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“Tarot cards hold timeless wisdom, offering guidance and clarity in times of uncertainty.” Tarot has been illuminating our path to wisdom and self-discovery, guiding us when we need it the most for centuries. The history of the mysterious realm of tarot travels a long way from being the instrument of divination in 18th-century France, being a part of hermeneutic, magical, mystical, and psychological practices, fortune-telling for Romani people, to the present world, where you can get a tarot reading to dive deeper into your soul and reveal the blessings and challenges the universe has in store for you. 

A tarot card reading involves understanding the pictorial map of our consciousness, forming our life journey, both practically and spiritually. Through their unique imagery, the tarot cards depict the innermost truths of your being. 

The new age tarot cards are broken into two categories, i.e., Minor Arcana and Major Arcana, acting as a roadmap to your life and a guiding light to your soul. In an online tarot reading session, an expert psychic reader lays a tarot spread (such as a Celtic cross spread, full moon tarot spread, love tarot spread, etc.) in a specific pattern and then addresses your concern depending on the energy surrounding your environment and whether a Minor or Major Arcana card shows up as an answer to your question. 

Hence, diving deeper into Major and Minor Arcana cards is crucial to understand tarot reading. Let us begin with understanding the symbols, keywords, and stories the Major Arcana cards represent. 

The Major Arcana Tarot Cards

A deck of 22 cards, the Major Arcana tarot cards in an online tarot card represent the universe’s messages for the enlightenment of your soul. These cards relate to the life lesson and karmic influences on your soul’s journey toward the ultimate purpose of your being. 

Whenever a psychic reader draws a Major Arcana card in your free tarot card reading, the divine is urging you to reflect on your life’s lessons and the current themes. It reveals the core reasons behind how your life path is unfolding. 

Moreover, the Major Arcana cards, beginning with the Fool and going all the way to World, depict life-transforming experiences with long-term effects in health, career, finance, spirituality, and love tarot reading. 

Hence, understanding the meaning of the unique symbolism of each Major Arcana card in an online tarot reading is essential to know the implications of various events on your personal and spiritual quest. 

the Major Arcana cards and their meaning

the Minor Arcana tarot cards

While the Major Arcana cards focus on long-term life situations, the Minor Arcana cards in a free online tarot reading highlight the daily happenings. The 56 cards making up the Minor Arcana deck help you understand how your current situation is affecting your work, financial, spiritual, and love life and the steps you should take to achieve your goals. 

The 56 cards in the general tarot spread consist of four suits (comprising 14 cards with 10 numbered and 4 court cards each), namely, the Suit of Cups, the Suit of Pentacles, the Suit of Swords, and the Suit of Wands. A clear understanding of each of these suits is crucial to recognizing the energy driving your life presently and how you can turn it into a positive direction with your actions. Hence, let us decode the meaning of these suites. 

1. The Suit of Wands

Governed by the unpredictable, hot, energetic, and wild Fire element, the Suit of Wands represents passion, sexuality, enthusiasm, and energy. It is a representation of masculine energy’s drive and willpower, as fire is a masculine element. 

Corresponding to Clubs in a deck of playing cards, the Suit of Wands in a free angel card reading highlights your creative potential, a period of development and transformation, and the need for you to pay heed to your thoughts, feelings, and intuition. 

Moreover, all elements have certain positive and negative aspects, and so does the Suit of Wands fire element. The positive side of this suit in a general or one-card tarot reading is ambition, action, and enthusiasm. Whereas, it shows impulsiveness, recklessness, and rashness on the negative side. 

The Suit of Wands Cards Meaning

2. The Suit Of Pentacles

Representing the Earth element, the Suit of Pentacles denotes tangible, earthy, and tactile energy. It is a depiction of feminine energy’s power to support, nurture, and help in the growth and development of a being, as the earth is a feminine element. 

Corresponding to Diamonds of a playing cards deck, the Suit of Pentacles in a free online tarot reading indicates the need for you to pay attention to something in the material aspects of your life, maybe you should step back a bit and try balancing your life’s materialistic and non-materialistic aspects. 

Moreover, like all other suits, the Suit of Pentacles also has some positive and negative connotations in finance, health, career, spirituality, and free love tarot reading. The positive aspect of this suit indicates long-term stability, material abundance, and the ability to achieve goals. Whereas, the negative aspect of this suit is greed, materialism, and excessive focus on the materialistic pleasures of life. 

