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Hello! I'm an accomplished Tarot Reader, Healer, and Vedic Astrologer practicing since 2008 with a spiritual toolbox filled with diverse modalities to help you navigate through life's challenges and decisions. My offerings include, but are not limited to: Tarot Card Reading, Psychic Reading, Angelic Card Reading, God-Goddess Divine Guidance Reading, Maa Kali Channel Reading, and Dowsing Reading & Tracking. On the healing front, I provide Reiki Healing, Lamafera Healings, Quantum Healings, and Pranic Healings which can empower you to heal and transform at all levels of your being. Moreover, my services also extend to Switchword remedies, Sacred code remedies, Zibu symbol & Sijil remedies - these hold the power of words and symbols to shift your energy and vibrations, aligning you to your goals. Vedic Astrology and Lal-kitab based remedies, along with Mantra, Yantra, Tantra based solutions form the cornerstone of my practice - providing comprehensive, spiritual, and practical guidance tailored to your energy and situations.

Experience & Qualification

My journey in the divine field started in 2008, and since then, I have immersed myself in various spiritual practices and obtained numerous certifications. Whether it's the art of Tarot reading, Psychic abilities, or Vedic astrology, my experiences over the years have refined my understanding and ability to connect intuitively with various divine tools. My extensive training in different healing modalities like Reiki, Lamafera, Quantum Healing, and Pranic Healing assert my expertise in utilizing spiritual energy for healing purposes. Also, my proficiency in mantra, yantra, tantra methodologies, Lal Kitab, along with word and symbol remedies, make my approach holistic and comprehensive. The wisdom and techniques I have gathered over the years form the backbone of my practice today, making me a reliable and insightful guide for those seeking guidance. With a balanced blend of intuition, expertise, and years of experience, I am confident in my ability to provide accurate and meaningful guidance and remedies to my clients.

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Ma’am is very helpful. I’m very happy with conversation with her. Mam is taking as we are her family. Thx Mam for guidance


Anonymous User

She guided me during my break-up. I could move on because of her help


Diya Sankar

She helped me to cope up with my negative emotions during my divorce.


Rajkumari Balay

Thanks for your support ma'am.


Puja Ganesan

Aapke guidance ke wajah maine khud ko dusra mauka diya. Thanks ma'am.


Bharat Hans

Ma'am helped me to get over my failures.


Sita Sur

She helped me to see the situation more clearly.


Samarth Bobal

Thanks for everything, ma'am.


Shanaya Mall

Bache ke future ko leke kafi tension rehta tha but ma'am ke prediction ne mujhe tension free kar diya.


Sonam Sachar

She helped me to choose the best career for me.