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Astrology and astrological guidance have been a significant part of human culture for a long time. Astrology is practiced in various parts of the world. Astrological guidance can help overcome many life problems related to health, career, relationships, finances and much more.

We at Anytime Astro have developed an online astrology consultation platform to help users get the free astrology predictions from anywhere they wish. Our aim is to connect users with the best astrologers available from various locations in the World to avail hassle free astrology services.

For expert astrology guidance, download the Anytime Astro app available on Google Play Store and App Store. Astrology consultation services can also be availed through Anytime Astro website.

Free Astrology Chat Services by Anytime Astro

We at Anytime Astro understand the requirements and demands of our users and hence, regularly come up with the benefits of free astro chat online. We keep on introducing free chat with astrologer options on various occasions to maintain the enthusiasm of our users. Also, discounts, offers, discount coupons, deals, and more are frequently shared by Anytime Astro to help users move a step further and get the required answers to their queries. Anytime Astro has come out with many offers in the past like free astrology chat in case of first chat, Free 5 minutes astrology chat, Free Live Sessions, Free Janam Kundali Analysis, and many others. So, stay tuned for offers, discounts, and more to chat with astrologers online for free. However, to avail of such offers you need to register with Anytime Astro.

Benefits of Live Chat with Astrologer

Live chat with an astrologer for free astrology predictions can have various benefits, as mentioned below, in comparison to the traditional face to face consultation.

  • You can find the time and place convenient for you and chat with an Astrologer for free online regarding all your problems.

  • You can ask questions related to any issue in your life without revealing your identity.

  • Chat sessions with astrologers are saved for future reference.

  • Lower costs as compared to in-person sessions as money is charged on a timely basis.

Benefits of Our Chat with Astrologer Service

Anytime Astro’s online astrology consultation chat provides you with the following benefits:

Paves Your Way Towards a Better Future

Free online astrology predictions with our Astrologers, you can gain clarity about what transits are affecting your life at the moment. Are they favorable or unfavorable based on your individual horoscope? With the remedies suggested by our Astrologers, you can gain clarity in life and make better decisions.

Let’s You Connect with The Best Astrologers at One Place

With online free astro chat, you can find expert Astrologers in one place who hold their expertise in different Astrology domains and can help you in various life aspects. You can access all of them through an online Astrologer chat feature. We are associated with 1000+ Astrologers, Numerologists, Tarot Readers & Fortune Tellers. And each one of them is willing to help you find solutions to your life problems.

Assured Satisfaction

At Anytime Astro, we strive to offer you the best live Astrology consultation services. Here, you can live chat with an Astrologer without worrying about privacy or anything else. We can assure you that you get complete satisfaction out of your counseling sessions and that your privacy, security, and anonymity are always maintained.

There are many benefits that you get by associating with Anytime Astro. The above-mentioned are only some of them with the best being LIVE chat with expert astrologers.

Guidance Anytime & Anywhere

You can have free chat with an Astrologer online to get free astrology predictions live right from the comfort of your home. Gone are the days when you had to find the best Astrologers for the solutions to your problems. Simply put, a glimpse of your future and the path ahead is right at your fingertips with free astrology consultation via online chat.

At Anytime Astro, we aim to cover every aspect of your life (mentioned below) and provide you with the best insights so you can lead a better and more fulfilled life.

Love and Marriage

Get insights from our relationship experts through online astrology consultation chat and know what your marital life looks like in the future.

Cheating and Affairs

If you have strong instincts that your partner is cheating, then chat with an astrologer to solve all your doubts and do what is best for your relationship.

Break up and Divorce

Confused about staying or moving on? Live chat with an astrologer and get all your answers. Never have any regrets in your life.

Job and Career

Is your current job right for you or should you switch, these are the most common doubts that come to mind. Live free astrology prediction chat sessions will help you find the answers that you are looking for in these aspects.


Are you on the right path in your education journey? Know what educational streams are the best for you and how your educational life will be, from our expert Astrologers.

Wealth and Finance

Will you be rich? If so, when? If not, why not? Get answers to all your questions along with effective remedies through live astrology consultation on chat.

Common Misconceptions About Astrology

If you are new to Astrology, then you should also know the following misconceptions about Astrology so you can guard yourself against them.

  • Astrology is not used only to solve your problems. It has many other benefits, like letting you gain a better understanding of yourself and your surroundings.

  • It is not a malefic tantric practice but a pseudoscience that uses the planetary positions at the time of your birth with other factors as a base while providing insights.

  • Astrological practices have not become obsolete with the growing interference of technology in every aspect of our lives. The expertise of Astrologers is still required to get reliable insights.

We, at Anytime Astro, believe that it is always better to be clear than confused. So, you can resolve all your doubts by getting in touch with our Astrologers effortlessly through an online Astrology consultation chat.

Chat with Tarot Readers Online on Anytime Astro

Are you trying to find the best tarot card reader online? If yes, don’t look beyond Anytime Astro! So, if you are looking for guidance related to career, job satisfaction, finance, love life, or marriage issues, a live chat with tarot card reader from Anytime Astro can offer you a helping hand. The Tarot readers at Anytime Astro go through a rigorous selection process in order to be eligible to make it onto our panel. Our free tarot reading chat session from a renowned online tarot card reader is available around the clock to help you with your questions and queries.