The Suit Of Pentacles Cards Meaning

3. The Suit Of Swords

Associated with the Air element, the Suit of Swords represents the balance between an individual’s power and intellect. Moreover, it signifies the air’s intangible, unseen, and powerful energy. Furthermore, symbolically this masculine energy relates to action, knowledge, change, power, beliefs, thoughts, and attitudes. 

Additionally, corresponding to the Spades in a deck of playing cards, the Suit of Swords in a general or one-card tarot reading indicates you are going through a challenge or a forceful person/situation is on the horizon. You may even experience heartbreak, a legal battle, a struggle with truth, or hold on to some rigid viewpoint if this card appears in your tarot card reading. 

On the positive side, this suit illustrates a strong conviction, clear communication, and standing up for what is right. Whereas, the negative side of this suit shows harshness, aggression, and a lack of empathy. 

the Suit Of Swords Cards Meaning

4. The Suit Of Cups

Representing the fluid, agile, formative, and powerful Water element, the Suit of Cups deals with emotional consciousness, feelings, and relationships/connections. It is a feminine energy reflecting a woman's subtle power, i.e., receptive, purifying, flowing, and adaptable. 

The Suit of Cups, in a deck of playing cards, matches Hearts, relating to romanticism, creativity, imagination, and fantasy. In a daily online tarot card reading, the Suit of Cups shows you may be thinking more emotionally than rationally, urging you to reflect on your reactions and responses to various situations. 

Moreover, the brighter or positive side in a career, finance, health, spirituality, or relationship tarot spread represents creativity, healing, and connection. On the negative side, this suit shows extreme emotional attachment to someone or something, too much dependency on others, and over-sensitivity. 

The suit Of cups Cards Meaning

The tarot is a reflection of our soul, the narrative of our life, and a path leading to our inner consciousness. An online tarot reading aids in self-improvement, goal manifestation, decision-making, and living our life better. A tarot card reading is all it takes to tap your inner wisdom and knowledge to get the solutions to even the most complex problems. 

Moreover, tarot is an intuitive power one gets after years and years of practice, something our expert tarot readers have. You can get in touch with one of our skilled tarot readers to get spiritual insight, access your subconscious, and find the wisdom/solutions lying deep in the core of your soul. 

However, since no one is living your life but you, you should use the interpretation of online tarot cards as a guide and not the gospel. You should always follow your gut and stick with the readings that resonate with you. 

  • What is the difference between Major Arcana and Minor Arcana cards ? chevron down

    There are 78 cards in the tarot deck, and they are arranged methodically based on numerous concepts and systems. Out of these 78 cards, Major Arcana has 22 cards, and Minor Arcana takes up the remaining 56 cards. But why is it necessary to divide the tarot deck into two parts anyway? And what is the difference between these two in the online tarot reading?

    Let's take a closer look at each arcana.

    • Major Arcana:

    The 22 Major Arcana cards stand for the life lessons, karma, and overarching archetypal themes that are affecting your life and the ascension of your soul. When a card from the Major Arcana deck shows up in a tarot reading, it denotes the presence of a significant, overarching energy as opposed to a less significant or ordinary event in life. Major Arcana cards indicate a significant lesson or transition in a tarot card reading. It suggests there is energy that could potentially change your life.

    • The Minor Arcana

    While the Major Arcana address the overarching concepts and life lessons, the Minor Arcana focus on the circumstances that are only short-term or immediate. While every Major Arcana card is distinctive, the 56 cards that make up the Minor Arcana are part of a recurring system. The Minor Arcana is classified into four categories: Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles.

    These cards are easier to interpret if you know the element that each suit represents.

    • Wands stand for fire energy, which is characterized by enthusiasm, motivation, and taking coordinated action.
    • Cups stand for water energy, which governs our feelings and intuition.
    • Swords are symbolic of air energy, which pertains to thought and communication. 
    • Last but not least, pentacles are symbolic of earth energy, which is associated with material aspects of life like wealth and health.

    In addition, in a free tarot reading, there are ten cards arranged in numerical sequence from Ace (one) to Ten, making a total of 14 cards in each suit, which includes the Page, the Knight, the Queen, and the King of each suit.

  • How to read the tarot cards ?chevron down

    When reading Tarot cards, there are four main stages to follow: Consider your question first, then choose a Tarot spread with placements that relate to it. The cards will then be laid out and shuffled before you interpret them to get the answer to your query. Tarot card reading is something that everyone can learn. 

