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Gemini Color - Gemini Zodiac Sign Lucky Color for 2022

13 Dec, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Gemini Color - Gemini Zodiac Sign Lucky Color for 2022

13 Dec, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Are you a Gemini? Do you want to know what the lucky color for Gemini is? If yes, then this article can be the right spot to find all the information about Gemini zodiac sign color and lucky color 2022 for Gemini natives. Read on to explore!

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac. It is symbolized by twins and known as the highly sociable and inquisitive sign. Blessed with the gift of gab, this star sign can talk about anything and everything. They have a unique charm and magnetism through which they can attract anyone with ease. However, there are times when these people fail to leave a mark and get stuck in problems. This happens due to their negative traits and dual nature.

Vedic astrology suggests that Gemini can win over their negative traits by thriving off their positive energy. For this, they should surround themselves with the zodiac elements that are lucky for them. Gemini’s lucky color is one such element. 

Using or wearing Gemini lucky colors enhances positivity and confidence. It helps Geminis to leave a good impression by complimenting their nature. If you are a Gemini and you want to achieve happiness and luck in your life, astrology readings recommend using Gemini lucky colors. 

In this post, we have gathered the list of Gemini zodiac colors that are lucky for them. Take a quick glimpse and know what is the Gemini zodiac sign color and what is the 2022 lucky color for Gemini. 

Gemini Zodiac Sign Lucky Colors

Pink, White, Light Yellow and Green are the Gemini’s zodiac sign colors. These Gemini colors suit the personality of its natives and can influence their mood and energy positively. Their positive vibrations help them overcome negative traits and evil energy. It has the power to extend clarity and focus so that Gemini natives can make decisions wisely and rationally. Check out the table showing the best color for Gemini under different categories as per the zodiac characteristics.

Gemini Lucky Color Category

Lucky Colors for Gemini

Gemini Power Color


Gemini Spirit Color


Gemini Lucky Color for Success/Luck

Bright yellow

Gemini Lucky Color for Room

White or Buttercup Yellow

Gemini Lucky Color for Love

White and Pristine

Gemini Hair Color

Fire Orange

What is the Lucky Color of Gemini in 2022?

As per astrologers, in the new year 2022, the Gemini colors that will bring the most love, luck, and happiness are Yellow and Green. These colors are also Gemini’s power colors, or say, Gemini’s spirit color, hence, Geminis can attract maximum positive energy by wearing or keeping/using these colors around. 

Want to know how the Gemini zodiac sign colors can impact the life of Gemini natives? Besides having a live chat with an astrologer, you can find out by reading this post further. So, take a quick look and understand the significance of Gemini’s lucky color in life. 

Gemini Lucky Colors Meanings

Lucky Color of Gemini

Whether it is about Gemini career, love or financial life, lucky colors play a significant part in the life of Gemini. Each of them have their own meanings and characteristics to impact Geminis. Here are the lucky colors of Gemini in 2022 with their meaning and significance. 

1. Yellow

Yellow is Gemini’s power color, spirit color and personal lucky color. There are various Yellow shades that prove lucky colors for Gemini natives. Since Yellow is a bright hue it easily lifts the spirit of friendly Gemini. It triggers their curiosity and invokes their intellectual thoughts. As per colorology, Yellow boosts the communicative spirit of Gemini and makes them confident and self assured. This Gemini lucky color holds the power to boost creativity and mental abilities. Thus, it is considered one of the best colors for Gemini. 

Moreover, Yellow as Gemini’s power color impacts their mentality and perception. It affects the logical ability of Geminis and helps them learn anything quicker. For a curious and rational Gemini, it turns out to be a blessing and possibly this is the reason Yellow is one of the favourite colors of Gemini.

2. Green

Green is the color of harmony, growth and new beginnings. It relaxes Gemini and helps them stay grounded. Keeping this Gemini lucky color helps attract prosperity, abundance and good health. It boosts hope and accelerates the inhibited growth.

According to zodiac colors symbolism, the Gemini color, Green, relates to balance and renewal. It rejuvenates the soul and brings healing, endurance and contentment within. It is said that the presence of Green color assures comfort and luxury. It is a sign of eternity and is associated with ambitions, wellness and money. Since Green has the power to reconnect with the Earth, wearing or using it makes airy Gemini stable as the Earth. 

How to Use Gemini Colors for Power, Luck and Success?

The lucky colors of Gemini can be used in various ways. But before that Gemini natives should decide the type of energy they need in a situation. They should make a choice about the colors and see which color resonates with their inner energy. After figuring out that Gemini should apply the zodiac sign lucky colors in their surroundings. They may use it in their wardrobe, home decor and office or workspace. For instance, Gemini natives can wear Yellow at the office to bolster their attitude. They can use Yellow color flowers in the workspace to infuse positivity and happiness. 

Likewise, natives can use Green color for calming effect. They can wear Green clothing at somber events. They can also keep Green plants at workspace to create a peaceful and relaxing environment. The Gemini color can also be used at home walls or in the interior decoration. Beside this, you can wear a Gemini birthstone to gain maximum results. The Gemini birthstone colors exhibit the strong vibrations to bring luck, power and success. 

Unlucky Colors for Gemini

Gray, Black, Orange, and Red are less favorable colors for Gemini natives. These colors enhance negative traits and prevent the positive vibrations. Gray and Black color makes Gemini natives feel drained and thus contradicting with their fun and vibrant nature. Similarly, Orange brings superficiality and insincerity among Gemini natives. It prevents the passionate Gemini from trying new things and exploring new experiences. Red, in the same way, inhibits the positive energy for Geminis. It provokes their emotions and induces anger and aggression.

Unsure what is the best color for your zodiac sign? Talk to an astrologer on phone and get instant guidance about your zodiac sign, color and their effects on your life. Also, find answers to the most pressing questions about love, career, money or any other life aspect.

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