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Vasant Panchami 2023 | Saraswati Puja Date

11 Jan, 2023 by Parita Soni

Vasant Panchami 2023 | Saraswati Puja Date

11 Jan, 2023 by Parita Soni

The month of Magha is an abode to many festivals celebrated in India. Be it the festival of Kites or the Holi festival, everybody stays in high spirits during this month. Another such special day during this month is the basant panchami festival which falls on the 5th day of Magha as per the Hindu lunisolar calendar. Basant Panchami 2023 or Vasant Panchami 2023 will mark the arrival of Spring, the king of all seasons. 

Basant Panchami 2023: Date and Time

This year, the Vasant Panchami date is January 25, 2023, and the muhurat for basant panchami pooja is from 07:12 am to 12:34 pm. Thus, the duration of Vasant Panchami will be 5 hours 21 minutes. The Vasant Panchami 2023 tithi will begin from 12:34 pm, which is also the Basant Panchami Festival Midday Moment, and end on January 26, 2023 at 10:28 am.

About Basant Panchami 

The basant panchami festival falls somewhere in the month of February or March, just when we start glimpsing the yellow mustard crops everywhere. Talking about vasant panchami meaning, Vasant refers to Spring in English, while panchami refers to the 5th day, hence, the Basant Panchami puja should be done on Pancham Tithi. The Goddess Saraswati is worshiped by Hindu devotees while performing this puja. The Basant Panchami puja is considered an essential ritual performed for a promising year ahead. 

On Vasant Panchami, the devotees worship Goddess Saraswati, seek blessings from her and perform rituals in honor. This day is the most auspicious day to start any work and is named the Abujha Day by the Sages and Devotees. Hence, many individuals consider the Vasant Panchami date for purchasing any luxurious item or commencing any important work. 

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Importance of Basant Panchami 

Goddess Saraswati is associated with knowledge, creation, music, art, and wisdom. To delight the Goddess Saraswati and express gratitude, people perform Basant Panchami puja and a variety of rituals at their homes, temples, as well as schools. Anybody performing Saraswati Puja should keep in mind that the festival's theme and color scheme are both yellow. You shall be filled with knowledge and wisdom if you offer yellow saris, curtains, treats, and flowers to the Goddess Saraswati. It is considered fortunate for children to begin school on the auspicious date of Vasant Panchami in many parts of India.

Significance of Basant Panchami Puja as per Astrology

Malefic Effects of Brahaspati, Budh, Chandra, and Shukra can be downsized to a great extent if an astrologer or Vamtantra performs a Saraswati Puja. This puja is fruitful, particularly for the individuals undergoing Mahadashaor Antardasha of Moon, Mercury, Venus, or Jupiter. Alternatively, if an individual is facing retrograde effects of the said planets in their horoscope, they should consult an expert astrologer before conducting the puja. 

Basant Panchami 2023: Puja Ingredients

To perform the Basant Panchami pooja, you will need: Goddess Saraswati Idol, Haldi, Tilak, Kesar, Mango leaves, Akshat, Gangajal, Pitcher (Kalash), Saraswati yantra, Naivedya, Durva Grass.

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Basant Panchami 2023: Performing Saraswati Puja

  • Wake up early on Vasant Panchami 2023, clean your home, do the puja preparations, and take a bath.
  • Before taking a bath, apply a mixture of neem and turmeric on your body because yellow/white is Maa Saraswati's favorite color and the festival's official color.
  • Place the Saraswati idol on the Puja Pandal.
  • As Ganesha is thought to be Saraswati's favorite god, place his idol next to hers.
  • Place a book, musical instrument, journal, or any creative object near the Goddess.
  • A priest is generally recommended for doing this puja. However, if you perform the Vasant Panchami 2023 puja alone, please take a plate and decorate it.
  • If you perform puja by yourself, please take a dish, decorate it with flowers, rice, kumkum, and turmeric, and then offer it to Saraswati and Ganesha as a symbol of gratitude and ask for their blessings.
  • Recite the mantra aarti and perform the Saraswati Puja.
  • On the auspicious day of Vasant Panchami 2023, Saraswati Puja can always be performed at the closest temple.
  • Spend the day with your children by arranging a family get-together.
  • Children should be encouraged to write creatively and to perform or learn a musical instrument. 
  • Poetry readings and musical performances to honor the goddess Saraswati are also held in many communities.
  • Recite the well-known Saraswati Stotram, one of the prayers that priests and astrologers chant the most.
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Basant Panchami 2023: The Day of Wedding

Every year, thousands and lakhs of weddings are scheduled on this day because of the importance of basant panchami. This is actually the best thing about basant panchami that you don't need to worry about the muhurat being auspicious. Our moods are already lifted as this festival causes dramatic changes in our health. The significance of basant panchami is not limited to weddings but also financial moves, shopping and getting engaged in new activities. 


If you are also planning to purchase a house, car, start a business or even marry, without any second thought, consider doing it on the Basant Panchami 2023, that is January 25. In case you need any guidance apart from that stated above, talk to our expert astrologers today.

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