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Shani Dev Jayanti 2024: Please the Lord of Karma By Following These Rituals

24 Jan, 2024 by Parita Soni

Shani Dev Jayanti 2024: Please the Lord of Karma By Following These Rituals

24 Jan, 2024 by Parita Soni

The Lord of Saturn, Shanidev's birth anniversary, or Shani Jayanti, is an important Hindu festival celebrated on a large scale in our country. It is considered that anyone who worships Shani Dev on this day gets rid of the adverse effects of the planet Saturn in their horoscope. Every year, the Shani Jayanti date occurs on the Amavasya or New Moon Day of the Jyestha month as per the Hindu Calendar. Devotees come together to perform various rituals and seek blessings from the Lord. 

Let us know about the various details related to the celebration of Shani Jayanti. 

Shani Jayanti 2024 Date 

This year, Shani Jayanti will fall on June 06, 2024. The tithi for the New Moon shall commence at 07:54 pm on June 05, 2024, and stay up at 6:07 pm on June 06, 2024.

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Significance of Shani Jayanti

The impact of Lord Shani on our lives is quite noteworthy and yields both favorable and unfavorable consequences. Thus, it is considered much beneficial and auspicious to worship Lord Shani on this day. Moreover, any negative influences made by the planet Saturn in the horoscope of an individual can be eased by observing Shani Jayanti Vrat and rituals. The devotees, believing in the influential power of Shani dev, perform the customs with utmost devotion and get blessed with success, riches, and happiness. The worshippers mark this day by conducting special rituals, observing fasts, chanting mantras, and donating to the needy. The significance of Shani Jayanti is that it is the day one seeks forgiveness and gets rid of their past sins. Lord Shani further helps to overpower the obstructions and challenges of life and blesses the worshipers with a promising future. 

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Shani Jayanti Story

As per Hindu mythology, the significance of Shani Jayanti is related to the birth of Lord Shani. Shani Dev was born to the Sun God, Lord Surya, and his wife, the shadow Goddess Chhaya. When born, Lord Shani had a dark complexion, because of which Lord Surya doubted fatherhood. Due to this, he abandoned Lord Shani. Lord Shani thus felt unwanted and was enraged as well as hurt. He then withdrew himself and, seeking blessings from the creator of the universe - Lord Brahma, went into deep meditation. The devotion of Lord Shani impressed Lord Brahma and the latter blessed him with a power that can impact the lives of individuals as well as the destiny of the universe. He then emerged as the deity who does justice and punishes the people depending on their karma and past deeds. The appearance of Shani dev is fierce, holds a sword, and is seen riding on a chariot hauled by black horses. 

On Shani Jayanti, devotees seek blessings and alleviate him to eliminate the negative impacts of the planet Saturn in their horoscope. Observing fasts, performing havan and puja as well as donating are some of the ways to fulfill the Shani Jayanti Rituals 2024.

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Shani Jayanti 2024: Rituals to Perform

1. Observe Fast - Devotees observe fasts to appease the Lord and ease the unfavorable influences of the planet Saturn in the horoscope. Depending on their physical capacities and choices, worshipers can fast for a full day or eat one meal to please the Lord Shani. 

2. Performing Puja - Special puja and/or havans can be conducted to acquire the benefits of Shani Jayanti Vrat. Worshipers can offer fruits, flowers, and other puja essentials to God. In case of any confusion while performing the puja rituals, talk to the expert astrologer and get guidance from them.

3. Recite Mantras - On this day, devotees can chant the mantras as well as shlokas dedicated to Lord Shani. Shani Mantra is considered quite beneficial for soothing the unfavorable effects of the planet Saturn. Generally, the Shani Mantra is recited 108 or more times by the devotees.

4. Wear Black Clothes - It is said that wearing black colored clothes on the day of Shani Jayanti is auspicious, and it helps to get rid of the ill impacts of the planet Saturn.

5. Shani Tailabhishekam - This is yet another ritual performed specially for Lord Shani, in which the devotees present oil to God in order to seek blessings and get shielded from him. 

6. Donate - As per the Shani Jayanti Rituals 2024, giving away everyday essentials to the needy or poor in charity is a great way to seek blessings from the deity.

7. Visit the Temple - A custom followed largely on Shani Jayanti is visiting the temple of Lord Shani. Devotees worship the deity and offer oil with sesame seeds and other items to seek blessings from the Lord. 

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Benefits of Shani Jayanti Vrat

1. Worshipers get protection from evil spirits as well as negative energy.

2. As the Lord of Karma is linked to the planet Saturn and can influence the lives of the people, observing vrat on Shani Jayanti helps ease the ill impacts of Saturn in the horoscope of worshipers and brings positivity.

3. Worshipers get successful and prosper by worshiping Lord Shani Dev on this day. By performing special puja and havan, the finances and careers of the individuals get enhanced. 

4. The personal relationships of the devotees improve. Thus any problems with friends or family can be normalized by worshiping Shani dev and asking for forgiveness as well as harmonizing with loved ones.

5. Worshiping Shani dev helps the devotees to overpower any hindrances coming their way.

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Shani Jayanti: Do' & Don'ts

  • Do not consume non-vegetarian food as it is considered impure and contradicts the benefits of Shani Jayanti Vrat. 
  • Do not consume alcohol or tobacco. 
  • Do not attend any auspicious events on the day of Shani Jayanti.
  • Do not take on any new or important tasks or begin anything fresh.
  • Avoid wearing gold or silver jewelry on Shani Jayanti.
  • Avoid cutting nails or hair on Shani Jayanti.
  • Do not sleep during the daytime on Shani Jayanti. 


To achieve the blessings of the deity, make sure on the Shani Jayanti 2024 date, you observe the Shani Jayanti Vrat and perform the needed rituals. Also, be kind and do good deeds to please the Lord of Karma.

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