Significance of Panchang

The Panchang is a Hindu daily calendar that is based on the Vedic Astrology concepts. It presents significant Astrological information in the form of a table and is determined by thoroughly studying the daily planetary positions. Favorable dates or tithis, timings, festivals, Upvas, etc. can be determined by reading Panchang or Panchangam.

Panchang is very useful in day-to-day life as it gives a clear idea of favorable and unfavorable planetary positions ruling different aspects. By referring to the information provided in it, an individual can decide whether or not it is a favorable time to carry out a particular task.

The word Panchang has a Sanskrit origin and it translates to five limbs which are five visible and invisible sources of energy. Majorly, there are five components of Panchang:-

  • Tithi - It is also called Din and refers to The Lunar Day
  • Vara - It refers to Day as per the Hindu Lunar calendar.
  • Nakshatra - It refers to the Lunar Mansion.
  • Yoga - It refers to Luni Solar Day.
  • Karana - It refers to Half of Tithi or Half Lunar Day.

With the change in date and time, the 5 components of Panchang also change.

It is believed that when an individual commences their task after carefully studying the favorability and unfavorability of these 5 components, it helps them in the accomplishment of their important tasks and brings fortune, luck, and prosperity to their lives. Thus, it is necessary to keep yourself updated with the Panchang for the day. On Anytime Astro, you can find Aaj ka Panchang in Hindu Calendar or Panchang for Today.


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