new beginnings. The Death card appearance in a Tarot reading can also signify that one must relinquish old issues or convictions. So what else does the Death tarot card meaning in the reading suggest? Let's take a closer look at this card in this Death Tarot Guide.

Death Key Facts

Here’s a quick overview of some key facts and important terms associated with the Death tarot card.

Death Card Upright Meaning: Transition, transformation, letting go, endings, change, release.

Death Card Reversed Meaning: Resisting change, fear of change, stagnancy, repeating negative patterns, decay.

Yes or No Yes
Element Water
Numerology 13
Planet Pluto
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
death tarot card

Death Tarot Card Description

The Death card features a skeleton riding a white horse while clad in black armor like the Envoy of Death. The armor represents invincibility and the wisdom that Death will come no matter what, while the skeleton signifies the element of one's body that survives after life has ended. The horse is a representation of strength, power, and purity, but the dark color conjures up images of sadness and the enigmatic. 

On Death's black flag, a white rose with five petals represents beauty, purification, and immortality; five represent change. These pictures reveal that Death is more than just life's end. The Death card is about alterations, transformations, new starts, births, and ends. Death is a natural aspect of life that comes with its own.

The majestic skeletal figure is lying down, seemingly dead, as a girl, a bishop, and a child beg for his mercy. And since we all understand, Death doesn't really spare anyone of us. In the background, a ship can be spotted sailing along the river, resounding with the legendary chariots that took the deceased to eternal life. The Death card shows the sun sinking between two buildings on the horizon as a representation of how the sun departs at night and is reborn in the morning.

Death Tarot Card Meaning (Upright)

The Death tarot card is arguably the one that most people misinterpret and fear the most out of all the cards in the tarot deck. The majority of people get frightened just by saying the card's name since they think they'll pass out and face Death as it arrives. But remain calm! One of the best cards in the tarot deck is Death.

After sitting and contemplating with Hanged Man, you understand that a significant period or phase of your life is coming to an end. Creating space for something much more meaningful and significant. But, before closing one door, the other must be opened. Giving up the past might not be easy, but the Death meaning reveals that you'll soon see how vital it is and the way it has the power to regenerate and evolve. 

Of course, it's possible to experience both mental and bodily discomfort if you have difficulty reaching these crucial conclusions. Nevertheless, when you employ your vision to envisage a different situation, you allow for the emergence of more favorable patterns.

The period of significant modification, change, and transition that the Death tarot card meaning represents is identical. You must alter and get rid of the old in order to make room for the new. You should view every shift in your life as a purifying, positive, and transformational force. A more interesting and fulfilling existence can be paved with Death and excluding limiting aspects.


The Death tarot card meaning represents an abrupt, unanticipated transformation. Everyone experiences Death. Death represents a substantial change, regardless of your identity. Including where you reside, how much income you have, or the color of your skin. Hence, the Death meaning may represent a feeling of being unable to escape the repercussions of sweeping change. Especially if accompanied by The Tower or The Hanged Man. 

However, despite the fact that the upheaval might appear painful and unwanted, it may really take along with it a number of unexpected benefits and opportunities. Death is a warning that you must learn to say goodbye to unwanted attachments to live a more meaningful life. The Death card encourages you to relinquish life's outdated and overgrown practices and move on. This card is ideal for breaking a negative behavioral pattern or habit. Get rid of the outdated possessions, baggage, and memories that are impeding your progress.

Death Meaning For Love and Relationships (Upright)

Death meaning can refer to being locked in emotional relationships that are no longer functional when it comes to love and relationships. If you already have a relationship, it will only last if you can learn to accept change. 

Sometimes, if things haven't been going well, the Death Tarot card meaning can also suggest that you might wish to call it quits. It's critical to keep in mind that every door that shuts when the Death card appears opens a different one. Death in a love tarot reading may be difficult to take, but transformations for one companion or another may be what's required to foster growth for both parties. 

Although initially unsettling, the changes that the Death card can bring about in a relationship can also be advantageous. In less stressful words, it could signify the beginning of a new phase, like becoming engaged. If you are single, the Death tarot card meaning in love context may suggest that you have to give up some attitudes, ideas, or practices to build better, more lasting connections.

Death Meaning For Career (Upright)

From a career perspective, "death" serves as a caution not to grow progressively dependent on things that don't work for you. Life's only certainty is that everything will change. If you're not happy in your present job, begin to seek out another one; else, the universe may push you to. 

The Death meaning may advise you to start your own business even if you've been reluctant to quit your current work due to its stability. If you've been considering changing occupations, the upright Death card might tell you it's time to do so.

The Death tarot card meaning reveals that if you don't act quickly, life's circumstances can push you to quit your existing job. For example, there may have been a point when you felt uncaring, uninterested, and unsatisfied. If you continue on your current path, there's more at stake than your comfort if you are unsatisfied or feel dominated in different ways. But you might be clinging to it since it offers security, regularity, and stability. One door often opens while another one closes, so embrace the additional changes and dive right in.

