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Hey! I am an expert Vedic Astrologer with vast experience in the field. My ultimate goal is to provide happiness to others & improve people's lives by sharing my knowledge and with my guidance. I am highly inclined to the spiritual and Karmic path. According to me, these are the purest ways to feel connected with God and other supreme powers of the world. My passion for Astrology made me quit my job. I love to read and speak on Astrological and spiritual topics on offline and online platforms. I also suggest yoga, mudra & pranayama for therapy. It brings me joy to assist others. My goal is to provide individuals with the solutions and advice they require to get through difficult periods and phases in their lives and have a more rewarding existence. With the help of simple remedies I was able to change the lives of many people and this is why I believe in Astrology. I aim to deliver the most relevant information to folks who are experiencing difficulties. Feel free to connect with me. I will try my best to provide reliable predictions.

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I have completed my degree in Vedic Astrology and have been practicing it since 2004 to solve the issues of my clients. Apart from it, I also conduct sessions on Astrological and spiritual topics.


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harsh vadodaria

sir was good



Devaraja Chawla

He is very patient that he always listen first and then gives the solutions to all my problems. This gives me a sense of satisfaction every time I talk to him.

Chandi Agarwal

I always believed in the magic of astrology and after talking to sir my faith strengthened. You are such a knowledgeable astrologer sir. Thank you for giving me some in-depth insights about my life.

Ramachandra Mukherjee

Whenever I get stuck in life where I could not understand what should I do next, I just talk to him and he gives me the best insights and suggestions that helps me see the path clearly.

Isha Jain

While going through a really difficult phase in life sir's suggestions helped me a lot. I don't know how effective they were but one thing is for sure that he made me develop a positive mindset.

Nagendra Iyer

The way your suggestions worked was truly unbelievable and I cannot believe how smoothly I got through my problems in which I was stuck for months.