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I am Vijay, an expert Astrologer with experience of more than 30 years. I am based in Gwalior, India. I hold my expertise in Vedic Astrology, the knowledge of which I have received from my forefathers. It has been ages since the legacy of practicing Astrology has been passed on to the generations in my family. In a way, it runs in the blood. I intend to make the lives of people better by answering questions related to love issues, marriage, relationships, and other aspects. I provide insights based on Kundali or Horoscopes. It provides accurate predictions and helps me provide the most effective remedies for your problems.

Experience & Qualification

I am a certified Astrologer, practicing Astrology and its correlated fields since 1990. I got involved in this right after I attained my B.Sc. degree. I aim to solve all the problems in people's lives and make them happy. With my experience in Astrology, I provide the most accurate insights to my clients.

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shubhangi Gupta

good astrologer talk about the facts and would recommend to others


Soupam M

Guruji explained me everything in details and I will wait for some of the prediction.


Deepak singh



Varun Kumar



Nidhi Agarwal

satik aur scientific jyotish ka ek naam Vijay K Guruji;_ jyotish par believe ka ek naam Vijay K Guruji;_ anytime astro ke number-1 superstar Vijay K Guruji;_ chamatkar ko namaskar Vijay K Guruji


Nidhi Agarwal

anytime astro team ki Dil se abhari huin aur last mei anytime astro pe cha Jane wale superstar Vijay ji guruji ka fir se bandhan aur abhinandan karti huin


Ruchi Mahashabde

Very nice and powerful


Anonymous User



Himanshu Shrivastava

Thanks gru ji thanks for supporting


Nidhi Agarwal

Guruji's guidance is very accurate and invaluable to me. he has brought so many blessings in my life. God bless Guruji and may he help many many more the way he has transformed my life and career!