Significance Of Muhurat

Muhurat is the auspicious time calculated by astrologers by carefully studying the planetary positions at a particular time. This is in respect of one’s horoscope. This is why when one Muhurat can be Shubh or auspicious for one person can be Ashubh or inauspicious for another. In Indian tradition, Shubh Muhurat is considered while doing something significant in life. For example, when getting married, starting a new business, house inauguration, child naming ceremony, pooja, hawans, buying a new vehicle, etc. It is believed to gain the blessings of the planets and the devtas if you perform every significant activity during an auspicious time.

Shubh Muhurat For Today

Avoid getting into something important during the Rahu Kaal. To know more about Shubh Muhurat for today, consult today’s Panchang.

Shubh Muhurat can be calculated in many ways. Anytime Astro provides the services of calculating it based on Choghadiya, Gowri Panchang, Shubh Hora, and Rahu Kaal. When calculated correctly, Muhurats have the power to take people to the peak of their success, and when not, it can have some adverse effects. This makes it vital to consider only the most trusted and knowledgeable source for checking Shubh Muhurat.


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