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I am Acharya Ankit, a certified Vedic Astrologer and an avid practitioner of Astrology with experience of more than 6 years now. I have acquired a diploma in Vedic Astrology from Maharishi College of Vedic Astrology. I have been learning Astrology since my early childhood days. Later I used my passion to help people and now I am working with a huge domestic and international client base. I believe that Astrology is the language of stars, and someone who understands it can comprehend the strengths and weaknesses of the native. My expertise lies in Vedic Astrology, Prashan Kundli, Medicinal Astrology, and I mostly deal with issues related to Love and relationships, Business, Job, Career, etc.

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I am a certified Vedic Astrologer with an experience of more than 6 years. I have acquired knowledge of astrology from Maharishi College of Vedic Astrology. I had passion and interest in Astrology since my early childhood days which I now put to use to help people in various aspects of their life.


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Ananya Basu Motilal

Thank you

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awesome experience

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shubham chauhan



poltite nature


responded quickly

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thank you sir

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session was good