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Which stranger things character are you based on your zodiac sign?

09 Jul, 2022 by Adrija Milan

Which stranger things character are you based on your zodiac sign?

09 Jul, 2022 by Adrija Milan

The variety of personalities displayed by different characters in the American science fiction horror drama Stranger Things reflect the dominant traits of various zodiac signs and therefore a lot of people are able to relate with each of the characters in a unique way. Each character in the show has a very different personality trait that can be assigned to the zodiac signs. This blog might involve a few spoilers so make sure you read it once you have watched the series.

So let’s find out which character you are based on your zodiac sign.

Stranger things characters as zodiac signs: 

Aries - Jim Hopper

Jim Hopper surely reflects Aries as he is fearless and heroic. He saves his town from a far away land, this shows his grateful attitude. So if you are an Aries, Jim hooper is your soul character. You are a very courageous and lionhearted person from outside but a very loving and warm person by heart. You always make sure that you give back more than you take and you always have a very positive vibe around you.

Taurus - Steve Harrington

Steve Harrington is a true Taurus, as he is super confident and popular and always right. 

If you are a taurus, I am sure you can agree that it takes a lot of effort to change your mind once it is stuck onto something. 

He is also very arrogant, judgemental and definitely a narcissist, which are the traits of a true taurus. 

Gemini - Robin Buckley

Sarcasm is a superpower that only a true gemini can hold. Robin being the bubbly and sarcastic character definitely reflects gemini.

So if you are a gemini too, then Robin is the one to look up to. You are a very adventurous, fearless and rebellious soul who does not like to fit in with society and its norms, you like to do out of the world things and stay wild all the time.

Cancer - Eleven

We can all agree that eleven is a very friendly, warm and a self sacrificing person and all these are the characteristics of a cancer. She is also a very courageous and independent person.

So if you are a cancer, you can take eleven as your soul character. You are someone who does not have a lot of friends but the ones that are your friends, you can do anything for them.

Leo - Karen Wheeler

A social butterfly who is very flirtatious and loves to gossip, this is probably the best way to describe Karen Wheeler and also probably the best way to describe a leo. If you are a Leo, then you are definitely a very outgoing and chirpy person who loves social interactions. You are the first in the line when it comes to gossiping and tea spilling. It is safe to call you the life of the party.

Virgo - Barbara Holland

Mostly virgos are super private and mysterious and do not talk to a lot of people. Though you might think you know them but you have no idea what is going inside their head. They are very creative by nature and have a very high intellect. Barbara Holland had all the traits that can be used to describe a virgo, as she was very kind and smart but at the same time she was very sensitive.

stranger things character are you based on your zodiac sign

Libra - Will byers

If there was a crown for honesty, libra would anyday take the lead and so will Will Byers. His personality possesses every trait that can be used to describe a libra, honest, shy, sensitive yet brave. Libra have usually been through a lot of rough phases in life and that is why they are more mature than any of their friends. Will was very smart for his age but he was also very gullible. 

Scorpio - Erica Sinclair

Erica was a chatterbox, super irrational and very annoying. Is this not how someone may describe a scorpio? 

A scorpio can be described as the annoying younger sibling. As annoying and carefree as they might be, their love for their field of interest is beyond imaginable and they are also a great problem solver. In the series, Erica was interested in mathematics and politics and she definitely seemed to possess a lot of knowledge about the same.

Sagittarius - Max Mayfield

When talking about Max one can not think of anything else but ‘sagittarius’. She is a very curious and daring person who is not afraid of taking risks. She is very judgemental and not always sweet to talk to. She has a lot of opinions about everything and can sometimes get a little too harsh while talking. If you are a sagittarius, you can surely relate to all these traits.

Capricorn- Nancy wheelers

Capricorns are the ones that can never go wrong. They are very smart, confident and fearless. They would never lie to you about anything as they have the courage to tell you the truth on your face. Nancy wheelers is a true capricorn as she is very perceptive, intellectual and a great door slammer. She might come out to be rude sometimes but she is just telling the truth.

Aquarius - Lucas Sinclair

Lucas is a mature older sibling, very open to new things. He has been through a lot in his life and that has made him smarter than his age. He is very loyal to his friends and family but also very stubborn. It's not that easy to change his mind about certain things. All these traits shout aquarius. So if you are an aquarius, your soul character is Lucas Sinclair.

Pisces - Mike Wheeler

Mike is someone who can be called the parent of the group, very caring, optimistic and loyal to his friends. He always puts his friends and family above himself, this is a true pisces trait. He is a very committed and compassionate person who doesn't let his loved ones down. He is also a very warm and kind hearted soul.

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