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My name is Acharya (Dr.) Lavbhushan. I am a celebrity and world-renowned Astrologer practicing since 2003. My specialization lies in Vastu Shastra, Vedic Astrology, Color Therapy, KP Astrology, Nadi Astrology, Lal Kitab Astrology, and Latest Cuspal Interlink Theory. I strongly believe in the concept of Problem Solving & Desire fulfillment. I am India's only Astrologer who combines the power of Vastu, Astrology, and Numbers to guide my clients in the most effective way. I consider myself fortunate to have guided more than 10000 clients in my spiritual journey so far. My in-depth understanding of the most difficult concepts of Astrology, Vastu & Numbers and unique talent for precise prediction has made me a "people's favorite". My consistency and hard work have earned me various honors such as the Global Business Award 2022, Vastu Vishwakarma Award, International Business Award 2022, the Maharishi Agasthya Award, and the Thai Sri Buddha Maharishi Award. I was also featured on News18 Rajasthan's Celebrity Talk program and as the keynote speaker on Zee Punjabi. Also received the “Vastu Vishwakarma Award” from the MLA Shri Rajkumar Gaur and many more. I have always believed that Astrology is a tremendous force that may assist individuals in overcoming obstacles to live a happy and meaningful life. I usually prioritize preparing the Horoscope by myself and then working on my clients’ difficulties and desires, one step at a time. Please contact me if you have any kind of queries or questions. I have assisted thousands of individuals across the world with my Astrology predictions and positive energy, and I am sure that I can help you with my guidance and insights too.

Experience & Qualification

I am a professional celebrity Astrologer that has been in practice for more than 20 years. I studied Astrology in Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad, as well as Bangkok, China, and Indonesia. I was honored with the Doctorate in Astrology by the International Astrology Federation (USA and Thailand based American Research Organization for Astrologers). I am pleased to have received so many excellent achievements throughout my journey. I have been on the spiritual road since I was a child. I am also regarded as one of India's top Astrologers. To become a recognized Astrologer and Vastu Expert, I read and completed 135 spiritual books. Throughout my many years of expertise, I have investigated and examined over 10000 unique zodiac signs. And I have also developed some of my own techniques i.e., “Master Vastu”, which has proven to be highly effective for my clients. I am looking forward to learning more about you and mapping a route for your success by offering the simplest of solutions. .

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Subhash Chandra

good session


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super session


Ameet Keluskar Keluskar

very nice consultant thank you sir takes your details to the point


Divya Anand

The best astrologer on this platform. I highly recommend this to you all


Rahul Gupta

Can't believe I am doing what I love as a professional and not that desk job that I was so bad at. A great session with sir helped me gain the confidence to do photography professionally.



Every time no tower


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on point prediction


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Pooja Chourasia

you are very wise, kind, and helpful. Thank you 😊🙏🏻


Pooja Chourasia

Thank you for the wonderful reading of my chart.