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I started practicing Astrology in 2020 with the idea to help people solve their life problems and provide them meaningful insights that can help them lead a fulfilling life. I started with my friends and colleagues and eventually grew as more people started coming to me with their problems. I feel very satisfied when they tell me that my predictions and insights helped them.

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I am a full-time professional Astrologer now with an experience of more than 2 years. I always aim to provide the best insights to people that can help them lead a better life. I answer questions related to various aspects of their life which gives them clarity so they can make better decisions.


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Kalidas Das

The astrological insights that she provide always work like magic for me. I highly recommend talking to her to gain clarity for all your confusion in life.

Soubila Chopra

I talked to her not for my problems but to get a general reading and the insights that she provided were just amazing.

Vimal Puri

It was a pleasure to talk to Vartika Ji and the way she told everything that I have been seeking was just amazing. A truly great astrologer.

Ganapati Chawla

She has always been the best astrologer that I have ever talked to and moreover she is an expert in reading horoscope and giving the best insights based on that.


Ma'am is so humble and patient that she always listen to me and understand my problems before directly jumping to the solutions. I absolutely love talking to her.