    You can find a lot of spreads to get you started online, and you don't need to know the meanings of every card; just click on the tarot cards above to find out more information! However, the traditional interpretation of the Tarot cards is only a portion of it; the rest comes from your own feelings and intuition, which will enable you to comprehend how the cards are related to your particular situation.

  • What are the Different Tarot Card Spreads ?chevron down

    The card design or pattern of cards selected from a deck during tarot reading is called tarot spreads. The spread guides the tarot readers and helps them interpret the story depicted on the cards. There are more than eleven different spreads popular in the tarot realm. Here are some of the most widely used ones.

    • The Celtic Cross Spread

    The Celtic Cross tarot spread works best when you wish to isolate problems from your life. In this spread, the reading starts with a cross. It helps you examine all the aspects of a situation by performing a piece-by-piece breakdown of the events happening in your life. Moreover, you can use this spread even when there is no specific question on your mind.

    • The Three-Card Spread

    Ideal for beginners, the three-card spread is adaptable to many questions and provides only enough information for a deeper understanding of the situation without overwhelming the reader. One of the most popular three-card tarot spreads is the past, present, and future spread.

    • The Horseshoe Spread

    It is an advanced tarot spread widely used for decision-making. The horseshoe spread works best when the querent is unsure about the most appropriate course of action. Moreover, it provides valuable information on the obstacles in your path and how to overcome them.

    • The Horoscope Spread

    Looking like an astrological wheel, the horoscope spread or 12-card tarot spread focuses on various aspects of your life to reveal valuable information about your present situation, helping you grow as an individual and set goals.

    • Yes or No Tarot Spread

    One card, or Yes or No tarot spread, is a simple reading to get a straight yes or no answer to any specific question. It is an ideal reading for inexperienced readers, as it does not require an in-depth understanding of tarot cards. You should only know the cards representing yes, no, or maybe.

    • The Star Spread

    Inspired by Fool’s lessons from his journey, the star spread works best when you are entering a phase of healing and coping with the feelings of losing something/someone. In this spread, six cards are arranged in a star-shaped pattern.

  • How To Read A Celtic Cross Spread?chevron down

    The Celtic Cross Spread is among the most commonly utilized tarot spreads. It is also one of the most difficult spreads in online tarot reading to correctly interpret. This 10-card tarot spread is adaptable and offers thorough responses to numerous queries on a variety of subjects.

    1st Card: The Present

    This card depicts the querent's current situation in the tarot reading.

    2nd Card: The Challenge

    This card depicts the immediate challenge or issue that the inquirer is dealing with.

    3rd Card: The Past

    This card symbolizes the occurrences that have contributed to what is currently happening and could offer a glimpse of the circumstances that led to the difficulty.

    4th Card: The Future

    This card depicts what is probably going to happen in the coming weeks or even months.

    5th Card: Above

    This card represents the questioner's objective, aspiration, or ideal result with respect to the circumstances.

    6th Card: Below

    This card digs much deeper into the fundamentals of the situation and reflects what is happening in the querent's subconscious.

    7th Card: Advice

    The advice card considers everything that is going on in the questioner's life and offers advice on how to handle the problems that they are facing right now.

    8th Card: External Factors

    This card emphasizes external factors that the questioner has no control over but that will have an impact on the question's outcome.

    9th Card: Hopes Or Fears

    This is possibly the position that is hardest to interpret. Do not forget how intertwined hopes and fears are. Therefore, what we hope for might also be what we fear, and as a result, it might not come to pass. 

    10th Card: Outcome

    This card predicts how things will develop and whether or not they will be resolved. It is assumed that the outcome will depend on the respondent's decision to continue in their current direction. 

  • How To Read A Three-Card Spread?chevron down

    The Three-Card Tarot spread investigates and illuminates factors that can enhance your luck. It is a simple tarot spread comprised of three cards, allowing the reader to get a sense of the situation without being provided with excessive detail.

    Card 1: The Past
    • Events from the past that still have an impact on you.
    • Past experiences that are either preventing you from moving forward or that can help you.
    Card 2: The Present
    • Your present situation.
    • Current difficulties.
    Card 3: The Future
    • What direction is the situation heading?
    • What will happen under the current circumstances?
  • How To Read A Star Spread? chevron down

    The Star Spread is a well-liked tarot card spread that provides direction and insight. The Star Spread has seven different positions, each of which has a distinct meaning in the free tarot reading. Here are the positions and what they mean in the online tarot card reading:

    Card 1: The Problem

    This position defines the current circumstances, whether favorable or unfavorable.

