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Vastu Shastra for Good Health: 30 Tips to Transform Your Space

09 May, 2024 by Parita Soni

Vastu Shastra for Good Health: 30 Tips to Transform Your Space

09 May, 2024 by Parita Soni

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian architectural science that helps balance the energies of the five elements of Vastu and the living space. Considering Vastu and health, adhering to the principles of Indian architecture design helps form an environment facilitative to promote the overall well-being of the natives. In this blog, we shall learn about more than 30 best Vastu tips for good health of family members. So, let us explore the Vastu Shastra for good health.

Vastu Tips for Good Health

Follow the mentioned Vastu Shastra tips for good health and overall well-being - 

  1. Entrance: As per the Vastu for health in house, having a well-lit and clutter-free entrance welcomes positive energies and promotes vitality and well-being. 
  2. Natural Light: We are aware of how more natural light lessens the cost of artificial light. However, little do we know it also enhances mood and productivity, as sunlight helps immunity, bone health, and overall well-being.
  3. Ventilation: Good ventilation facilitates the circulation of fresh air, further deterring the building up of indoor allergens and pollutants. It further regulates the humidity and temperature and builds a healthy and comfy space at home. 
  4. Bedroom Placement: Another Vastu Shastra tip for good health is setting the master bedroom in the southwest direction as it promotes sound sleep. Such positioning further fosters grounding and stability that facilitates rejuvenation and relaxation.
  5. Bed Position: The bed placement plays a vital role in the quality of sleep achieved. Vastu and Health recommends setting it in a way so the head faces east or south, as it aligns well with the natural flow of energy of the body, fostering a healthy sleep.
  6. Declutter: The Vastu for Good Health and Wealth suggests keeping the space clutter-free as it not only creates room but also prompts emotional well-being and mental clarity, in addition to enabling the free and harmonious flow of energy.
  7. Colors: The colors you opt for in your bedroom can immensely impact your emotions and mood, according to the Vastu for Health. Choosing soothing colors builds a serene and relaxing aura, facilitating a cozy and stress-free environment that fosters good health.
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  9. Furniture Layout: The Vastu for health in the house reveals that the furniture arrangement impacts energy flow and functionality in the space. Hence, one should arrange the furniture that enable easy movement, fostering balance, harmony, and overall well-being.
  10. Indoor Plants: The Vastu Shastra for good health suggests that indoor plants purify the air and uplift the energies in the living space. Moreover, they are also known to enhance relaxation, thus making them a perfect choice to improve indoor air quality.
  11. Kitchen Hygiene: One of the best Vastu tips for good health of family members is keeping the kitchen clean and tidy. Doing so promotes safe and sound health and prevents foodborne diseases. Hence, one should ensure cleaning the utensils, appliances, and countertops, store food, also dispose of waste properly.
  12. Cooking Direction: Vastu Shastra tips for good health suggest arranging the stove in the southeast direction of the kitchen as it ensures the digestive soundness and overall well-being of the inhabitants. 
  13. Water Elements: One of the Vastu tips for good health is incorporating the water elements in the northeast direction of the house. Setting fountains or aquariums entices positive energies as well as prosperity.
  14. Balcony/Garden: Adorn your garden or balcony with flowers, plants, or herbs, as they enable you to connect with nature, uplift mood, foster calmness, and facilitate emotional and mental well-being. 
  15. vastu for good health

