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Everything To Know About Sun and Mercury Conjunction in Leo 2023

16 May, 2023 by Parita Soni

Everything To Know About Sun and Mercury Conjunction in Leo 2023

16 May, 2023 by Parita Soni

As per astrology, when two or more planets get together in any zodiac sign, a conjunction is formed. This year, the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury will happen in Leo, impacting various aspects of our lives. While Mercury is a sign of communication, intelligence, and critical thinking, the Sun represents power, ego, and leadership. Their combined energies can create an exciting partnership of expressiveness, innovative thinking, and aggression among individuals. It might also present difficulties if improperly balanced. 

Dates of Sun and Mercury Conjunction In Leo 2023

The Sun and Mercury Conjunction in Leo 2023 shall begin on August 17, 2023, and will stay for 32 days until September 17, 2023.

Effects of Sun and Mercury Conjunction in Leo 2023

In astrology, Sun and Mercury Conjunction in Leo shall give distinct outcomes. Here's how it shall impact each of the Zodiac Sign:


The natives of Aries shall witness boosted creativity and self-confidence. It will result in making them bold and express their thoughts freely. Natives shall thus become proficient in negotiating, expressions, as well as leadership. This time shall be favorable for you in regard to self-promotion and sharing ideas.


Your relationships may become more intense as a result of this Sun and Mercury Conjunction In Leo 2023, which shall also encourage sincere and open communication. As a result, now is a perfect time to work on developing your relationship because you might have a strong urge to convey your views and feelings to your partner. 

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As Mercury is your governing planet, its conjunction with the Sun in Leo shall have a significant impact on you. You shall notice a growth in brain activity, curiosity, and the urge to learn something new. It is a great time to express yourself verbally, in writing, or through other means of communication. 


Your creative and expressive side shall get stimulated by the effects of the Sun and Mercury conjunction in Leo. As a result, you might feel encouraged to impart your skills and ideas, and your communication may be far more confident and spirited. Moreover, it is an excellent period for self-promotion and skill demonstration. 


This conjunction, which is in your sign, emphasizes the manner in which you express yourself, who you are, and how you communicate. As a result, you can experience an increase in charisma and confidence and have a strong urge to express yourself honestly. Leos should focus on promoting themselves, starting new endeavors, and taking charge of communication during this period. 


During the Sun and Mercury Conjunction In Leo 2023, your ability to communicate with people, particularly in groups, shall develop. You will realize that you enjoy taking the lead in group initiatives and also like participating in social events where you can speak with authority and confidence. 


The communication of the natives of this Zodiac Sign shall get impacted, both in their personal and professional life. You shall pursue your goals and ambitions with much more passion as well as confidence than before. This period is quite auspicious to socialize, negotiate and enhance one's professional image.


This Sun and Mercury conjunction in astrology shall spark your interest and encourage you to learn more or have deeper conversations. This period shall give you a good time to learn, teach, or share your expertise because you might feel more energetic and confident in expressing your ideas.


The effects of the Sun and Mercury conjunction in Leo shall be seen in your material and financial aspects. You shall talk with a lot of clarity and confidence about investments, money, and resources. Speak to the best astrologers, and they will confirm how this period is ideal for you to examine your financial plans and go ahead with your needs in this area.

sun and mercury conjunction in Leo


Your interpersonal relationships and interactions shall get impacted by this Sun and Mercury conjunction in Leo 2023. It is an excellent time to work on addressing any communication-related issues, as you may feel more outspoken and open in your relationships. Having honest discussions with your people might be advantageous. 


This conjunction could have an effect on your day-to-day activities, employment, and health-related issues. You might feel more inspired to discuss your job with others or change your routine. So now is a good time to share your thoughts on boosting your productivity and improving your well-being. 


The impact of the Sun and Mercury Conjunction in Leo 2023 shall be witnessed in your self-expression, creativity, and romantic relationships. You will want to express yourself artistically and passionately, as well as participate in honest interactions with loved ones. The time is right for you to express your creativity and romance.

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Remedies for Sun and Mercury Conjunction in Leo 

The challenges and negative effects faced by the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in Leo can be eliminated by adhering to the following remedies:

  • Offer Aragha or water to the Sun early morning during sunrise to appease its energies. Worshipers can fill water in a copper vessel and stand facing east to offer the water along with the prayers.
  • Recite the Navagraha Mantra, Gayatri Mantra, or Aditya Hrudayam every day with utmost faith to lessen the ill effects of the conjunction.
  • Talk to expert astrologers and ask for the gemstones that can help you during this period. Usually, Pukhraj or Yellow Sapphire is suggested for Sun, while Panna or Emerald for Mercury.
  • Surya Namashkar as well as meditation to focus on Solar Plexus and throat is considered advantageous.
  • Conducting Budh and Surya Puja with proper rituals is also a suggested remedy for Sun and Mercury conjunction in Leo.
  • Arguments, disputes, and ego clashes can occasionally result from this conjunction. It is better if you avoid pointless arguments, act with humility, and develop tolerance and sensitivity in communication.


The Sun and Mercury transit in Leo shall give mixed results to everyone, though more inclined towards a positive side. Hence, be optimistic and make the most of this time.

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