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BTS member's Zodiac signs: BTS star signs

26 Oct, 2022 by Adrija

BTS member's Zodiac signs: BTS star signs

26 Oct, 2022 by Adrija

It appears that every fan of BTS has their own unique "bias" when it comes to the group. While you might think that one particular band member would be the most compatible with you based on how they appear, sing, dance, dress, eat, and of course all of those super-cute things they say in interviews (at least as these are translated by RM, the band's English-speaking spokesman), you might be overlooking the biggest hint of all. We advise you to look at the BTS member's Zodiac signs, which would make the ideal replacement for your fictitious partner.

Zodiac signs of BTS members:

Listed below are the BTS astrology signs according to their birthdate. By knowing these BTS zodiac signs, you can find out if your bias is compatible with you or not. 

BTS star sign: Jungkook and RM are both Virgos

The first BTS star sign we are talking about is, Virgo! Jungkook was born on September 1, while RM was born on September 12. This indicates that these bandmates were both Virgos at birth. This makes sense given how realistic and diligent both RM and Jungkook are. Particularly Jungkook has definitely spent countless hours honing his graceful dance techniques, and he also puts a lot of effort into succeeding at sports, cooking, photography, and anything else he does. Although Virgos are prone to being a little judgemental at times, it appears that Jungkook is probably his own worst critic.

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BTS zodiac sign: Jimin is a Libra

The next BTS zodiac sign we are talking about is Libra. Jimin was born on October 13 according to Elite Daily, making him a Libra. The most evenly tempered sign, Libras are dedicated to fairness and have a strong sense of justice. Jimin has reportedly made quite large donations to help disadvantaged pupils in Korea, thus this is undoubtedly genuine. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, also rules Libra, which may explain Jimin's grace, elegance, and the fact that, according to Koreaboo, even his own bandmates (as well as about 12 billion followers) think he's the cutest member of BTS.

BTS astrology sign: Jin is a Sagittarius

The next Zodiac sign of BTS that we are talking about is Sagittarius. Jin, who was born on December 4 (according to Elite Daily), is generally upbeat, vivacious, and fun-loving like most Sagittarians, however, he does occasionally display the fiery temper of a fire sign. Jupiter, the biggest planet, rules Sagittarius, and this sign's vistas are limitless. Jin isn't just living the life of a rock star; he's also living the Sagittarian dream of traveling the world. Instead, Jin has already begun planning for his future profession because he and his brother recently started a business to open a restaurant. (We can't wait until they have a Food Network program of their own!)

BTS zodiac sign: V is a Capricorn

The next Zodiac sign of BTS member V is Capricorn. V, who was born on December 30 (via Seventeen), is a Capricorn, and he unquestionably embodies that sign's work ethic. He has the discipline and focuses that earth signs are known for. His motivation to achieve, though, is not egotistical; rather, like any well-balanced Capricorn, he is more concerned with honing his profession. He does, however, appreciate the security and stability that wealth may provide. Saturn, the planet that rules Capricorn, can present difficulties, and V experienced some of them. After losing both a close friend and his grandfather, V appeared to be more quiet and reserved, as BTS followers on Quora observed a few years ago. V has persevered despite the suffering and emerged stronger.

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BTS star sign: J-Hope is an Aquarius

The next BTS member Zodiac sign we are talking about is, Aquarius. J-Hope was born on February 18 and is a sign of Aquarius. We can clearly tell that J-Hope is an Aquarian, who is known to be the most eccentric of the signs. J-Hope is without a doubt capable of engaging in profound thought at times. Aquarians are also all about the life of the mind. Sometimes, Aquarians want to go their own way, and J-Hope is a fantastic example of this because his solo endeavors have made him the richest member of the group. Another characteristic of the Aquarian personality is his seeming lack of concern about the fact that he is not as well-liked as the other band members.

BTS zodiac sign: Suga is a Pisces

The last BTS member's Zodiac sign is Pisces. Suga appears to be every bit as sweet as his name, which is only fitting for a Pisces, who was born on March 9 according to Seventeen. Pisceans are kind and loving, and Suga embodies these traits perfectly. He exhibits this through his concern for both his bandmates and his fans, and he has also shown this by generously supporting charities like the Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation. He can be a touch more reserved than some of the other BTS members despite his friendliness, but this isn't because he's aloof. Instead, it's because Pisces is more of a dreamy, low-key sign than an outgoing, party-loving sign. There are no Cancers or Scorpios in BTS; Suga is the only member of a water sign.

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