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Chinese Zodiac Pig: Significance, Traits, Career, Health, Types & Compatibility

04 Jul, 2024 by Parita Soni

Chinese Zodiac Pig: Significance, Traits, Career, Health, Types & Compatibility

04 Jul, 2024 by Parita Soni

As per Chinese astrology, the natives born in the Year of the Pig are social, optimistic, and kind-hearted. This sign is known for its honesty, generosity, and prosperity and thrives in roles involving creativity, teamwork, and supporting others. In this blog, we shall talk about the Chinese horoscope Pig years, their significance, traits, career, health, relationships, personal growth, and types of Chinese Zodiac Pigs. We shall also study their compatibility with other Chinese Zodiacs.

Pig Chinese Zodiac Years

Year of the Pig

Start Date

End Date



Feb 4, 1935

Jan 23, 1936



Jan 22, 1947

Feb 9, 1948



Feb 8, 1959

Jan 27, 1960



Jan 27, 1971

Feb 14, 1972



Feb 13, 1983

Feb 1, 1984



Jan 31, 1995

Feb 18, 1996



Feb 18, 2007

Feb 6, 2008



Feb 5, 2019

Jan 24, 2020



Jan 23, 2031

Feb 10, 2032


Year of the Pig: Significance

The Chinese Year of the Pig is the last and twelfth animal in the 12-year zodiac cycle. In Chinese culture, this zodiac is related to generosity, wealth, and good fortune, and the natives born under it are blessed with prosperity and plentitude. Fortunate in finance, these natives can manage their resources wisely as well. Moreover, they hold an optimistic outlook and a balanced lifestyle. 

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Chinese Zodiac Pig: Traits

The Chinese horoscope Pig years are generous and kind-hearted, hence going off limits to help others. They are also optimistic, tolerant, and honest and expect the same from their partners. These natives can thrive over challenges easily. They have joyful conduct and are often trustworthy friends who are always ready to help. Their mellow character makes them appreciated and popular among their peers. Moreover, they are an excellent host for social gatherings and take any responsibility seriously. 

Chinese Zodiac Pig: Career & Finance 

In career, the Pig Chinese Astrology states they are well-suited for roles that enable them to utilize their social and cooperative temperament. You will see these natives thriving in settings that demand teamwork and communication. The Chinese Zodiac Pig is creative as well as excels in fields related to art, design, and entertainment. Their natural inclination towards helping others makes them excellent in careers like healthcare, education, and social work. In finance, the Pig Chinese zodiac year natives are usually fortunate, as their diligence and hard work lead to financial stability and success. However, as they are generous, they should try to balance managing their finances and helping others. 

Chinese Zodiac Pig: Health & Well-being

Being optimistic and joyful, the natives born in the Chinese Calendar Year of the Pig enjoy sound health. They hold a positive perspective towards life, which promotes their mental and physical well-being. However, this doesn't mean they should neglect their health or have an unhealthy lifestyle. A balanced diet, regular exercise, stress management, and adequate rest are compulsory to keep themselves fit. 

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Chinese Zodiac Sign Pig: Relationships

In relationships and friendships, the natives of the Chinese zodiac for Pig are loving and warm-hearted. They appreciate honesty as well as loyalty and present relentless support and affection to their partner. They usually are the peacemakers in their social circles owing to their diplomacy. In a romantic relationship, they care for all their partner's needs and form a nurturing and harmonious environment. However, they trust too much, which sometimes gives them deception. The natives born in the Pig Chinese zodiac year can be counted upon in friendship, as they are not only excellent listeners but also supportive companions.

Year of the Pig: Personal Growth

The Chinese Year of the Pig natives should embrace their strengths and address areas requiring improvement. They are innately kind and generous but should be mindful that they are not taken advantage of and say no if needed. They should set healthy boundaries and emphasize personal well-being to meet their needs. Further, they should boost their understanding of financial literacy and time management. Practicing empathy and active listening also helps them in relationships. 