Death Meaning For Health (Upright)

Don't panic if the Death card appears in a health reading; remember that it only foretells physical Death under specific conditions. In the event that you believe your health condition will never recover, the Death meaning may indicate a transformation. 

The Death card foretells that the outcome will depend mainly on your reaction to this change. If you have a bad health condition and have been sick, make an effort to accept future changes by changing your point of view.

You might also try a novel approach that you haven't attempted before, such as a particular diet, a holistic approach, or energy therapy. Accept the fact that things will change and your situation won't last forever. Even though you feel sick, try to find a good thing to focus on daily.

Death Meaning For Finance (Upright)

There may be a rapid drop in earnings or loss of money when the Death card (upright) appears when it comes to Finance. If that occurs, try not to be upset; this shift will benefit you, and you will learn from it. On the other hand, if you are having financial difficulties, don't hide your face. Instead, make the necessary changes and move on. And keep in mind that if you adhere to the correct adjustments, your financial issues will eventually be resolved.

The Death tarot card meaning represents a loss. Thus, it's probable that your cash resources are declining. But this time frame could also stimulate a revolution in your style of management and principles. This card acts as an encouragement to conduct yourself in all financial dealings with honesty, fairness, and equality. Keep a harmony between your desires and others' wants, as well as between what you receive and what you contribute. Your financial situation should be good if you maintain balance throughout.

Death Meaning For Spirituality (Upright)

As we pass away physically, our spirits depart from the body and revert to the divine beings to whom we are all essential. This is a form of transmutation. The Death card meaning indicates a transformation of the heart. Also, it is a time when you have the chance to establish a solid bond with your inner consciousness and find out a spiritual degree that you may not have known you possessed. 

Grief, loss, or suffering you have endured may have caused this spiritual shift. It could stand for a challenging change from one circumstance to another. Even though it may be challenging, try to accept the change because it will lead you to a greater path. 

​Death Tarot Card Meaning (Reversed)

An upright Death meaning represents transformation and often indicates starting afresh by leaving behind the past. When the Death card appears in the reversed position, it may signify that you are all set to endure substantial change but are putting up opposition to it. 

You might have difficulty giving up things or find yourself confused about the best way to implement the essential adjustment. You continue to retain limiting beliefs from earlier days that can prevent you from seizing a fresh opportunity. Your unwillingness has caused life to stagnate, and you feel as though your situation is uncertain.

You can embrace change instead of resisting it when the death tarot card is reversed. Observe what wonderful opportunities open up when you embrace the transformation. Once you learn how to give up the past and surrender to the present. The time ahead becomes much more promising. 

Death Reversed can imply that you'll be dealing with substantial personal growth, frequently in private and out of the gaze of others. In order to make room for new things to appear, you've given up on things that are no longer valuable to you. You can either look at the other tarot card reading or draw a follow-up card to help you better grasp what you have to purge and release. 

death reversed

For instance, using plant therapy or other forms of spiritual healing, you might eradicate fear and limiting ideas, alter your routines, or go through a bodily purge and metamorphosis. Wait until the transition has occurred before sharing this with others; once it has, do so as a motivating factor.

Death Meaning For Love and Relationships (Reversed)

If you are committed to your relationship, the Death tarot card meaning in the love and romance context shows that you resist letting it change. You might be clinging to a relationship that has long since ended since you feel reliant on your spouse or are scared of loneliness. Or perhaps you feel no need to continue in a bond you no longer adore. 

On the other hand, it might also indicate the potential reemergence and reigniting of a long-forgotten connection. When you're single, the Death card love meaning strongly indicates that you need to let go of negative coping methods to make lasting changes in your love life.

When it comes to dating and relationships, the Death Reversed tarot card's love interpretation suggests that you have a strong reluctance to change. This could manifest as continuing in an unhappy marriage that isn't helping you grow personally. On the other hand, you might just be together out of convenience, guilt, or fear of being alone, or you might be dependent on the relationship.

Death Meaning For Career (Reversed)

Like its upright Death tarot card meaning, the Death reversed Tarot card's interpretation denotes that it might be time to embark on a new path or change occupations. You might resist this adjustment since you are reluctant to quit your current security level. Your job may not be enjoyable, yet you can still appreciate the stability and regularity it provides. 

The Death card meaning reveals that your actions may have kept you from accomplishing your goals. Take into account what has to change for you to advance professionally. Take the necessary actions to achieve this goal. Alternatively, you might do everything you can to obstruct this transformation. You can decide to stay even though the workplace is unfriendly, the salary is low, or the responsibilities are monotonous. 

Our professional lives and other areas of our lives constantly change. We need to be able to welcome it instead of pushing it away. Instead, we watch it decay and get depleted over time when we hang onto a routine that's no longer destined to be a component of who we are. Unfavorable workplace behaviors might occasionally be represented by the Death reversed Tarot card, which is unfortunate.

