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Shattila Ekadashi 2023: Date, Time, Muhurat & Importance

10 Jan, 2023 by Parita Soni

Shattila Ekadashi 2023: Date, Time, Muhurat & Importance

10 Jan, 2023 by Parita Soni

The 11th day or Ekadashi of the Krishna Paksha in Magha Month is named Shatila Ekadashi. As per the Hindu Calendar, the Shattila Ekadashi Date is considered too auspicious, and it is believed that fasting on this day liberates an individual from all sins and leads to salvation. 

Devotees from across the world worship Lord Shri Hari Vishnu on this day to receive his blessings. Observed for destroying the sins, Papaharni, the fast observed on this day, as per the Shattila Ekadashi Vrat Importance holds a lot of faith and devotion from the devotees.

Shattila Ekadashi 2023: Date and Time

The Shattila Ekadashi Date is January 18, 2023. The Shattila Ekadashi Muhurat begins on January 17 at 06:05 pm and ends on January 18 at 04:03 pm. The Parana Tithi, or Dwadashi, starts from 06:32 am to 08:43 am.

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Shattila Ekadashi Vrat Importance

The month of Magha, as per the Hindu Calender, is very dear to the Lord Shri Hari Vishnu. Devotees observing the Shattila Ekadashi Vrat are blessed with wealth, health as well as prosperity in all births. Worshiping Lord Vishnu by an optimistic and compassionate soul shall be adorned with wishes. It is also said that this fast has similar advantages as that of a person doing Kanyadan, or, say, it gets you the joy and peace you can get by donating & sacrificing for a thousand years.

Shattila Ekadashi 2023: Role of Sesame

Since sesame is referred to as Tila, the Shattila Ekadashi Muhurat is also known as Shat-Tila Ekadashi. In the Hindu religion, sesame seeds (Tila), are regarded to be extremely sacred and are usually used for havan and puja. On Shattilla Ekadashi Date or Shat Tila Ekadashi 2023, there are six ways to use tila (sesame seeds) to ensure a successful ceremony, they are:

  • Bathing with sesame water. 
  • Drinking sesame water.
  • Making ubatan of sesame seeds and applying it.
  • Sesame seeds can be used in Pooja.
  • Cooking sweets or dishes using sesame seeds.
  • Donating sesame seeds.

Shattila Ekadashi 2023: Rituals 

Beginning from the night of Dashmi, which is the tenth day of Magha month, the fasting rites as per Shattilla Ekadashi Muhurat are observed. Adherence to these practices is made to bring success and happiness into one's life. Let us look at the customs to be observed on Shattilla Ekadashi Date and Timing.

  • The devotees must abstain from eating after sunset on Shattila Ekadashi Date.
  • Narad Puran states that on this day, the devotee should wake up early, do their routine work, and then bathe in water containing sesame seeds.
  • After bathing, do meditation by taking the name of Lord Vishnu and vow for fasting.
  • Place an image or idol of Lord Shri Hari Vishnu in your temple.
  • Sprinkle Gangajal and Sesame seeds mixed water on the idol and its surroundings. Wash the idol or portrait in Panchamrit containing sesame seeds.
  • Light a ghee lamp and some fragrance sticks, and offer flowers as well as sweets made of sesame seeds to the Lord, after the Ghatasthapana.
  • Perform a puja and enchant the Vishnu Sahastranama.
  • It is suggested to recite a Vishnu Aarti in front of the idol of Lord Shri Hari Vishnu at the home's shrine.
  • One of the most significant traditions of this auspicious day is donating sesame seeds, as it is said that you will spend as many days in heaven as the number of sesame seeds you have given.

shattila ekadashi 2023 date time muhurat and importance

Shattila Ekadashi 2023: Story

There once lived a rich lady, who donated a large portion of her wealth as charity. Be it money, clothes, or valuables, she gave the people whatever they wanted but food. Though donating food is believed to be the most meritorious, as she abstained from doing it, Lord Krishna thought he should make her realize this. So, he disguised himself as a beggar and asked the lady for food. The lady, reluctant to give him food, asked him to go away.

The beggar still stayed there and continued asking for food. Annoyed, she dropped a clay ball in his bowl to insult him. The beggar thanked her and went. When the lady came back to her house, she was shocked to see everything she had cooked turned into clay. Moreover, anything she purchased for preparing food turned into clay and she wasn't able to eat anything now. Her health started to deteriorate because of hunger. 

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The lady began to pray to Lord Krishna to save her. The Lord appeared in the lady's dream and reminded her of the incident when she insulted the beggar by giving him a ball of clay. And he told her that it is because of that incident, she got this misfortune. He asked the lady to donate food to the needy and observe Shattila Ekadashi Vrat, which will get her back all she lost. She did so and got back her fortune. She continued focusing on donating food thereafter. 


If you are also willing to observe fast and perform the rituals as per the Shattila Ekadashi Date and Timing, make sure to keep utmost devotion and practice the rituals as stated above. In case you wish to get any other details related to this Vrat, talk to the best astrologers on call and get your doubts cleared. 

Wish you a very happy Shattila Ekadashi 2023!

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