    Card 2: Positive Influences 

    This card reveals potential factors that could have a favorable impact on the situation. 

    Card 3: Negative Influences

    This card reveals any potential factors that could have a negative impact on the current circumstances.

    Card 4: Past Influences 

    This position demonstrates which influences are waning in influence. It is time to let go of these things because they are no longer necessary.

    Card 5: The Present 

    This card depicts the situation as it is right now. This position typically indicates whether or not change is required.

    Card 6: The Future 

    The card in this position predicts what will happen right away in the current circumstances.

    Card 7: The Final Outcome 

    This card represents the final outcome of the situation. 

  • How To Read A Horseshoe Spread?chevron down

    For readers who think the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread is too large or too challenging, this spread is a very helpful alternative to free tarot reading. The Horseshoe Tarot Card Spread allows for an in-depth analysis of the situation and can be applied to virtually any circumstance. Let us now talk about the various implications of each position in the Horseshoe spread.

    Card 1: Past Influences 

    The past affects the present. And it is this card that enables us to understand what happened in the past to lead to the current circumstances.

    Card 2: Present Conditions and Situation

    This card can reveal what factors are at play at the moment. 

    Card 3: Upcoming influences

    This card reveals what impending influences are most likely to have an impact on how your situation turns out. 

    Card 4: The Way Forward

    This card can provide guidance on what to do next.

    Card 5: Surroundings 

    The fifth card represents the attitudes of those who are close to you. This card in an online tarot reading can help people understand how those around them are affecting the situation because people close to us always have an impact on us.

    Card 6: Possible Challenges

    This card is useful because it helps you pinpoint the issues that are impeding your advancement.

    Card 7: Final Outcome. 

    If nothing changes, this will be the outcome or consequence of the situation. 

  • How To Read A Horoscope Spread? chevron down

    Each card in this Tarot spread represents an astrological house, or area of life, making it resemble a zodiac chart. Every card serves as a "house." Each house has a corresponding element, tarot suit, zodiac sign, and planet that governs that sign:

    1st House: Identity. 

    This is who you are—your physicality, personality, and appearance.

    2nd House: Resources. 

    This is your sense of self-worth, your material goods, and your financial situation (including your source of income). 

    3rd House: Communication and Knowledge 

    What you already know, how you first learned it, who your siblings and neighbors are, how you travel, whether it is short or frequent, and where you live. 

    4th House: Home and Family. 

    Your attachments, your roots, your structure, your history, your home life, and your emotional security (or lack thereof) all reside here.

    5th House: Creativity and Children. 

    The things we create and take risks with. Here, we create, fall in love, and play.

    6th House: Work and Service. 

    This relates to your physical well-being, your routines, your obligations, the menial tasks you complete, and those who work for you.

    7th House: Relationships. 

    This is where and how you interact with other people. There are openly acknowledged enemies as well as committed romantic or business partnerships.

    8th House: Tough Situations. 

    This house stands for the topics we would rather avoid discussing, including death, taxes, and inheritances. It also includes shared resources, borrowed money, illicit activity, and transformation.

    9th House: Expansion and Beliefs. 

    This house is all about broadening your thinking, your perspectives, your knowledge, and your worldviews. It includes philosophy, law, travel, adventure, and the learning we choose to do out of interest.

    10th House: Career. 

    This pertains to your social obligations, career, reputation, and overall presence in the world.

    11th House: Friends and Community. 

    Your hopes and dreams, relationships with friends and other people, and social life are all found here.

    12th House: Secrets and Undoing. 

    This is who we are when we are alone. The things we hide in the back of the closet are what ultimately unravel us. It also includes spirituality, karmic lessons, our hiding places, and what we intuit. 

  • How To Read A Yes Or No Tarot Spread? chevron down

    Yes-or-no tarot readings are perfect for novices because they are easy to comprehend. This spread consists of a particular question and often one card that signifies the "yes," "no," or "maybe" response. Professional tarot readers might find this method restrictive because of the simplicity of these interpretations. Nevertheless, using tarot card readings may enhance the richness and depth of an individual's narrative. 

    Sometimes just having a single query and one potential response limits your ability. A Yes or No tarot card reading could be quite helpful if you're struggling to make a decision quickly. For example, you may use the Yes or No tarot spread to decide whether to accept a job offer or start a chat with a close friend. Additionally, some people use a Yes or No tarot card reading to forecast the most likely outcome of a specific future scenario.