Finding the best tarot reader online can be time-consuming, but with Anytime Astro, locating a tarot reader online for a free online tarot reading can be effortless. You can schedule a live chat with tarot card reader around the clock at a minimal cost and in complete privacy. You can communicate and discuss your problems with our renowned online tarot card readers from the comfort of your home or while on the go, without having to pay rather expensive fees or travel to unknown places to meet a tarot reader. Without a doubt, you can consult with our online tarot experts through Anytime Astro and make the right decisions for your life.

So, why wait? Get in touch with one of our tarot card readers online at Anytime Astro through our tarot reading app!

How Does Free Tarot Card Reading Help You?

Life can be unpredictable at times, full of ups and downs, and you will have times when you wonder what lies ahead. The free tarot card reading from Anytime Astro can be a lifesaver if you going through a tough situation in your life. With the help of live tarot reading, you're able to resolve any issues you might be facing in your life. All the challenges you are going through can be solved with professional guidance from the best tarot card readers at Anytime Astro.

So, if you are wondering, how can a simple chat with a tarot reader resolve your life problems? This is how it goes. When a person joins a live chat with tarot card reader with a question, the best tarot readers use their intuition along with the different meanings of the tarot cards, to provide suitable answers. Getting a personal tarot reading online from the best tarot card reader can offer a key to your inner wisdom. With this inner wisdom from free live tarot reading, you can learn how to improve the way you live and accomplish all of your objectives for the future.

Free online tarot card reading can assist the querent in better understanding a situation, allowing them to make informed decisions and figure out what's best for them. A tarot card reader online can assist you in determining your life's purpose. No matter what difficulties you are facing in your daily life, online tarot card readers can provide you with useful advice.

At Anytime Astro, all our online tarot card readers are highly trustworthy and knowledgeable. They go through multiple rounds of rigorous training before being chosen, and they receive frequent training to make sure you enjoy the best live chat with tarot card reader. We guarantee that you will get guidance from the best tarot card readers online. So, you can trust each and every tarot reader online at Anytime Astro, as they will consistently give you the best service possible.

Chat with an Expert Astrologer and Tarot reader in 3 Easy Steps

It's possible to be chatting with the astrologer in these 3 easy and quick steps:

  • Sign Up or Log in to Anytime Astro (a LIVE astro chat platform).

  • Top up your wallet using any online mode of payment such as Internet Banking, UPI, Credit cards, Debit cards, etc.

  • Choose your Astrologer or a Tarot Reader and start your session.

Chat with the best Astrologer and get live Astrology consultation on chat instantly.

Remember, life will always be a mix of highs and lows. It depends on us how well we take the blows. Here, let the LIVE astrologer chat become your guiding light to make your good, better and bad, bearable. And if you can have all the benefits while being in the most comfortable places through our online Astrologer chat services, why wait?


One of the best online Astrology platforms to connect with experienced and verified Astrologers

In order to talk to the best Astrologer, all you need to do is log in to your Anytime Astro account or sign up to create an account, add money to your wallet and then simply choose the Astrologer you want to chat with and begin your session.
No, a phone call or any message on your phone in between a chat will not end your best astrologer online chat or will not quit the application. You will have to click on the ‘End Chat’ button for the session to end. You can enjoy your session of live Astrology on the phone until you choose to leave it.
If the Astrologer (or LIVE astrology chat person) of your choice is not available online, you can simply send them a message and they will reply as and when they are available. You can go to their profile, click on ‘Send Message’ and type your message and send. When the same responds to your message, you can live chat with expert astrologer online.
Yes, we provide free online Astrologer chat services sometimes. You only get a free astro chat with astrologer service at special occasions and events. However, our prices are very affordable and we give various offers to our customers time and again. So, you can get those benefits.
You can chat with an Astrologer online and ask questions related to various aspects of your life. It can include your education, career, finances, marriage and divorce, love and relationship issues or problems related to your family. However, you must keep in mind that questions related to the afterlife, black magic, and related issues should not be asked while you chat with best astrologer online.
Your session is not measured by the duration but by the balance you have in your account. You can check your wallet balance and transaction history by clicking on your profile picture in the right corner and selecting ‘My Wallet’ from the menu. You can chat with the Astrologer as long as there is a balance in your wallet.
All the online astro chat astrologers available to you for the chat with astrologer service are 100% real and verified.
Yes, it can be very beneficial to consult or chat with astrologer. You can ask your queries and get accurate and helpful answers. Additionally, you can also get the required information related to your relationships, career, etc.
Yes, if you have enough faith in astrology and follow the suggestion of the astrologer, then the astrologer can change your life for the good. You can use the free chat astrologer online service offered by Anytime Astro to learn more.
At Anytime Astro, all our online tarot card readers are highly trustworthy and knowledgeable. They go through multiple rounds of rigorous training before being chosen, and they receive frequent training to make sure you enjoy the best live chat with tarot card reader. We guarantee that you will get guidance from the best tarot card readers online. So, you can trust each and every tarot reader online at Anytime Astro, as they will consistently give you the best service possible.
An online tarot card reader detects energies and makes use of their intuition and knowledge to improve the lives of others using a live tarot reading. Tarot card readers interpret the meaning behind the cards chosen by clients, guiding them and answering any questions they may have.
Tarot card readings frequently provide people with a meaningful, reflective experience while also offering insightful advice. The accuracy of tarot readings can be influenced by a number of factors, including the querent's openness, the reader's experience, and intuition, but ultimately, they are tools for introspection and personal development.

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