  16. Avoid Mirrors: The Vastu for Health states that mirrors in the bedroom hinder energy flow and sleep quality. Hence, cover them or remove them to foster a calm and rejuvenating sleep.
  17. Electromagnetic Fields - Avoid electronic gadgets near the bed, as mobiles and laptops increase the exposure to electromagnetic fields during sleep, hindering sleep quality and the overall well-being of inhabitants.
  18. Avoid Sharp Edges: The Vastu for good health and long life says that the sharp edges in the furniture generate negative energies, hence round off the edges to promote harmony and well-being.
  19. Mirrors in Dining Room: Positioning the mirrors in the dining area helps amplify the energies of prosperity and plentitude when the family has meals. As per the Vastu for good health and wealth, mirrors procreate and reflect energies, encouraging the enjoyment and well-being of the inhabitants.
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  21. Sound Sleep: The Vastu and Health suggests investing in quality bedding for a rejuvenating and calm sleep that helps you wake up energized and refreshed.
  22. Staircase Placement: The staircase direction plays a vital role in energy flow within your home. Setting the staircase right in front of the main door enables the energy to flow out easily, hindering a facilitative environment for health and prosperity.
  23. Bathroom Location: Set your bathroom in the proper direction and away from the bedroom and kitchen to maintain hygiene and prevent contradictions in energy.
  24. Toilet Lid: The Vastu for health issues points to keeping the toilet lid closed when not in use, as it is said to attract negative energies in the house, thus promoting positive and clean energy in the space. 
  25. Study Area: Adhering to the Vastu principles and setting the study room in the east or northeast direction promotes productivity, focus, and overall success in academics. 
  26. The Artwork: The Vastu for good health and long life suggests picking artwork that echoes the energies you wish to cultivate in your house. Opt for artwork representing positivity, serene landscapes, or nature, as they help boost well-being and peace. 
  27. Yoga Room: It is good to have a meditation room or a quiet space for relaxation, self-reflection, and inner peace in the east or northeast, according to Vastu Shastra, as practicing yoga on a daily basis helps nurture your mind, soul, and body.
  28. Clock Placement: Do not place the clock above the bed or in front of the entrance, as it is said to form anxiety and stress. You should instead set them in spots where they are visible easily but not invasive to foster relaxation and calmness. 
  29. Natural Fabrics: Vastu for good health and long life suggests opting for natural fabrics in furnishing as they are hypoallergenic, breathable, and environment-friendly, making them an ideal choice to create a sustainable and healthy environment. 
  30. Symmetry: Set up the room symmetrically as per the Vastu for health to ensure harmony and balance, as doing so fosters stability, equilibrium, and smooth energy flow. Further, it forms an energetic and pleasing environment supporting the happiness, health, and prosperity of the natives. 
  31. Feng Shui Elements: As the principles of Feng Shui focus on the importance of harmony, alignment, and balance with the natural environment, adhering to it fosters the flow of positive energy and enhances well-being. 
  32. Placing the Footwear: Footwears are considered to fetch pollutants and negative energies from the outside in many cultures and thus should be removed before entering the home. Also, make sure you store them in a designated space arranged neatly. 
  33. Work-Life Balance: The Vastu tips for good health suggest having a separate workplace to have a healthy work-life balance. Moreover, it increases focus and productivity and also helps establish boundaries between personal and work life, thus reducing stress and burnout.
Best Direction to Sleep as Per Vastu

Some More Vastu Tips for Good Health

Apart from the mentioned above, below are some more Vastu Shastra tips for good health for the inhabitants - 

  • Keep your house clean and clutter-free all the time. 
  • Repair any leaks or plumbing matters promptly.
  • Make your room a technology-free space for optimal rest and rejuvenation.
  • Use fragrances such as incense sticks or essential oils to foster relaxation and purify the air.
  • Use organic and fresh meals for cooking to help your immunity, nourish your body, and promote energy and health. 
  • Ensure you drink purified and clean water. Test the water and, if required, invest in the filtration system to access healthy and safe drinking water.
  • Practice crystal healing to generate an energetic and balanced environment at home. 
  • Respect the personal space of each other so each one can recharge and relax.
  • Balance the artificial and natural lights to build an inviting and warm atmosphere in the space. 
  • Exhibit cheery family photos in the lining room to foster a positive atmosphere and strengthen family bonds.
  • Conducting purification rituals regularly helps purify your home and stimulate positivity and well-being.
  • Adhere to a healthy and consistent sleeping schedule to foster mental, physical, and emotional well-being. 
  • Seek blessings from your elders as it helps ingrain your home with divine protection and positivity. 
  • Set up a designated space for yoga or exercise to integrate physical activity into your routine and ensure well-being. 
  • Daily family time is a must. You can have meals or even engage in some activity to spend quality time and promote a sense of support, belonging, and devotion. 
  • Express gratitude towards your family members as and when possible.
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Wrapping Up

The above pointers might have given you a fair idea of the Vastu tips for good health. However, as Vastu Shastra requires a detailed and comprehensive understanding of all facets, it is recommended to reach an expert consultant before setting up their new house. Adhering to the best Vastu tips for good health of family members helps make informed decisions while building a space that fosters mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

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