Types of Chinese Zodiac Sign Pig

As per Chinese astrology, each Chinese Zodiac cycles through five elements every 60 years, namely Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. The said elements inflate the individual characteristics to the base traits of the sign, which we shall study below:

1. Wood Pig (1935, 1995)

The Chinese Calendar Year of the Pig Wood natives are kind, just, empathetic, and help others willingly. Their ideal and creative nature helps them make the world a better place. These natives are open-minded and adaptable to new perspectives. However, they trust others easily and can even be indecisive to make others happy.

2. Fire Pig (1947, 2007)

 As per Pig Chinese Astrology, those born under the fire element are vibrant, enthusiastic, and charismatic. They hold robust leadership skills and do not fear challenges. They bear a positive outlook on life and like to explore new things. However, they can be impulsive, over dramatic, and take undue risks.

3. Earth Pig (1959, 2019)

The Chinese Year of the Pig Earth natives are pragmatic, grounded, and reliable. They can stay calm and composed even in challenging situations. These natives take up responsibilities well and manage their finances and resources efficiently. They are excellent friends and can make those around them feel safe and secure. However, they can be overly cautious and stubborn and also struggle with conveying emotions.

 4. Metal Pig (1971, 2031)

The natives of the Chinese horoscope year of Pig Metal are immensely focused, independent, and motivated. They are disciplined and have a strong self-control. They are ambitious, loyal, and honest in their endeavors. However, they can be rigid and stubborn and thought to be stern due to their freedom.

5. Water Pig (1983)

The Water element natives born in the Chinese horoscope Pig years are overly adaptable, empathetic, and intuitive. They are excellent communicators, are gentle, and creative in their endeavors. However, they can be easily hurt and overly sensitive and struggle with indecision. 


Compatibility of the Chinese Zodiac Pig with Other Zodiac Signs

Below is the compatibility chart of the Chinese zodiac sign Pig with all other zodiac signs:

Zodiac Sign


Key Traits

Compatible Aspects

Challenging Aspects



Intellectual, flexible, resourceful

Mutual support & respect

Potential for miscommunication



Diligent, reliable, powerful

Strength & shared values

Disparities in emotional expression



Brave, confident, unexpected

Excitement & vitality

Contradicting techniques to challenges



Gentle, peaceful, elegant

Harmony & understanding

Prospects for Over-dependence



Energetic, charismatic, brilliant

Mutual respect & aim

Risk of Power Struggles



Wise, mysterious, instinctive

Intellectual incitement

Trust issues & misunderstandings



Energetic, self-reliant, spirited

Mutual enthusiasm & adventure

Differing priorities & dispositions



Calm, temperate, sympathetic

Mutual support & shared goals

Risk of over-reliance



Witty, brilliant, curious

Fun & joyful interactions

Potential for deception & conflict



Brave, observant, hardworking

Shared goals & mutual support

Dissimilarities in priorities & approaches



Loyal, honest, prudent

Dedication & mutual trust

Potential for misunderstandings



Kind-hearted, generous, social

Mutual understanding & shared values

Lack of excitement & risk of complacency

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What year is the Year of the Pig?

Ans. According to the Chinese Horoscope, Pig years are 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, and 2031.

Q.2 Who should Year of the Pig marry?

Ans. The Chinese Zodiac Pig should marry the natives born under the Rabbit, Tiger, or Goat signs for the finest compatibility and pleasant relationships.

Q.3 Is the Year of the Pig lucky?

Ans. Yes, the Chinese calendar year of the Pig is lucky, as it denotes prosperity and good fortune.

Q.4 What is the Chinese Pig personality?

Ans. The natives born in the Chinese zodiac for Pig are honest, generous, kind-hearted, and social. They are energetic and optimistic and appreciate commitment and harmony in relationships.

Q.5 Who is the Pig compatible with?

Ans. The natives born in the Pig Chinese zodiac year are compatible with the Rabbit, Goat, and Tiger, as these signs complement the Pig's traits and foster harmonious and supportive relationships.

Q.6 Is Pig lucky in the Chinese zodiac?

Ans. Yes, the natives born in the Chinese horoscope year of Pig are lucky owing to their association with wealth, prosperity, and good fortune, echoing their optimistic and generous character.

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