Death Meaning For Health (Reversed)

Death Reversed card could specify that you're postponing medication or taking charge of your health problems in a medical context. Maybe you are reluctant to address a more fundamental problem at the root of your health issues. For example, you may have had regular deferment check-ups because you were worried about a particular illness in the past. 

Like the upright interpretation, a spiritual transformation prompted by a tough time, grief, or loss in your life is indicated when the Death card is reversed. However, the Death reversed card in a tarot reading signifies that you are totally immune to this shift. The upheavals you've experienced may have upset you so much that you're hesitant to proceed. 

You may have given up on life and think nothing good will ever happen to you. But, on the other hand, you could be sad and think that nothing the universe can give you can make up for what you've been through. Death meaning indicates permitting yourself to feel what you are feeling. Yet clinging to your sorrow and digging your feet in will only worsen things. 

Death Meaning For Finance (Reversed)

Even if you cannot stop yourself from running out of money, you can find it tough to accept and make changes. In order to endure this short time, the Death card meaning reveals that you might have to adapt your expenditure. But you could find it difficult to give up some requirements. If you don't let this time change how you see your possessions and ideals, you might not learn your lessons. 

Learning to stop resisting these adjustments will make coping much easier. In a tarot card reading, the Death meaning suggests that you might be in for a financial slump and that you should rethink how you manage your finances to get through it.

Assess your spending habits. Do you have any areas in which you may be wasting money but are holding off on fixing them since this will help you manage your money more effectively? For instance, do you frequently overspend even if you are paying off your debt? The Death card meaning suggests you avoid making poor financial decisions and give up bad spending patterns. Difficulties will pass quickly if you manage your money well.

Death Meaning For Spirituality (Reversed)

When the reversed Death Tarot card appears in a spiritual context, it signifies a spiritual transformation prompted by a challenging circumstance, loss, or sadness, similar to the upright Death Tarot card meaning. However, the Death meaning in reversed position suggests you are incredibly resistant to this transformation. Perhaps you're sticking your neck out and refusing to progress because you're upset over the events that have occurred.

It's possible that you no longer have faith in the possibility of anything positive transpiring in your future. You might feel discouraged and think that nothing you do now will make up for the difficulties you've faced, though. It's okay to feel this way. 

The Death card meaning suggests embracing your emotions. But remember that burying your head in the sand and firmly choosing to remain unhappy is only going to make things worse. Instead, make an effort to believe that the higher power is guiding, supporting, and loving you. Even if you are too agitated to realize it. You'll move in a better direction if you start to put one foot in front of the other.

Death Tarot Card: Yes or No

When you require an immediate response to any circumstance, you should use the "One Card Pull" method. This pull is helpful when you're in a binding situation and need a quick Yes-or-No answer. All you need to do is shuffle the deck and pick one card to obtain a response to your question. Then, based on your inquiry, you will receive a response. One pull of the Death tarot card results in the following outcomes:

Upright: If you have drawn the Death tarot card into an upright position, the answer is "Yes".

Reversed: If you have drawn the Death tarot card in the reversed position, the answer is "No".

Death Tarot Card Meaning in Numerology

Death Tarot card features the number 13. 13 is the number of the Emperor in numerology, which indicates that 4 is the number of complete expressions. 13 is 1+3=4, indicating the number of the Emperor. Death is thus both completely present in the world and also exists outside of it. The Death card pairs perfectly with this conflict.

The odd number 13 is frequently regarded as unlucky. Yet on a physical level, it's just terrible luck. We discovered that the 12 number represents humanity in its entirety in the novel The Hanged Man. That's not fully accurate, though. 

Every time, there is a 13th individual who is distinct from the rest. In Christianity, for instance, there have been twelve disciples in addition to Jesus. There were originally 12 tribes in Judaism. The Levi tribe was added as a priestly tribe, making it the 13th tribe. Joseph's tribe was divided into two parts. 13 represents things that don't fall into the usual category.

Death Card Meaning for Timing

The Death card warns you to be extremely careful when hearing other people talk about incidents and their role in them. However, it's not necessary to voice your opposition. Instead, you must observe, pay close attention, engage in active participation, and remain calm while the action takes place.

Your understanding will go far deeper if you pay attention to how people define themselves. You may be able to discover the details you require to make a well-informed decision by drawing conclusions from hints and indirect inferences. For instance, the Death tarot card meaning indicates that within 30 days, something important might happen. The Death card then appears every three to four months and makes a significant, long-lasting impression.


That's all for the Death tarot card meaning! If you have pulled the upright or reversed Death in your spread, did the meaning make sense to your situation in life? We hope you find this Death tarot guide helpful. However, if you require more specialist advice for a particular circumstance, get in touch with our knowledgeable tarot experts.